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Gas hot water tank or cylinder

A gas hot water tank also known as a gas hot water cylinder are gas fired water heaters that are storage hot water heaters. These gas water heaters tend to be used in commercial or heavy domestic applications where people want a domestic water heating device that utilizes a hot water storage tank to optimize […]

35kW Combi boiler – Combination boilers

Our modern 35kw combi boiler employs condensing technology to effectively heat the system water by removing latent heat from the flue gases which enables these boilers to have a “A” ErP rating for space heating efficiency and “A” ErP water heating efficiency rating, which means higher efficiency and thus lower running costs for this combination […]

24KW Combi Boiler – Combination boiler

  A 24 kW combi boiler is an ideal new boiler that is suitable for a small one-bedroom home, apartments or flats. Because there isn’t much space to heat in these-sized properties, there are normally fewer than ten radiators (the average size of radiators in a new build property is 1.5 kW). There is also […]

LPHW Unit Heaters

A LPHW (which donates Low Pressure Hot Water) heater is fed by a hot water system. A boiler, which can be a gas or oil boiler, biomass boilers or a heat pump, is the external warm water heat source used by these water heaters. The warm water is transported to the LPWH unit heaters by […]

500 Litre buffer tank or vessel

  Our 500 Litre buffer tank or 500 litre buffer vessel, is a hot water buffer tank normally used to store heating hot water or increase the heating system’s hot water volume. This energy is retained for later use and results in fewer but longer heating cycles for the heating system with our buffer tanks […]

Domestic hot water temperature UK

According to the HSE, domestic hot water must be kept in the cylinder at a minimum of 60 degrees Celsius to destroy legionella bacteria , which unfortunately can be fatal for human beings. Therefore, the best temperature or ideal temperature for your hot water tank is 60 °C, as 90% of the bacteria will die […]

Industrial water heaters Gas or Electric

Hot water systems An industrial water heater provides a domestic hot water system – also know as DHW – which delivers hot water to fixtures used by people at the sink, in the shower, or bath and any other location where warm water may come into contact with humans for bathing or washing up etc. […]

Main multipoint bf water heater new replacement

If you are looking for a main multipoint BF water heater, then the bad news is that these gas fired water heaters are no longer available, whether it was the standard model, which was obsolete in 2018, or the ERP model, which was discontinued in 2019. This gas-fired instantaneous water heater brand and model was […]

Room sealed lpg water heater

Room sealed water heater  A room sealed LPG water heater is water heater that draws combustion air from outside, and any waste gases ( also know as combustion gases or flue gases ) are sent outside rather than into the room. Thus, when you have a room sealed water heater, this means that you can […]

Domestic hot water storage tank

Domestic hot water storage tank or vessel With regards to a domestic hot water storage tank or vessel , first we have to define what domestic hot water is in relation to a storage hot water tank or hot water cylinder. Domestic hot water Domestic hot water is the heated potable water that feeds taps, […]