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Industrial Fan Heaters – Electric Unit Heaters – 6kW to 27kW OutputIndustrial Fan Heater, Industrial Electric Fan Heater, Electric Unit Heater

Industrial Fan Heaters – The FHTERM-E are Electric Unit Heaters with axial fans, a metal casing and electric heating elements, which are designed to heat rooms such as: industrial halls, workshops, warehouses, shops, commercial pavilions, sports and entertainment halls etc. These industrial fan heaters are very flexible and can work in a horizontal position as ceiling units and in a vertical position as wall mounted fan units. All of these electric unit heaters are supplied by a 3 phase /400 volt supply, which enables them to have a power output of 27kW at the largest size. This factor ensures that you can heat really quite large commercial and industrial working environments, with the easy of installing these ceiling or wall mounted fan heaters, along with their low capital costs, make them an ideal solution for many industrial or commercial heating applications.

As opposed to portable electric heaters, which will require a power lead, and also the aggravation of moving the units when you need to get at the area where the heater is located, or you need that floor area for something else, these wall or ceiling mounted electric fan heaters, once easily installed are out of the way, making for a cleaner and safer working environment. This means that perfectly suited to small industrial units, workshops, garages, consulting rooms, laboratories, florists, and shops and alike. All of these commercial / industrial electric space heaters can be thermostat (temperature) and time controlled, making them a great solution as frost protection heaters, in greenhouses or any other application where this is a necessary requirement.

Industrial Fan Heaters – Applications

Total Heating Systems – Units can meet the total heating requirement in most industrial plants, commercial and recreational buildings, and in special purpose structures such as animal shelters. The features that make them the ideal selection for these types of buildings are a long heat throw, uniform heat delivery and low installation and maintenance costs. High up and out of the way, unit heaters provide heat into work areas for clean, safe, economical heating comfort.

Supplemental Heating – They are ideal for spot heating applications during short periods of occupancy in the area to be heated. In out of the way locations, remote from areas served by the building’s main heating systems, electric unit heaters can often eliminate the expense of extending gas, steam, or hot water lines.

Stand-by/Back-up Heating – Where fossil fuel supplies are interruptible or undependable, electric unit heaters are recommended as a stand-by or back up heating system to supply comfort heating to an entire building or any part of it.

Industrial Electric Unit Heaters – Description

The Electric Unit Heaters benefit from :

  • An axial fan – The totally enclosed, thermally protected, continuous-duty motor is mounted to the fan guard utilizing rubber vibration absorbing material. The lightweight aluminium propeller type fan is connected directly to the motor shaft and is statically balanced for peak performance and low sound levels.
  • Electric heaters with spirally rolled aluminium finned tubes; permanently fused for maximum heat transfer. Elements are resistant to thermal shock and vibration.
  • External casing made of lacquered steel sheet;
  • Protection grille made of galvanized steel sheet against accidental contact with the heaters – the fan guard is attached to the unit heater casing and provides a rigid support for the motor and protection from the exposed fan
  • As standard a single-row heat distribution grid — Adjustable up and down, the blades provide control over the horizontal air delivery of the unit heater.
  • Options available of a slot diffuser or outlet discharge nozzle/cone for longer air throw

Electric Unit Heaters – The Range

This range of Electric Unit Heaters is made up of two units –

  1. The FHTERM -E 18 – Which is an 18 kW maximum heat output, having three output settings of either – 6 kW , 12 kW or 18 kW
  2. The FHTERM -E 27 – Which is a 27 kW maximum heat output, having three output settings of either – 9 kW , 18 kW or 27 kW

The full technical details of these units are listed below –

Industrial fan heaters,electric unit heaters technical info


If these Industrial Electric Unit Heaters are going to be ceiling mounted, then we recommend using the –

  1. The slot diffuser – for heating a zone by a secondary air stream;
  2. The discharge nozzle/ cone – for increasing the range of heated supply air stream.

