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German Electric Heaters – From Flexiheat UK

With the rising costs of gas and oil, we are more and more looking for ways to cut back on heating bills without sacrificing comfort. German electric heaters are a reliable way to heat the areas of a house, apartment or business unit you use the most, without wasting energy trying to heat your entire building. When looking for the right model, consider the advantages an electric heater can provide.

Our range of German Electric Heaters are well engineered being built in the southern area of Germany, which is synonymous with manufacturing excellence. The units are built to an extremely high standard and are some of the most energy efficient and safest models on the market. If you really think you can benefit from an electric heater in your home, garage, or the office this is the type you should get. As the saying goes,  “you to get what you pay for”. That is why, we strongly recommend paying that little bit extra for a German electric heater to give you peace of mind with its high standard of construction.

Our German factory offer a nice range of electric heaters, from a 3kW model up to and 18kW model. The 18kW model has a version that has high temperature capabilities, allowing it to thermostatically controlled up to 70°C. This German made electric heater unit is particularly beneficial for use in the heat treatment, pest control industry. We have found that our 3kW German made unit, after prolonged continuous use, can actually pull 13.1A. We have two options for this. The first being we can supply a dedicated Euro to UK plug adapter, which prevents this or alternatively you can purchase our UK built FF3 unit, which we do not have this problem with. This would be supplied with a standard UK plugGerman Electric Heaters



Why choose to go down the electric heating route

There are several options for heating a room. However, not all options are a practical for some properties. In addition, not all locations have the same energy sources, so that a choice must always be made. For example, for a property without access to gas, one can opt for an oil heating system. What if this property is too remote for regular deliveries? Then a great choice is to opt for electric heating.


Below are just some of the benefits of using one of our German electric heaters; –

Clean and green – an electric heater, unlike oil or gas gives off no emissions.   They are 100% energy efficient; converting every bit of the input energy to heat. They also reduce environmental impact compared to other fuel types:

No installation costsGerman Electric Heaters do not require any installation. You only have to plug the plug into the socket and the device is immediately ready for use

High efficiency –  German electric heaters are very efficient, because the electricity used is directly converted into heat

Additional heating – German electric heaters are ideal when the existing heating system is not sufficient or more heat is required in the short term. Moreover, they are the perfect solution in the transitional period, i.e. in spring and autumn, when the temperatures are not so low that the central heating must be switched on

Safe to Use – German Electric heaters are distinguished by different safety features such as overheating protection

Portability – electric heaters are extremely versatile and more practical in different situations than other heaters. Therefore, they are often preferred

Quiet and discreet – with the exception of the fan, electric heaters have a very low noise level, therefore making them ideal in smaller rooms

Zonal Heating – because of their mobility, an electric heater is perfect for specific areas that require temporary or permanent heat


Make life easy for yourself, with our German electric Heaters, in most instances all you need is a power socket. However, for larger areas three phase models are also available giving large volumes of heat. There are no exhaust gases or smells – just large volumes of safe, fume-free heat. Electric heaters are ideal for virtually any location including


  • Offices
  • Shops and showrooms
  • Hotels
  • Garages
  • Industrial units
  • Classrooms
  • Clinics
  • Building sites
  • Marquees and tents
  • Storerooms
  • Workshops
  • Ships
  • Switching stations
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Modular buildings


The amount of space an electric heater can take care of for you will vary. Make sure you read do plenty of research before you buy one. Generally, this information will be displayed in square footage. You can easily calculate the square footage of an area by multiplying the length of it times the width.

You will find that many of our models of electric heaters also are very nice looking. They aren’t going to stand out like a sore thumb. Many of them are very small in size but you will be surprised at how much heat they are able to emit for you. They also take very little time to heat up so you won’t be waiting in the cold for that warmth to start circulating in the room.

Our range of German electric heaters can definitely offer you the additional warmth that you desire. With their in-built thermostat and two heat settings they will certainly save you energy as well

Should you require anymore assistance or information on our range of  German Electric Heaters , please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 01202 822221 or click here for our email contact form