Commercial Hot Water Cylinders / Calorifiers

Commercial hot water cylinders are designed to satisfy substantial or continuous hot water demands such as hotels, care homes, schools, hospitals, camp sites, sports centres, residential or office blocks, when there’s a frequent requirement for large quantities of domestic hot water, in a short period of time, without any performance losses, when staff, residents or […]

Commercial Boilers

Commercial boilers are manufactured to fulfil the special needs of commercial premises or businesses or for heating apartment buildings with heat interface units, via a local heating network. Commercial boilers work similarly to domestic boilers, but they generate a larger heat output, making them suitable for commercial boiler installations. Whether you are a professional heating […]


What are calorifiers?   Calorifiers are indirect-fired water heaters used in a heating and hot water system to provide domestic hot water. The term “indirect fired” refers to a water heater that does not have its own burner. It is a water storage cylinder with one or more heat exchanger coils containing hot liquids , […]

15kW Electric boiler / Electric Boilers

15kw electric system boiler Our 15kW electric boiler is our most popular electric boiler, for central heating and hot water system replacement for a gas boiler or oil boiler, as customers look to reduce their carbon footprint / carbon emissions. They can be used for underfloor heating or traditional radiator central heating, or even a […]

60kW Boiler

60kW Output Gas Boiler Our 60kw boiler is a hot water boiler for central heating and will also produce domestic hot water via an indirect cylinder for larger properties or light commercial applications. They are a regular boiler, which are normally wall mounted or can be installed on an optional frame floor standing kit if […]

9kW Electric Boiler

Electric Boiler 9kw Output A 9kw electric boiler works just like a gas boiler, just that it’s powered by electricity rather than gas. They benefit from easier installation, as no requirements for flue offers flexible installation location – you can decide where to locate your electric boiler to suit your needs or your customer requirements, […]

Modular Boilers Commercial

Commercial modular boilers with high energy efficiency Modular boilers commercial – Organizations that require hot water for their commercial space heating, such as schools, hotels and office buildings complexes, frequently employ a modular boiler or a modular boiler system, as they are highly efficient, high performance heating solutions. Modular boilers are designed to be a […]