Warm Air Heaters – ErP 2018 Lot 21 Directive Effective January 2018

ErP 2018 Lot21 – Guidelines for Warm Air Heating Systems



What is ErP?

The Energy related Product (ErP) Directive is designed to reduce carbon emissions across Europe. In the same way as on white goods, TV’s and tyres, since September 2015, ErP also applies to domestic and commercial heating products.

The main objective of ErP is to phase out low efficiency products from the market place. ErP also covers electrical powered products, boilers, water heaters and renewable technologies, but for Warm Air Heating applications, where humans are enjoying thermal comfort, then the warm heaters being installed must achieve a seasonal efficiency of more than 72%, from 1st January 2018.

Requirements  for warm air heating :

  • Efficiency requirements (gas and oil)
  • Limit values ​​for nitrogen oxide emissions:
  • ErP Stage 2 for Warm Air Heaters – From 26th September 2018 maximum 100 mg / kWh  for gas fired units and 180 mg / kWh for oil fired units.
  • ErP Stage 3 for Warm Air Heaters – From 1 January 2021 maximum 70 mg / kWh for gas units and 150 mg / kWh for oil fired units
  • Information must be provided freely and publicly

Both our suspended gas unit heaters and our floor standing industrial gas heaters are fully ErP compliant.

And our oil fired heaters are also ErP fully complaint – see here – Oil Fired Cabinet Heaters  or our industrial oil heater range

The importance of being ErP compliant for warm air heaters 

Since September 2015 the Energy related Product (ErP) Directive has impacted boilers, water heaters and hot water storage tanks. Flexiheat UK are committed to ensuring that all products are compliant and all heating professionals understand ErP regulations.

ErP Objectives

The ErP Directive was designed to reduce harmful non-environmentally friendly emissions from energy consuming products. This is to contribute to the European Union’s 20-20-20 targets on climate change and energy.

Targets for 2020 

There are three main objectives for 2020:

  • A 20% reduction in EU greenhouse gas emissions compared to 1990 levels
  • A 20% improvement in the EU’s energy efficiency
  • Raising the share of EU energy consumption produced from renewable resources to 20%

Implementation in two stages:

  1. From 01.01.2018: Space heating annual efficiency η s at least 72%
  2. From 01.01.2020: Space heating annual utilization rate η s at least 78%

Space heating annual utilization rate :  Definition

The space heating annual utilization rate is a key figure that should take into account the actual operation of heating systems. It is not the firing efficiency. The commission responsible for the directive has recognized that heating works on average 85% in partial load operation – i.e. in the transition periods – and only about 15% of the full load operation is required and therefore weights the heating efficiencies. Furthermore, inefficient burners, poor insulation and permanent pilot lights are considered with negative factors. Thus, for the first time, different manufacturers can be objectively compared.

Is a Mandatory if –

Warm Air Heaters are being used to provide thermal comfort for human beings – then the heaters MUST comply under the ErP for Warm Air Heaters – Lot 21 of the regulations

Applications where the ErP Directive for Warm Air Heaters 2018 are exempt:

  • Door curtains
  • Frost protection of perishable product
  • Horticultural heating (i.e. glasshouses)
  • Agricultural heating (i.e. poultry houses)
  • Process heaters/dryers

Information for Warm Air Heating Installers

All Warm Air Heating installers are responsible for ensuring compliance with certain parts of the ErP Directive when carrying out an installation or replacement. Installers have to carry out efficiency calculations for the installed system, provide energy labels and complete the ‘fiche’ document.

Flexiheat UK  is committed to supporting installers with everything they need to complete the fiche and ensure everything is ErP compliant. We strongly recommend that warm air heating installers become familiar with how ErP works.

For more information on the ErP Directive please visit: www.gov.uk/placing-energy-related-products-on-the-uk-market.

You can download a copy of the ErP Directive for Warm Air Heaters 2018 here