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Industrial Gas Heaters  – 20 kW to 970 KW Output

industrial gas heaters:gas fired air heaters industrial; industrial gas heaters for sale; industrial gas space heaters;


Industrial Gas Heaters–Here at Flexiheat UK , we supply a range of gas fired air heaters for industrial heating applications, that can either be floor standing, suspended or even an external mounted unit , that allows you to save on valuable floor space. The technological evolution of this quality product has always prioritized high performance, energy saving and ease of maintenance to offer maximum reliability and comfort for warm air heating any industrial environments. These industrial gas fired warm air heaters, which run on either natural gas or LPG gas, are manufactured under strict observance of all European standards, being well built and made to last.

Normally supplied with warm air vents, as shown in the picture above, we also have the option of providing these industrial warm air heaters in a ducted version. Our industrial gas space air heaters have a wide range of energy efficient models that meet and exceed the efficiency and atmospheric emissions requirements of the new European  Energy related Product (ErP) Directive Lot 21 – 2018 legislation which came into force on 1st January 2018.This legislation applies to warm air heating applications, where humans are enjoying thermal comfort, then the warm heaters being installed must achieve a seasonal efficiency of more than 72%, from 1st January 2018.For more details on this legislation, please see our web post here

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Gas Fired Air Heaters Industrial

Cabinet warm air heaters are the ideal solution for heating and controlled ventilation of medium and large areas such as workshops, laboratories, industrial halls, warehouses, gyms, shopping centres, exhibition halls, theatres, churches , etc. The operating principle is simple, reliable and extremely effective: cold air sucked by the fan is conveyed towards the heat exchanger, warmed up by the combustion that develops inside it; when crossing, the air raises its temperature and then it is distributed in the room to be heated. The heaters also allow the ventilation of the environment during the summer season. The benefit of the “dry” heating technology is to directly and immediately transfer the heat produced by combustion in the environment to be heated, without use of intermediate heat transfer fluids such as water (as each intermediate heat exchange involves thermal losses and further system complexity), ensuring a high overall efficiency of the heating system, combined with a very low thermal inertia. These distinctive features make the installation of our industrial gas fired air heaters particularly advantageous in cases where rapid, reliable, intermittent or occasional heating is required or where there is a risk of freezing. The Flexiheat gas heater range require very little maintenance and ensure durability and reliability over time, and are available in outputs ranging from 20kW to 970kW

Efficiency of our Gas Industrial Heaters

These gas industrial heaters are the most efficient gas war air heaters on the market. Our gas industrial heaters which are designated the “ENERGY” series of air heaters are designed to be combined with gas burners ( either natural gas or LPG gas ) with variable heat outputs, with either two stage or modulating burner regulation. In reduced thermal power operation, the temperature of the fumes is lowered until the condensation of the water vapour level contained therein is achieved, ensuring that these industrial warm air heaters work in the condensing mode and achieving efficiencies higher than 103%.

The variable thermal power output also allows  for a quick and effective warm air heating of the large areas. When the room temperature reaches the set point, operation at a reduced power (kW) output allows the maintenance of comfort warm air heating without inconvenient temperature fluctuations that can occur, at a low thermal power, warm air condensation system and with reduced supply air temperature. These features allow not only an ideal comfort, but also important savings in your heating running costs. In applications with high or total external fresh air supply, the variable thermal output keeps the supply air temperature constant as the external environmental conditions change.


Industrial Heaters Gas – Options

Flexiheat cabinet warm air heaters can be equipped with an outlet plenum, sometimes referred to as an air distribution head –  for direct diffusion of warm air into the environment or can be supplied with no warm air distribution head so the can be integrated into warm air ducted air distribution systems. In case of warm air ducted systems, according to the air pressure required by the system, high pressure versions are available. The standard versions are designed to heat air an incoming air temperature of minus  (-) 15 ° C coming into the heater, but versions suitable for operation in extremely cold climates with an incoming air temperature of minus  (-) 40 ° C are available.

Flexiheat’s range of gas industrial heaters is very complete, and covers a wide range of  kW outputs (outputs ranging from 20kW to 970kW) and responds to the most diverse needs with models for vertical, horizontal, indoor and outdoor installation. The wide range of accessories allows to complete the installation quickly, making these units great as factory gas heaters or warehouse gas heaters and obtain the best comfort and energy saving performance from our industrial gas space heaters.

