Three phase water heater options

Three phase water heater options

Three phase water heater / water heater 3 phase options - instantaneous water heater or tankless water heaters and duplex stainless steel storage hot water systems from Flexiheat UK

Our three phase water heater range of instantaneous water heaters are the perfect solution for instantaneous water heating with a three phase electric supply. We also do a 3 phase water heater with stored hot water options for applications where an instantaneous water heater can’t handle a peak domestic hot water demand and thus an element of stored water is required.

Efficient hot water supply is crucial for commercial and industrial applications. Instantaneous water heating is the most energy-efficient way of producing hot water electrically. Three phase water heaters offer a reliable and efficient solution for domestic hot water supply.

Three phase power

An electrical system’s phase determines the distribution of a load. What’s the distinction between single-phase and three-phase power supplies? A single-phase power circuit features two wires carrying alternating current (AC).

Typically, there is one power wire, known as the phase wire, and one neutral wire, with current flowing between the two. Three-phase power is a three-wire alternating current power circuit in which each phase AC signal is 120 electrical degrees apart.

Businesses and factories typically use a three-phase power supply, while residential homes typically use a single-phase power supply.

One significant distinction between single-phase and three-phase power sources is that a three-phase power supply can handle larger loads and power ratings that are required for three phase hot water systems.

Instantaneous water heater: hot water on demand

3 phase instantaneous water heaters are a great option for lower hot water demands. We have a full range of instantaneous water heater products that benefit from bare wire water heating technology (heating elements) for maximum energy efficiency and accurate hot water outlet temperature from the appliance for multiple draw off points.

Electric instantaneous water heaters are energy-saving on demand instant water heaters and are also called an electric tankless water heater - from 9kW to 27kW output from Flexiheat UK

These units are sometimes referred to as three-phase tankless water heaters, 3 phase instant water heaters, or a 3 phase electric instantaneous water heater.

The two smallest instantaneous water heaters – can be set to various outputs i.e. our 9kW to 15kW water heater can be set to either 9,11,12, or 15 kW to suit you water heating requirements.

Power output of the tankless water heaters9kW to 15kW Output power rating17kW to 24kW Output power rating27kW instantaneous water heater36kw instantaneous water heater
Energy efficiency classAAAA
Heat capacity ( power output setting options)9/11/12/15 kW17/18/21/24 kW27 kW36 kW
Power supply – Voltage 400V 3N~400V 3N~400V 3N~400V 3N~
Mains water supply pressure (Bar) min – maximum1 to 101 to 101 to 101 to 6
Hot water flow rate at  Δt=30 in litres per minute4.3/5.2/5.8/7.28.1/8.7/10.1/11.61317.3
Rated current (Amps)3 x 13/15.9/17.3/21.73 x 24.6/26/30.3/34.63 x 393 x 52
Dimensions – W x D x H (in mm)245 x 126 x 440245 x 126 x 440245 x 126 x 440315 x 140 x 492

Please note that the maximum water temperature this 3 phase instantaneous water heater range can produce is 60 °C. If your require higher water temperatures, then you need to look at our storage water heater option.

We go into full depth on this dedicated webpage about our electric instantaneous water heaters, which are all 3 phase powered. Here – Electric instantaneous water heaters

Storage three-phase hot water systems

Sometimes you’re going to need a storage water heater rather than an instantaneous water heater, as your water heating requirements or peak load are just too large for an instantaneous water heater to be able to cope with.

We offer a comprehensive selection of 3-phase-powered storage water heaters in duplex stainless steel (which has the best corrosion resistance), ranging in capacity from 80 litres to 1,380 litres, compatible with various stainless steel immersion heaters up to 108 kW in power.These immersion heaters come with a temperature regualtion thermostat and saftey thermostat.

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Commercial & Industrial electric water heaters from Flexiheat UK

We offer a glass-lined or 316 stainless steel 3 phase water heater with a storage tank capacity ranging from 80 to 6,000 litres, equipped with immersion heaters capable of producing up to 400 kW of heating power so you can supply multiple draw off points. This water heater range can produce water with a maximum temperature of 80 °C, which is more than our electric instantaneous water heater range, which is 60 °C.

We go into more depth on our 3 phase electrical powered storage water heater range here – 3 Phase storage water heater range

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