Industrial Oil Heater

Industrial Oil Heater With Integral Oil Tank

From  – 25.2kW to 92.3kW OutputIndustrial Oil Heaters

Industrial Oil Heater – The BAS Plus range is a well specified, self contained oil cabinet heater, complete with an inbuilt fuel tank. Which means it is as close to ‘plug and play’ as it is possible to get with an industrial oil heater. With a range of outputs form 25.2kW to 92.3kW, these oil fired warm air heaters are ideal for numerous industrial and commercial heating applications, such as workshop heating, car showroom heating and retail outlets heating etc.Should you require large outputs than this or an industrial oil heater that can be coupled up to an oil tank and go up to an output of 970 kW, then please see our other industrial oil heaters on this web page

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Internal cut away picture of our oil industral heater from Flexiheat UK


These industrial oil heaters have an integral fuel tank which is capable of supporting approx 20 hours of  continuous running; although, with the built-in room thermostat, which has a range of +5/+30°C, controls the area to the required temperature automatically.


Industrial Oil Heater,industrial oil fired heaters uk

Industrial Oil Heater,industrial oil fired heaters,industrial oil heaters for sale

Industrial Oil Heaters – Key Product Features

  • Large built-in oil tank with filter – BA 30 Plus – 75 Ltrs , BA 60 Plus –  90 Ltrs  , BA 100 Plus  diesel tank is sold separately as an accessory.
  • High Efficiency of around 93%
  • Fully ErP Compliant – with a two stage low NOx diesel burner
  • All Units are single phase electrical motor supply 230V / 50 Hz  and complete with FAN-LIMIT double thermostats
  • Integrated burner with electronic flame control and photocell cut-off
  • Fan limit thermostat with manual reset
  • Summer-winter switch for ventilation only
  • Centrifugal fan, Fan section with one centrifugal fan, equipped with one electric single phase motor directly coupled to the fan wheel.
  • Stainless steel combustion chamber and a three pass heat exchanger built from high quality steel, complete with inspection doors, chimney connection and burner mounting plate with insulation.
  • Excellent heat insulation with detachable panels
  • Double-skinned body for thermo-acoustic insulation and safe low surface temperature
  • Wide inspection doors for easy cleaning
  • Air outlet diffusion plenum with air delivery openings on the four sides and horizontal individually adjustable pre-cut fins.
  • Oil burner complete with electronic devices, nozzle, flexible pipes and filter.
  • Built in thermostat
  • Oil tank -built in – except for the 100 model
  • Fan Thermostat – it activates the fan  (maximum 60 seconds) after the burner has started and it stops it (approximately 4 minutes) after it has stopped. Thus, it prevents unpleasantly cold air from being released in the area where the warm air heater is activated and the thermal energy accumulated by the heat exchanger can be exhausted, by completely using it before the warm air heater stops.


The operation of the BAS plus range of warm air oil heaters, consists of the Riello oil burner , which pre-heats the combustion chamber, prior to the centrifugal fan dispersing the heat; this ensures that the unit does not expel cold or tepid air into the area being heated.


industrial oil heaters,industrial oil heaters for sale

Industrial Oil Heater – Option to heat another area

Another great feature of this industrial oil heater, is that you have the ability to take a warm air duct off the top of the heater, to heat another area. This is particularly useful , if you want to heat an office or canteen etc, within you warehouse, factory or workshop ( see below picture )


Industrial Oil Heater,industrial oil fired heaters for sale UK

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