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Industrial Warm Air Heaters

Industrial Warm Air Heaters – Your Options / Guide 

Industrial warm air heaters work by pulling cold air from the environment and moving it across a heat exchanger. This cold air is heated and via a fan, re-distributed back into the environment until an ambient temperature is achieved, thus heating the building.Warm air heating systems can include floor standing ,suspended units or even mobile units, making them a versatile choice for commercial and industrial premises. 

These warm air heaters come with a wide variety of fuels to choose from, such as oil, natural gas, propane / LPG, electric or even bio-fuels, to power the system.Making these heaters a versatile warm air heating option for any industrial or commercial application.

There are several types of air heaters, these being, gas heaters, oil heaters, hot water heaters, and electric heaters. Each of them has advantages as well as disadvantages.

Thanks to the principle of forced convection, the hot air is renewed and diffused throughout the space. The unique design of these heaters allows you to combine heating and ventilation, which is effective for the treatment of stale air within a building.

Warm air heating can be considered a modern replacement for traditional water or wet heating central heating systems within industrial and commercial premises and works by forcing warm air around the building

Industrial gas warm air heaters

industrial warm air heaters;warehouse space heaters;warm air heaters industrial

Industrial warm air heaters from Flexiheat UK

Definitely the most common industrial warm air heaters are the natural gas or propane gas fired units. They come in thee main types, either floor standing, suspended – either from the ceiling or mounted onto a wall, and lastly mobile versions.All of our warm air product range can be seen here –

A free blowing industrial gas warm air heating system is one of the most cost effective and efficient means of heating industrial and commercial buildings. They represent better value than a wet system with boilers and unit heaters or radiators, having a faster speed of response.

Industrial Warm Air Heating Systems

industrial warm air heating; industrial warm air heating systems; industrial gas warm air heaters

Industrial warm air heating from Flexiheat UK

For floor mounted Industrial war air heaters- which are commonly known as “cabinet heaters”- are installed on the floor and therefore take up floor space. They come with nozzles or vents to give direction to the flow of warm air – this is known as “free-blowing” — meaning that the warm air is simply projected into the room or they come ready for connection to a duct-work system, that is designed to distribute the warm air around the building or buildings to be heated.

Industrial Warm Air Heating

Warm air heating for any industrial site has some great benefits in that they provide fast warm up times and will heat your area quickly, as apposed to radiant heaters which only heat the area that is covered directly in front of the units.

Warm air heaters industrial are these days incredibly practical as you can control the amount of heat that they produce.They can keep the area being heated at a constant temperature, which improves comfort levels for the employees working in that area, or even to maintain temperatures for application or manufacturing processes that require a certain temperature to aid curing of a product etc.A constant temperature will also be helping to reduce energy costs or bills.You can also help reduce your energy costs even further by using destratification fans, if heating large areas with high ceilings, again another product that we supply. A superb addition as they help to evenly distribute the warm air back down to the area where its required, and are estimated to help save up to 30% on the fuel bill.The latest warm air heaters feature energy efficient burners, which can deliver efficiencies of 91% net, and when used in combination with a control system, optimal design this is the opportunity to lower running costs and gain a more eco-friendly heating system

Industrial warm air heaters UK

Our extensive knowledge of the industrial and commercial heating sector helps us find the right warm air heating solutions to suit your requirements.These industrial warm air heaters are intended for heating large volumes, such as greenhouses, warehouses, factories, supermarkets, and gymnasiums etc that we have in the UK.When heating a large industrial space or warehouse, it can be important that every area is heated with no cold spots, and warm air percolates very well.

In contrast to normal rooms, industrial buildings and warehouses have quite different challenges when it comes to warm air heating. Thus, warm air industrial heating has to be designed for the even distribution of heat and take into account the greater air turbulence of the height in a taller industrial or warehouse building, and take into account the warm air buoyancy currents naturally play a greater role in these applications.

Heating industrial sites with warm air

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