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Electric Unit Heaters Range – Outputs – 3 kW to 27 kW

electric unit heater;commercial electric unit heaters;electric heater unit;electric industrial space heaters;industrial electric unit heaters

The “LEO EL” Electric Unit Heater range from Flexiheat UK

Electric Unit Heaters -are low noise, electrically powered efficient fan heaters for fixed installation that are suitable for warm air heating, drying and /or ventilation of larger areas such as warehouses, factories, depots, shopping centres or individual shops, workshops, storage areas, garages and production facilities. They are often installed where there is no access to another source of heat such as a gas or hot water powered heating system, or for their higher efficiency, as they are 100% efficient and can be supplied with zero carbon energy if renewable electricity is supplied to the heaters. Electrics heaters may be installed in a number of orientations to provide heating for a wide range of applications, and have 100% energy efficiency.

Commercial and Industrial Electric Unit Heaters

We do an extensive range of electric unit heaters at Flexiheat UK, we have 3 ranges within our commercial offering, these are –

  1. Our “LEO EL BMS” range – This is our most popular and best-selling units. They are a commercial and industrial electric unit heater that is the most controllable on the market. These unit heaters are controlled by an intelligent control called the “T Box”. This controller can control up to 31 electric unit heaters, or a mixture of any of our LEO range of water fed unit heaters or our LEO D destratification fans in conjunction with these electric unit heaters. This controller allows advanced control of heating and ventilating system, controlling the units according to your time schedule and individual needs. The “T Box” controller is also BMS (Building Management Control) compatible allowing a central control system to control the operating times and performance of these unit heaters. The largest output of this range is 22.8kW and it maximum height of installation is 9.5 Metres -thus high ceilings installation is achievable.
  2. The “FHIRX” is more of a commercial electric unit heater – this range is a very basic heater, and lacks the controllability of our other heater units, in that they can’t be linked to a BMS system etc, but it is the most economical in the range of our electric unit heaters. The maximum heating output of this range is 12 kW, and their maximum heat throw is 7 metres or 11 metres at maximum fan speed – dependant on the model. This range must be wall mounted only.
  3. A stainless-steel electric unit heater, designated the “FHLB9KW” – This unit is a particularly suited to applications that require IP54 protection is a requirement such as heating farm buildings or barns etc or in any damp or humid areas. It’s heating output range is between 1.8kW to 9kW.
  4. The largest electric unit heaters that we do at present – the “FHTHERM” range -These industrial electric unit heaters, which can be wall or ceiling mounted have the largest heat output at 27kW. They have additional controllers available, but lack the facility to be connected to a BMS system like the LEO EL BMS units can be.

None of these electric heaters should not be used in areas with flammable gases or vapours or powdered metals etc.

Technical data “LEO EL BMS” – Industrial & Commercial Electric Unit Heaters

Heating capacity [kW]6.0 – 10.88.8 / 16.3 / 22.8
Max. air flow [m3/h]2,0004,250
Power supply [V/Hz]3×400
Rated current [A]*15.633.3
IP Protection Rating 20
Sound pressure level [dB(A)]**56.364.1
Sound power level [dB(A)]***71.479.2
 Horizontal range  [m]****1424
Vertical range  [m]*****5.38.3
Type of casing                   powder-painted steel
Colour  grey
Usage                 Inside buildings
Operational temperature of the room [oC]0 to +50
Position of operationvertically on the wall, horizontally under the ceiling
Weight of unit [kg]19.727.8

*Temperature of 0°C at the inlet, 3rd speed of fan
**Acoustic pressure level at the distance of 5 m from the unit, in the room of medium capability of sound absorption and 1,500 m3 of area
***Acoustic power conforms with EN ISO 3744:2011
****Range of horizontal isothermal air stream, at 0.5 m/s velocity limit.
*****Range of vertical non isothermal air stream, at 20°C at the inlet, 0.5 m/s velocity limit

Download the Electric Unit Heaters Brochure – “Leo EL BMS” – Flexiheat UK

Download the Electric LEO EL Unit Heters Manual

Electric Unit Heaters – Applications & Function

The FHIRX electric unit heater range of low noise, efficient fan heaters for fixed installation of larger areas are suitable for heating, drying and /or ventilation of larger areas. The heat output and fan speed is set via the control panel on this range of electric unit heaters. The adjustable wall mounting brackets allow the air  stream to be directed to suit the site conditions. All of these electric unit heaters are made of corrosion proof housing of white / grey powder coated steel panels, and are the perfect solution for your commercial or industrial electric heating needs.

