oil fired cabinet heaters; oil cabinet heater; oil fired workshop heaters; industrial oil heaters; cabinet heaters oil; floor standing oil heatersFlexiheat UK

Oil Fired Cabinet Heaters – Industrial Oil Heaters

oil fired cabinet heaters; oil cabinet heater; oil fired workshop heaters; industrial oil heaters; cabinet heaters oil; floor standing oil heaters

Oil fired cabinet heaters range from Flexiheat UK

Oil Fired Cabinet Heaters -Our oil fired cabinet heater range ensures immediate heat without long heat up periods. A free blowing warm air system is one of the most cost effective and efficient means of heating industrial buildings. It is better value than a wet heating system with boilers and unit heaters or radiators , having a faster speed of response. These floor standing oil fired warm air heaters, combine proven heat exchanger technology, to ensure a high efficiency and provide a cost effective and durable range of heaters , that will serve you well for many years. Efficiencies – These oil fired cabinet heaters have efficiencies which meet or exceed the requirements of current UK Part L2B Building Regulations.

These oil fired warm air heating systems use a fan to draw air in from the space being heated, pass it across a heat exchanger, and distribute the warmed air evenly throughout the space being heated. Warm air heating offer considerable flexibility in terms of its location, ensuring the layout of the heating system is optimized for the configuration of the space being heated. These oil heaters have an output range of 21.5 kW to 1,058 kW output.

These oil fired cabinet heaters are for commercial and industrial heating applications. Available in floor standing configuration, horizontal mounting or external site installation, these warm air heaters offer incredible design flexibility as well as a large range of heat outputs and burner options. Advanced features include a stainless steel combustion chamber and heat exchanger for durability, fitted as standard to our space heaters.

Oil Fired Warm Air Heating for Commercial & Industrial purpose – The Benefits

The benefit of a “Dry” warm air heating system is that it directly and immediately transfers the heat produced by the combustion process to the environment to be heated without the use of an intermediate fluid, such as water etc, as each heat exchange process involves a thermodynamic heat loss. Oil cabinet heaters ensure a high overall efficiency of the heating system combined with a very low thermal inertia process, which makes them ideal suited to factory heating.

These distinctive features and benefits make the installation of warm air cabinet heaters particularly favourable in locations where intermittent or irregular heating is required, or where there is a danger of frost damage, due to a sudden drop in the air temperature, within the building.

An oil fired cabinet heater is one of the most cost effective and efficient means of heating industrial buildings, such as warehouses, garages, factories, exhibition halls and greenhouses, just to mention just a few of the various possible fields of operation. An oil fired cabinet heater can be operated with fresh air, secondary air or recirculated air.

Cabinet Heaters – Oil Fired – Model Range

As standard these oil cabinet heaters come suitable for Class D gas oil (35 second) commonly known as red diesel , with liquid biofuel on request, via our multi oil burner, ensuring that every possible heating scheme can be accomplished.

They are available in 3 options –

1.Vertical free standing oil fired cabinet models or sometimes called floor standing oil heaters – This option is the most popular seller in the range. The oil fired cabinet heater are often located in the area that they are heating such as factory heating, and recirculate the air from the building through the heater. They can either be fitted with a warm air distribution head (sometimes called an air diffusion plenum) which again is the most popular option, and is referred to as a free blowing heater.


They can also be supplied a oil fired cabinet heater for ducting. In this configuration, they are supplied with just an open end which the duct work system is connected to, making these oil cabinet heaters a flexible solution to your oil fired warm air heating requirements. The picture below shows the unit with its side panels removed so you can see the internals of the heater. This heater called is the upright ducted version and can distribute the warm air into several areas via ductwork.

oil fired cabinet heaters;oil cabinet heater;cabinet heaters oil

Floor standing oil heaters from Flexiheat UK

2.The second option, are horizontal oil fired cabinet heaters – These are normally fitted in the roof area of the building, and 95% of the time are connected to warm air duct heating system, although we can still supply the free air blowing plenum for this option if so required.

oil cabinet heater;cabinet heaters oil;oil fired cabinet heaters uk; industrial oil cabinet heaters

Oil cabinet heaters from Flexiheat UK – Horizontal – Normally supplied for ducted warm air heating applications

3. The last option is an externally mounted or external cabinet heater, which are located on the exterior of the building being heated. They only come in a ducted version, with the duct designed to bring the warm air into the building being heated. They are fully weatherproof and designed for the rigours of being sited outside in the environment.

external oil cabinet heater; floor standing oil heaters; industrial oil heaters uk

External oil cabinet heater from Flexiheat UK

Condensing Oil Cabinet Heaters

At Flexiheat UK we are always striving to satisfy the requirements of our customers. Due to the increasing demand we can now offer a range of  oil heater cabinets which are oil fired condensing warm air heaters . The “IH/AR K” range of oil fired cabinet heaters offers a high level of design and build quality, and exceptionally efficient, reducing your factory heating costs.

