Industrial portable air conditioner heating and cooling portable air conditioning for industrial use from Flexiheat UKFlexiheat UK

Industrial portable air conditioner

Industrial portable air conditioner heating and cooling portable air conditioning for industrial use from Flexiheat UK

Our industrial portable air conditioners are industrial portable air conditioning units that are air conditioning systems that produce heating and cooling airflow via an air to air heat pump.

These units are predominantly used as a mobile temporary heating and cooling solution for industrial and commercial applications, which makes them particularly suited to the HVAC rental industry. You could also use them as a permanent installation if so desired.

The growing demand for a sustainable, cost-effective,CO2-neutral (when powered by electricity from a renewable source), and simple solution inspired us to create this mobile heating and cooling combination unit.

With an annual “SCOP” performance of 2.45, which means that for every 1 kW of energy consumed by our industrial portable air conditioning units, you’re getting 2.45 kW of energy out, based on a year’s performance.

Industrial portable air conditioning

Previously, you had to spend a significant amount of time obtaining and replacing fuel oil, continually readjusting the heating unit, dealing with chillers, etc.

These factors, as well as the growing need for CO2-neutral, sustainable, cost-effective, and simple solutions, prompted us to create our high energy efficiency MWK40 mobile heating and cooling industrial air conditioners.

With heat pump industrial air conditioners, there is no indoor unit, just an outdoor unit, unlike a split air conditioning unit, which produces either warm air or cool air depending on your temperature, working conditions, or requirements for your room.

Heating and cooling in one unit

These are single-unit portable air conditioning units where both the evaporator and condenser are housed within the same equipment. Being hard wearing and are easily moved.

An evaporator coil is a heat pump or air conditioner component that collects heat and moisture from the air within the indoor room or rooms. It works in conjunction with the condenser coil to generate cold air and complete the heat exchange cycle.

Our high energy efficiency industrial portable air conditioning unit uses R410A refrigerant, which is a low global warming potential refrigerant.

Our MWK40 industrial portable air conditioning unit allows year-round temperature control in one unit with mobile heating down to -10°C and cooling up to +40 °C. Simply set the target temperature, and the unit does the rest completely automatically, with digital thermostatic control for all seasonal usage with maximum efficiency.

Industrial and Commercial Portable Air Conditioners applications

Designed for industrial or commercial applications , or even municipal and private applications for temporary heating, replacement heating in case of a failure of a heating system, or temperature control or air conditioning with maximum efficiency.

This commercial portable air conditioners or industrial portable air conditioner range is particularly suited to:

  • The heating or cooling of large construction sites

  • Marquees—small or large-scale events—that require warm air or cooled airflow to the tents

  • Warehouses, manufacturing production lines, or factories—i.e., to heat or cool heat sensitive equipment

  • To cool server rooms and data centres, even with high ambient temperatures.

  • Mobile projects – such a health screening or testing temporary pop up clinics
  • The aviation industry: cooling or heating Aircraft or associated equipment

  • Portable air conditioning units for temporary or portable buildings

  • Large offices (government offices or private)
  • Keeping stock rooms heated or cooled with refrigerated air

All of this with just one outdoor unit, no indoor unit is required that would be taking up valuable floor space which is vital in data centres or server rooms for example.

Industrial air conditioner working heating and cooling a marquee tent Flexiheat UK

Industrial air conditioners – in this case providing heating and or cooling for a marquee / tent

Commercial Portable Air Conditioning Units

Our commercial air conditioners ensure safe loading and transportation with built-in forklift slots for lifting and easy manoeuvrability on site. This range is built with a hard wearing steel case and is built to the highest quality for long with trouble-free operation, as you would expect with a product manufactured in Germany.

We use backward curved impellers that produce up to 200 Pa (pascals of air pressure), ensuring our unit could be mounted up to 50 metres away from the marquee, tent, or structure being heated or cooled via a focused stream of refrigerated air directly. You can also use this portable air conditioning in a ventilation mode only.

Portable industrial air conditioner technical data 

These units must be powered by a 3 Phase /400 Voltage electrical supply – full data including COP (The relationship between the power (kW) extracted out of the heat pump as cooling or heat and the power (kW) supplied to the compressor is described as the COP) performance is as below-

A technical data table on our industrial air to air heat pump air condition units , showing electrical requirements, the COP (Coefficient of Performance) , weights and dimensions for our MWK40 unit from Flexiheat UK

The full detail is detailed in the following brochure –

Download the Flexiheat brochure for MWK40 industrial portable air conditioning units

Recirculated hot or cool air conditioning units

Recirculated hot or cool air mobile conditioning units Flexiheat UK

Two Air Ducts – for recirculating the air from the building or structure.

With two air ducts, our industrial air conditioners can recirculate the air, which leads to faster heating or cooling times and reduces energy costs.

Remote  management of these industrial portable air conditioning devices

Our heat pump industrial air conditioners come as standard with a router. This gives you a WLAN connection and control on-site with a range of about 5 metres. Remote access to operational parameters can be arranged throughout Europe as an option. In addition to remote control such as digital thermostatic control the industrial portable air conditioning units location, operational statistics and device status may be viewed.

Remote maintenance

As an additional service, we can provide remote maintenance for your units at an extra charge. We not only take care of the maintenance of your heat pumps but also provide you with regular diagnostic reports of their operating status and take care of any necessary software updates. Our availability on working days between 8:00 and 16:00 is guaranteed.

Heat pump heating performance

These heat pump industrial air conditioners will produce heat all the way down to minus 10 °C, making them suitable for heating in all but the most extreme winter conditions.

Heat pump portable air conditioning unit will produce heat all the way down to minus 10C Flexiheat UK


As with any air-to-air heat pump, the external air temperature has a direct correlation on the heating output of the unit. As you can see in the following picture.

Heating performance at various outside air temperatures of our mobile heat pump Flexiheat UK

Heating Performance

Cooling performance of our air to air mobile heat pump

This range of air conditioning units will cool air to a value of 33.5 kW based on (A30/ L12) “A” being the external ambient air temperature (°C) and “L” being the internal room air temperature (°C).

Cooling performance at various outside air temperatures of our mobile air to air heat pump system

Cooling Capacity

Our air conditioning unit is ideal for cooling manufacturing production lines, government offices / private offices, military applications, aviation industry, events, data centres reducing high ambient temperatures to protect heat sensitive equipment or working conditions for people in industrial or commercial applications.

Award-winning commercial air conditioners

Plus X award for the MWK40 Industrial air conditioner unit

Award winning units

The Plus X Award is one of the world’s largest technology, sports, and lifestyle innovation awards, with independent expert jurors from over 80 sectors and over 700 participating international businesses.

The expert jury, comprised of editors, designers, and industry professionals, bestows numerous quality seals on items that stand out for their true quality and cutting-edge innovation.

Our MWK40 industrial and commercial air conditioners received the quality seal in five of seven categories.


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