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Electric Industrial Fan Heaters

Electric Industrial Fan Heaters

They are the big and stronger brothers of classic fan heaters: Electric industrial fan heaters! Ideal for heating large industrial premises, whereby the field of application of these fan heaters is very far-reaching. Of course, this also goes beyond commercial and industrial use, as these electric industrial fan heaters are very versatile and provide a great solution to many electric heating requirements. In the following, we will introduce you to these powerful electric heating systems and how they can be used, what equipment to use, and what to look for when buying an electric industrial fan heater.As a rule, when taking about industrial electric heaters, 230 volt / 1 Phase units will generally be supplied with an output of 3 kW maximum and use a maximum of 13 Amps as this is the maximum that a standard 3 pin “household” type socket can satisfy.The higher output fan heaters above 3 kW need to be connected to a 415 Volt – 3 phase supply, as when using a 3 phase electrical supply the current limits are much higher which allows us to get more heating capability from these types of warm air fan heaters.

Industrial fan forced electric heaters

As the name already makes it clear, electric industrial fan heaters are mainly used in the professional or industrial sector. This ranges from heating, drying and ventilation on construction sites, or in workshops and warehouses and commercial buildings. They are also used as temporary or top up heating for sports halls and social clubs as well as larger event type heating that use marquees etc. As you will see from the detail below, there are electric industrial fan heaters for very specific applications, which meet the specific application requirements, such as mobile units, fixed units etc.

Fixed or mobile Industrial electric fan heaters

Whist the smallest electric powered industrial fan heaters will usually be free standing mobile units and easily carried to where ever it is required, the larger heat requirements can often be delivered from electric fan heaters installed on brackets mounted to walls or columns, or even hung from the ceiling or roof structure.

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Wall or Ceiling mounted electric industrial fan heaters from Flexiheat UK

When the units are to be wall or ceiling mounted, they are often called electric unit heaters. These tend to have a lighter , but still robust casing , as they are not required to have the level of resistance to knocks and bumps that the mobile units tend to receive, as they are mounted at a wall or ceiling height and are out of the way of this type of potential ware and tear that the mobile units are often subject to.Full details on our range of these electric unit heaters can be found here – 

For 6 kW to 27 kW of heat output – 


or for the commercial range that goes from 3 kW to 15 kW of heat output


Mobile units – 

Industrial electric heaters , commercial electric heaters

This mobile unit , our “FHNXG” model is available in 9 Kw , 12 kW or 20 kW Output and is a compact yet powerful electric forced fan heater.

The models with up to 30 kW of output are very mobile, and are either easily lift-able or have a wheel’s that allow you to manoeuvre these electric heaters to your required destination. The models up to 20 kW of heating output can easily be transported in a car boot for example.

industrial electric space heaters;industrial portable electric space heaters

Our mobile industrial fan forced electric heaters – 9/18 kW on the left or the 15/30 kW model on the right

Full details on both of the above industrial portable electric heaters electric can be found here – 


When you get to the larger output industrial electric fan heaters, then they can be heavy and large, especially when we are talking about our 42 kW model, which is 130 KG’s in weight. Although this unit benefits from heavy duty braked caster wheels, which allow you to manoeuvre the unit quite easily. This model also comes with forklift slots or pockets as well as lifting eyes, should you wish to lift the unit to a high level.

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Industrial Electric Heater-42kW- from Flexiheat UK

Ductable units – When you want heat into another area from your heater 

If you only require to deliver the heat into the area or room where the space heating is required then it is an easy decision: you’re not going to need an electric industrial fan heater that has a duct spigot fitted to the unit. But if you want your industrial fan heater to deliver heat into a separate area, room or enclosed space then your going to need a ductable electric fan heater. Flexiheat can supply various ductable industrial fan heater models, that can be ducted up to 30 metres in length, as we have units that have high air flow pressure produced by the high-quality fans that are fitted to our units

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Sizing of your heat requirement / heat loss 

The first stage of narrowing your requirement for an electric industrial fan heater is to establish how much heat you need. There are some general rules of thumb, that will give you a good approximation of the heat requirement for you building. You can use 60 Watts per /m2 of floor area.

But using this general assumption has some potential big draw backs, the first being that this “rule of thumb” generally is based on a 3-metre-high room. Many Industrial unit have much larger heights than this, so for an accurate heat loss calculations you would need to calculate the volume of area being heated, adding any heat generated by hot industrial process or machines and then using the U values of the various materials that are used in the make-up of your room or building, along with the desired internal temperature , and normal maximum external temperature ,you calculate an accurate heat requirement for you application.

We have a handy spread sheet / form that you can fill out, along with description of your insulation levels. That we can send you, just fill this form or spread sheet out and we can calculate your heat requirement for you.So just get in touch with us.

Sockets, Plugs and Leads for Industrial Fan Heaters

Single phase industrial electric fan heaters generally come complete with a length of flex and a fitted plug as standard, and whilst in the case of 110 Volt powered electric heaters they come with a standard 3 pin round plug for fitting onto a transformer. For more information on our 110 volt industrial electric fan heater model, please see the following dedicated web page – 


With 3 phase heaters there are a greater variety of plugs and some of the smaller heaters come with a flex and plug and some come without, as in the example of our electric unit heaters, as they are designed to be hard wired as they are designed as fixed electrical heaters, and thus come with a connection block.
Some of the larger mobile heaters come with a “CEE” connection socket inbuilt onto the heater, allowing you to have the connecting flex as long as you require, to suite your site conditions

Industrial electric fan heaters UK

The full range of our electric air heaters / fan heating units is robust and totally reliable; These are built with an indisputable high experience and knowledge. Whilst the fan motors of these heaters production cycles, are certified and subject to the strictest technical and dimensional checks and electrical tests according to the ISO 9001: 2015 certified Corporate Quality System and are in full compliance with the latest European and International standards in force.

Industrial electrical fan heaters UK

If you require any further assistance with our electric industrial fan heaters / industrial fan forced electric heaters or any of our products, please click here to contact us via email or call us direct on 01202 822221