These two options are shown below – to the right of the standard single row distribution grid

Electric Fan Heaters Diffussers ,Electric Unit Heaters Diffussers

The discharge cone can also be fitted to the wall mounted industrial fan heater, to give it a larger air throw, if so required. NB – The maximum height at which you can mount these warm air unit heaters when using the slot diffuser is 4 metres.


Electric Unit Heaters – Industrial Fan Heaters – Mounting Options 

To mount our FHTERM-E warm air electric unit heaters , we supply a universal mounting bracket, that allows the electric unit heater to be either wall mounted or ceiling mounted. When wall mounted, you can tilt or incline the heater 20 degrees from the plumb-line. The bracket set comes in component form to be assembled on site as required.

Industrial Fan Heaters Mounting Bracket,Electric Unit Heaters Mounting Bracket

Industrial Fan Heaters / Electric Unit Heaters – Accessories & Options 

 At the client’s request these industrial electric unit heaters can be manufactured with casing and heaters made from stainless steel. This is an option often requested for area’s that have high humidity or aggressive environments

We also supply a full range of additional accessories, which allow you to mix a proportion of fresh air and recirculated air through the heaters, either via an external wall or a roof intake.

These include – Roof Intakes, Roof Bases, Wall Intakes, Intake Boxes, Suspension Brackets to suit and Air Filters , we go into more depth in the technical manual regarding these additional items . Below are some of the accessories available for the wall mounted industrial fan heaters –


Industrial electric fan heaters accessories, industrial fan heaters


And below are some of the accessories available for the ceiling mounted industrial fan heaters – from left to right – Roof Air Intake Box, Roof Base and an Intake Box, which are used to draw and mix fresh and circulating air through the electric unit heater.

Industrial Fan Heaters roof accessories

Control Options of these Electric Unit Heaters / Industrial Fan Heaters 

Standard equipment fitted to the heaters is as follows:

Heating Coil Thermostat – (fitted adjacent to the heating element ) for reducing and monitoring of the outlet air temperature in the event of disturbed air flow (e.g. fan failure). Set-point range for the thermostat is 0ºC to 200ºC with a constant hysteresis of 50Cº, which yields a maximum supply temperature of 80ºC.

As an additional option, units can be fitted with the following automatic equipment components:

  • Power Supply and Control Box -Type AT – Equipped with over-current breakers, relays and contactors, signal lamps, switches: Auto | Stop, 3-speed power and air efficiency adjustment and Heating /Ventilation.
  • Temperature Controller – Type RTA – (two-speed): to monitor and control temperature in the area being heated
  • Programmable Timer – Type ZG :to program the electric unit heaters on and off periods
  • Damper Actuators  – Type NE1, NE2, NE3, NE4 -To control external air, dampers actuators are used, and they are intended to pre-set an air damper in a desired position . Depending on the control method for the dampers, actuators of the following types are used:
    – open/close “on-off”  Model – NE1, NE2;
    – of continuous operation 0 to 10V – Model – NE3, NE4. Setting of the damper in a particular position is achieved by the supplying control voltage from the  ZW damper position pre-setting unit of 0 to 10 Volt

Download Industrial Fan Heaters / Electric Unit Heaters Brochure

Download Industrial Fan Heaters / Electric Unit Heaters Technical Manual

Industrial Electric Unit / Fan Heaters – Safety and Standards that they comply to –

All of our Industrial Fan Heaters / Electric Unit Heaters are CE Marked and conform to the following directives –2006/42/WE – Machinery Safety Directive , with sub-assemblies meeting the requirements of the following directives:2006/95/WE  –  Low Voltage Directive  , 2004/108/WE  – Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive  , as well as the following standards – EN ISO 12100 , and EN ISO 13857.All of these Heaters come with a two year warranty.

Should you require anymore assistance or information on our Industrial Fan Heaters / Electric Unit Heaters , please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 01202 822221 or click here for our email contact form