The energy series of oil fired cabinet heaters are condensing oil fired space heaters that are designed to provide primarily warm air heating, although they can also provide ventilation of areas of any volume or nature. These cabinet heaters can be used to heat either recirculated air from the area they are located in, or they can also be used in a configuration of mixing fresh air with the recirculated air or even used to heat 100% fresh air, brought into the heater form the outside environment. This is possible due to the high quality stainless steel heater exchangers used in these cabinet heaters, which is a corrosion resistant grade AISI 441 stainless steel heat exchanger, which are fitted with a condensate drain to get rid of the condensate which is produced when the heater is used in the condensing mode.

  • Features of the IH/AR range of oil fired cabinet heater range
  • Incredibly high efficiency of 105%  (IH/AR K range) using the fuel to the highest possible efficiency, and reducing the running cost of your oil-fired warm air heating system for the condensing version.
  • Maximum energy efficiency and environmental comfort, thanks to the heat output modulation and condensing operation of the heater with even a reduced thermal load.
  • 16 models with heat outputs from 21.15 kW to 1,058 kW and with air flows from 3,500 to 72,000 m 3 /Hour – see detail below for both options of the heater ( non condensing and condensing versions)
floor standing oil heaters; oil fired workshop heaters; industrial oil heaters;

Technical detail on the energy range of industrial oil cabinet heaters

  • Can be fitted with diesel oil blown air burner, with either a two-stage or fully modulating operation
  • The heat exchanger is made from stainless steel – which is highly corrosion resistant, and ensures a trouble free and long life of these industrial and commercial warm air heaters.
oil fired cabinet heaters;oil cabinet heater;cabinet heaters oil

Oil Fired cabinet heaters for ducted heating

Construction of the oil fired cabinet heater

External casing – The cabinet heater is manufactured with removable panels manufactured from pre-painted galvanized steel sheet. For the models above our 105 kW output model, there is a load bearing structure, which are joined together with high strength aluminium die cast joints. All units are fitted with thermal insulation, to all exposed surfaces of the oil fired cabinet heaters, such as the heat exchanger. This ensures maximum heat retention and increases efficiency of the oil cabinet heaters.

The stainless steel three pass heat exchanger, which is manufactured from 304 stainless steel making it particularly suitable for the operation of these oil fired warm air heaters when the heater is being used in a lower heat output mode and condensing. The heat exchanger consists of horizontal tubes, which are staggered and opposing in orientation. These tubes of the heat exchanger are equipped with tabulator’s, which ensure the combustion air gives off its maximum thermal efficiency. There is also a removable inspection and cleaning door, on the heat exchanger making the servicing and maintenance an easy process. The unit also has a condensate drain to remove the condensate produced from these condensing warm air heaters.

The combustion chamber which is manufactured from HTGA 150 aluminized steel, a material with better characteristics than stainless steel, which is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and makes it the perfect material to use. With a large volume due to its circular construction, it benefits from a low thermal load. It is also a flame reversed combustion chamber.

Depending on what output the cabinet heater is, it will be equipped with either one or two centrifugal fans, which are high performance with a low noise level. These are driven by an electric motor, via a variable ratio motor pulley and belts.

The control and command panel encompasses the main switch to the oil cabinet heater, as well as thermal relays, which protect the motors from overheating. It also incorporates the fan changeover switch, which controls the unit from the ventilation mode, heating mode or general shut down of the heater, as well as the general electrical connections and terminal blocks etc.

The units also have a fan limit thermostat, which not only automatically controls the fan or fans depending on the model, but also has a safety feature, which would should down the oil fired cabinet heater in the event of abnormal overheating

For more information on the Energy range of oil cabinet heaters, please click on the below download

Oil Fired Cabinet Heaters Manual from Flexiheat UK

Oil Industrial Heater Options

  • Two stage oil burner control (Hi/Low) or fully modulating oil burner as an option
  • Up- rated fan for increased static pressure – i.e. for ducted warm air systems, static pressure of 450 Pascal or  800 Pascal
  • Modulating electronic thermostat / controller
  • Heat exchanger technology – high efficiency, low cost, and long life are benefits of our heat exchanger technology used
  • Supply and re-circulation air inlet spigots, cassette filters, silencer etc
  • Room stats and 7 day controllers with our without optimisation facility
  • Air regulation dampers / filters / pocket filters etc
  • Wall brackets and floor standing frames
accessories for oil fired cabinet heaters;oil cabinet heater;cabinet heaters oil

Accessories for oil fired cabinet heaters from Flexiheat UK

Typical Applications for our Oil Cabinet Heaters

Applications of our oil fired cabinet heaters include commercial and industrial heating applications such as warehouse heating, factory heating, retail heating, agricultural heating, sport hall / facility heating, workshop heating, garden centre heating, greenhouse heating, garage workshop heating, aircraft hangar heating, distribution centre heating, horticultural heating, rail shed heating, industrial manufacturing heating, and showroom heating to name but a few !

Industrial Oil Fired Cabinet Heaters

You may refer to these industrial oil cabinet heaters as an floor standing oil heaters, free standing oil heaters, horizontal oil cabinet heaters, industrial oil heater, industrial space heaters, oil fired space heater, or even a large oil heater, all we know is that we have some of the best oil powered cabinet heaters , which many regard them as the best commercial or industrial Oil Heater on the UK market.

So, if you require an Oil fired Cabinet Heater price, or would like to discuss your requirements as they make the perfect warehouse heaters or factory heaters, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.