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Marquee Heaters -Indirect Fired Heaters

Marquee Heaters “M Series” Oil or Gas Fired Mobile Indirect Heaters Output from – 22kW to 173kW

marquee heater; marquee heaters for sale; portable oil fired heaters; industrial portable heaters; indirect oil fired heaters

Marquee Heater or Indirect Oil Heater from Flexiheat UK

These Marquee Heaters are indirect marquee heaters – These reliable and efficient marquee heaters are ideally suited in places where there is limited ventilation, as they can deliver high volumes of clean, dry, fume free warm air heat safely and economically for any outdoor events or temporary heating requirements.

These space heaters are especially suitable for marquees and outdoor events as they can be positioned outside with a warm air hose connected, delivering the hot air heat to inside via flexible ducting to keep the guests warm at the desired temperature.

These indirect oil or gas fired mobile space heaters are also ideal for temporary heating of  exhibition halls, workshops, warehouses, construction sites, industrial environments, in fact virtually anywhere you need to keep warm, quickly and efficiently for the heating requirement.

The fuel supply from the inbuilt oil tank ( on the model 25 and Model 50 and an option on the 70 Model of oil indirect heaters) is done via an integrated high-pressure pump with the MA models. Furthermore, the M series of marquees heaters or oil indirect heaters are equipped with a preheated oil filter and a room thermostat connection so they can be thermostatically controlled and are used with a flexible ducting warm air hose.

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Site picture showing one of our Indirect Oil Heaters / Oil Marquee Heaters heating a large marquee on site in cold weather conditions


These marquee heaters / indirect oil heaters can be used in three operating modes –

  1. Ventilation Only Mode – Whereby the heater will run with the burner switched off, and just blow the ambient air around the marquee
  2. Heating without room thermostat – The warm air heater will run with the oil burner firing until manually switched off
  3. Heating with room thermostat – The warm air oil heater will be controlled via room stat (an optional accessories that we sell) and this controls the heater operation purely based on the temperature you require -thus thermostatically controlled indirect heaters.
  • 100% Clean and dry heat, with no CO2 as they are indirect heaters
  • Outlet temperature – ΔT minimum 58 °C to maximum 63°C dependant on model
  • Single way pipe system prevents fuel disturbance
  • High efficiency heat exchanger (91%)
  • Stainless steel combustion chamber
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Oil tank with heating cartridge
  • Radial fan – as opposed to an internal fan – which produces more air pressure
  • Oil burner
  • Recirculating air operation possible
  • Room thermostat connection
  • Integrated tank (M25/M50/and an option for the M70 model)
  • Oil filter
  • Heating device for nozzle holder – ensures reliable starting in cold weather
  • Preheated oil filter + single-line fuel supply pipe (M70/100/M150/M200)
  • Automatic heating oil de-aeration
  • Casters (M70/M100/M150/M200)
  • Crane eyes + forklift slots  (M70/M100/M150/M200)
With oil burnerM25M50M70M70TM100M150M200
Product code040720000296000301101912000282000284000287
With natural gas burnersM25NM50NM70NM100NM150NM200N
Product code050600050602050604050606050608050610
With LPG burnerM25FM50FM70FM100FM150FM200F
Product code050601050603050605050607050609050611
With universal oil burner KG / UBM50UM70UM100UM150UM200U **
Product Code056382056383056384056385056386
Nominal heat inputkW25517171100140188
Nominal heat outputkW2246646490125173
Air volume flowm³ / h13502600474047405400730010,200
External pressurePa150170180180150150150
Increase in temperatureK58595656635860
Oil consumption *kg / h2.094.265.935.938.3611.815.85
Gas consumption
(Natural gas)
m³ / h2.114.926.859.6413.518.13
Gas Consumption
kg / h1.953.975.537.7810.8914.63
Electrical connectionV / Hz /230/50 /
230/50 /
230/50 /
230/50 /
400/50 /
400/50 /
400/50 /
Electrical inputkW0.360.841.471.70.881.52.6
Tank capacityl274674
Flue pipeØ mm100130180180180180180
Warm air outletØ mm295385445445550550550
Air inlet socketØ mm2953854454455502 x 5202 x 520
Weight (oil burner)kg105138134175190270330
Noise leveldb (a)68727878777575

* Oil consumption: 1 kg / h = 1.17 l / h (at 15 ° C).

* * Caution: Cable and line protection 16 A (C16) are required


Building industry

• Heating and drying of building locations and all-weather projects.
• Drying of buildings after flooding.


• Heating of transit sheds, workshops and warehouses.

Marquee heating

• Especially suited for heating marquees, showrooms and sports halls.


• Heating stables, sheds and workshops.
• Drying of agricultural products.
• Storing flower bulbs without risk of harmful ethylene emission.


• Heating of greenhouses and poly tunnels without risk of harmful CO2 and CO emission.
• Heating sorting areas.

Motor trade

• Heating workshops, body preparation areas and spray booths

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Marquee Heaters / Indirect Oil Heaters for Sale 

Some people have been known to call these heaters for marquees , diesel space heater, marquee heater or even a oil fired heater, whatever you call them , they are an indirect heater , that allows warm air to be ducted into a marquee ,warehouse, factory or any other location that needs fresh warm air heating to keep guests warm or staff  , without the dangerous CO2 ( carbon monoxide).So if you need one of the best marquee heaters on the market , give us a call as we the best marquee heaters for sale UK wide if you require any more information on this indirect oil  heater range of heating equipment then please don’t hesitate to contact our sales department on 01202 822221 or send us an email