3kW Electric Heater-240v

110v Heater

Designed and built for Industry – The FHE 110v heater, which is 3kW output, offers both durability and efficient heat delivery. This 110v space heater is ideal for building sites or when only an 110v 32 amp supply is available.They are also referred to as 110V Fan Heaters, as they units have a fan enclosed which pushes or expels the air over the heating elements , which is warmed and then distributed into the area being heated

These 110 volt space heaters are designed for use with 110 volt electricity supplies and is fitted with a 32 amp plug

The FHE3 110v space heater is splash proof (protection class IPx4) and is suitable for use in workshops, factories and construction sites, which require the use of a 110v heater,which is popular in the UK

An extra tough unit designed and built to withstand the rigours of regular site use. Features include an adjustable thermostat and an OTP (over temperature protection) as standard while the optional spigot allows the user to fit up to 5 mtrs of ducting. This 110 volt portable heater is the ideal solution to spot heating on building sites, portable buildings, site huts etc. or in car garages, workshops and factories to keep employees warm or as frost protection. This 110v space heater also offers a large air rate ensuring that the warm air is efficiently distributed.

What is a 110v Heater?

A question we often get asked from some of our customers is what is 110v and is it really required? Or at least why is it almost always used across the larger building sites?

110V is a professional site voltage. A transformer is required to convert the 240V supply to 110V. Most 110V transformers and leads are a bright yellow. If you wish to work on any site other than small residential renovations, then you probably do need 110v. This may not be the law but is certainly accepted practice and is broadly accepted as a Safety standard.

If you are working on site you will most likely need 110v power tools as well as 110v heater, as they are far safer to use significantly reduce the risk of fatalities should  there be a cable strike.

Running Costs of a 110v Space Heater

Using a 110v  portable electric heater remains one of the most cost effective solution for providing emergency or supplementary heat for a particular space in your site or office.

To work out an accurate running cost for an electric heater you can use the below calculation:

Calculating an accurate running cost can vary from room to room because of many factors for example,  number of doors and  windows, building condition, insulation levels  etc. However the following calculation can be used to provide a general idea:

Energy input (kW) x pence per kWh= running cost.

For example a 3kW fan heater run continuously (without stopping) for 1 hour would be:

3kW x 14p/kWh = 42p per hour

The calculation above is based on 0.14p per kWh – please check with your current electricity bill for the exact hourly rate you are currently paying.

110V Fan Heater – 3 kW Output Technical Specificiation

  • Airflow Rate – 423m³/hr110v heater
  • Pressure – 80pa
  • Fan Type – Radial
  • Sensible Heat Capacity 10,236 BTU (3kW equivalent)
  • Max Heat Capacity (kcal) 2625
  • Supply 110v
  • Plug Size 32A (110v)
  • Sound (At 3m) 45dB(A)
  • Spigot 200mm
  • Mobility and  Portability
  • Remote Thermostat- An Optional
  • Dimensions – HxWxD (mm) 360 x 300 x330
  • Weight – 10kG
  • Overtemp protection- Yes
  • Max Ducting – 5mtrs

110v Heater Applications

  • Suitable for most Industrial and Commercial Heating Applications
  • Dockyards and ship building
  • Workshop Heating
  • Factories & Warehouse Heating
  • Mining
  • Construction Sites
  • Site Huts
  • Processing plants
  • Events & Marquee Heating
  • Frost Protection Heating
  • Military Installations
  • Exhibition halls
  • Garage Heating
  • Temporary Buildings

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