In the case of ducted air systems, high pressure versions of our industrial gas space heaters, with pressures up to 800 Pa are available

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Gas Heater / Industrial Heaters Gas Fired – These units can be supplied in a ducted version, that allows you to move the warm air to the desired areas


Industrial Gas Space Heaters – Condensing Operation – Lowering heating costs & protecting the environment

An environmentally friendly and high efficiency Industrial Gas Burning Heater ( be it natural gas or LPG Gas ) has always been our objective. For this reason we combine our industrial warm air heaters with gas burners of the highest technology and reliability, in order to obtain “clean” combustion.  Minimal environmental impact, protection of the environment and at the same time much lower maintenance costs thanks to maximum protection of the heat exchange surfaces… the advantages of our industrial gas burning heater range are never ending !

Versions with elevated temperatures and pressure

Dedicated principally to industrial air heating applications such as processing plants, industrial furnaces and controlled temperature environments with a high level of air filtering. This version can also be used for the heating of industrial environments. Below is our industrial gas blower heaters, configured for a ducted warm air heating system, which has an up-rated fan pressure.

Industrial Gas Heaters From Flexiheat UK,gas fired air heaters industrial,industrial gas space heaters,uk

Industrial Gas Heater -the internals of our condensing gas industrial heaters, which are made in Stainless Steel

Industrial Gas Space Heaters

• The external casing of this gas heater range consists of demount-able panels made of pre-painted galvanized steel sheet, with thermal insulation of the surfaces exposed to the heat exchanger and a control panel in laminated steel sheet. For all the models (except ENERGY 60 model) there is a load bearing structure of painted galvanized steel of particular profile, joined by special die-cast aluminium joints. Each element is individually fixed to the supporting framework and is easily removable to allow access to the inner workings of these industrial gas space heaters

• Highly efficient heat exchanger, made of welded sheet stainless steel, easy to inspect for normal operations of cleaning and maintenance, consisting of:

  • The Combustion Chamber used in these industrial gas fired air heaters consists of a cylindrical flame inversion combustion chamber, in AISI 430 stainless steel resistant to high temperatures, of large volume and low thermal load, with circular or ellipsoidal profile, complete with inlet with burner plate and flame control hole.
  • Heat exchanger tubes made entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel, suitable for the heater operation with reduced thermal power in condensation. Fumes tubes have a flattened tubular section  with staggered and opposing turbulent imprints, with special reticular structure turbulators for maximum heating efficiency, complete with front and rear manifold with detachable inspection door, entrance for chimney connection and connection for condensation drainage. The heat exchange surface is very extensive and its resistance to high temperatures is exceptional.

• Our gas heater range are fitted with one or more high performance and highly efficient centrifugal fans with low level of sound emission, powered by an electric motor (s) connected by a pulley and belt drive system, with a variable ratio driven pulley that ensure high operating performance. The optional air intake filter is easily removable. This ensures that our gas fired air heaters industrial range provide a high performance ventilation to the building they are heating

• Fan-limit safety thermostat/s, for automatic control of ventilation group and for the safety stop of the gas burner in case of abnormal overheating of the air.

Two stage burners have been specifically designed to achieve the minimum required for the latest ErP regulations, and these help with the efficiency but the ultimate highly efficient is a modulating burner, which are specifically designed to control the outputs ranging of the heaters very effectively.

• Electrical panel for command and control with general switch.

For validation purposes and before a free site survey, we just require your building dimensions and insulation levels.

Technical Information on our Industrial Gas Heater Range

Industrial Gas Heaters,Gas fired air heaters industrial,industrial gas space heatersWe also do a range of mobile gas heaters, which can be either direct gas fired , or indirect gas fired depending on your requirements, and a suspended gas unit heater ( if floor space is at a premium ) Please see our web pages on these individual ranges, should they suit your requirements better. Please see our products page here

Download the Industrial Gas Heaters Brochure – Energy Range from Flexiheat UK

Gas Fired Air Heaters Industrial

We also do a full range of gas fired air heaters industrial , that can be either floor mounted or suspended from the ceiling or the wall, should the floor space be of a premium or it’s impractical to fit these Industrial gas fired heaters at that location.

Industrial Gas Heater Blower

Some people refer to these heaters as an industrial gas heater blower type, in reality they are just industrial gas heaters as we would call them , as all of this range of heaters have a blower or fan , that takes the cold air entering the air heater, and pushes it over the heat exchanger, this air is then warmed up and pushed through either an air distribution head , or  an open headed heater that is connected to duct work – these are commonly known as ducted warm air heaters

Industrial Gas Heaters for Sale UK and Ireland

So if your looking for the best Industrial Gas Heaters / Gas fired air heaters industrial /Gas Industrial Heaters / Industrial Gas Space Heaters on the UK and Irish markets, that are particularly suited to factory and warehouse heating, that are high efficiency condensing heaters. Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 01202 822221 or click here for our email contact form