50kW Boiler

50 kW Boiler Our 50kW boiler, covers the larger end of the domestic boiler market, and lets you expand into the light commercial boiler requirements that you may have. They are ErP “A” class condensing boiler with efficiency up to 108.8 % at 30C return, with key features such as a stainless-steel heat exchanger, fully […]

Maximum current watcher system for our electric boilers

Maximum current watcher system for our electric boilers So a UK home typically has a 100 Amp supply fuse , this means that all the home electrical appliances , whilst being used simultaneously should not draw over 100 Amps , otherwise the fuse can blow. Following is a chart showing the electrical ratings of commonly […]

Lpg combi boiler

Lpg Combi Boiler There are over four million properties in the United Kingdom that aren’t connected to the mains natural gas network – and this is where LPG boilers, specifically LPG Combi boilers provide a viable solution to power your central heating and water heating requirements. There are other options such as electricity, wood, solid […]

Caravan gas water heater

Caravan gas water heater A caravan gas water heater provides essential hot water to ensure your caravan or “home from home” has the warm water system to ensure you can shower, at the correct water temperature, and more importantly at the correct hot water flow rate.There’s nothing worse than a poor showering experience as you […]

LPG Combi Boilers for Caravans

LPG Combi Boilers for Caravans Propane or LPG combi boilers when installed in static caravans, are considered to be the “ideal boilers” for satisfying the central heating system (radiators or underfloor heating) and the domestic water heating. They offer a more powerful and more efficient heating system for their size and will run at a […]

50kw Combi Boiler

50kw Combi Boiler Our Flexiheat 50kW combi boiler is a well-designed condensing combination boiler with 97% efficiency making this an “A” rated boiler for heating and hot water. Due to this efficiency, it can reduce fuel bills and reduce your carbon footprint as it can generate enough heat to meet the demand of your home […]

LPG Water Heaters

LPG Water Heaters LPG gas water heaters– What are they, and what are the benefits? An LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) water heater is a gas fired water heater that heats domestic hot water instantaneously to multiple points around your home or building. These lpg water heaters allow you to connect the water heater to a […]