The FHIRX 6kW to 15 kW Electric unit heaters are not intended for use other than indoors and are only to be wall mounted and for this reason some people refer to them as wall mounted electric blow heaters, for ceiling mounted units that can blow the warm air down vertically , please see our  LEO “EL” range ( above) or “FHTHERM-E Range” , detailed on this webpage page .These electric unit heaters are appropriate for the heating of warehouses, workshops, storage rooms, show rooms, etc.

Electric Unit Heater wall mounted; electric unit heaters; commercial electric unit heater; electric unit heater for garage;

The Flexiheat FHIRX Range of Electric Unit Heaters from 3kW to 12kW

Installation time and costs are minimized when using our electric unit heaters as they are compact and completely factory wired, the unit heater only requires only a power supply connection to the heater. These units come with a control box, which should be mounted at point that gives easy access to the operator of the electric fan heaters. Several electric unit heaters may be control via one control box if so required. The controller makes it possible to control the 3 fan speeds and the 2 heat levels of the heaters. We supply as standard the wall mounting bracket and a wireless controller , as a total package for these electric unit heaters, making them ideal solution as a heater for a garage or car workshops.


The air is carried through the heater by a fan and heated by non-corrosive elements which are regulated by the built in thermostat with at range of +5 to +35°C. The air speed is adjustable in three steps. Switching on or off, selecting half or full output and regulating the fan motor is performed through the control box , which is wall mounted for easy access. The appliance is protected from overheating via a built-in temperature limiter.

Safety – There are a couple of common sense rules that apply to all electric unit heaters , these are –

  • Ensure that the area around the intake and the exhaust grille is kept free from material which could prevent the air flow through the appliance.
  • The electric heater has hot surfaces during operation. The heater must not be covered either with clothes or similar material since overheating of the appliance can result in a fire hazard.

Our  electric unit heaters operate reliably when installed and operated as directed. In addition to meeting all requirements of the electrical standards , the heating element is backed with a two year warranty.

The “FHIRX”  Electric Unit Heaters are a great and inexpensive heating solution for garages, workshops, stores, sports and entrance halls, businesses, assembly and storage facilities, in churches etc. There are models with 3kW ,6kW, 9kW, or 12kW Outputs available within this range of warm air commercial electric unit heaters.

Distinctive features

  • Very quiet due to low noise impeller fan – which is connected to a EC motor for improved energy efficiency
  • Wall mounted with multi-directional brackets supplied (180° horizontal, 45° vertical)
  • Corrosion resistant – The housing is manufactured in galvanized sheet steel, then powdered coated  layers applied in an aesthetically pleasing white/ grey finish.
  • Benefits from a robust front guard again powdered coated in a grey colour
  • Maintenance and radio interference free warm air heater electric unit heaters
  • Closed tube jacketed heating elements (non glowing type) made of stainless steel, with a low surface temperature
  • Thermal overheating protection- which has to be manually switched on again if it trips
  • Fan motor with thermal overload protection

Unit Operation

  1. Air flow through the three Speed levels can be tailored to the room / area conditions.
  2. A Single stage capillary thermostat (Adjustment range of  +5 to +40 ° C) regulates the electric unit heater output in relation to the set temperature point
  3. Every heater comes complete with an operation switch to control the speed and heating power of the heaters , especially useful when wall mounted

Electric Unit Heater /  Commercial Electric Unit Heaters – Technical Information

Electric unit heater; commercial electric unit heaters; electric heater wall unit; electric unit heater for garage;

Technical data table for the commercial unit heater range – FHIRX – from Flexiheat UK

Our small electric unit heaters provide a “heat throw” of 7 metres at maximum fan speed for the 6 kW Output model, or 11 metres for the larger unit heaters . The intelligent fan control optimizes fan speed and heat output to quickly achieve and control a comfort temperature whilst maintaining a very low noise level. Provides comfort heating while working in garages, workshops and warehouses and a great solution for commercial heating applications

For more information on this range of what we would class as  commercial electric unit heaters, please see the following dedicated webpage on the units here – commercial electric unit heaters

Electric Unit Heater in Stainless Steel IP54 Rated 9kW Output 

We also do a stainless steel cased electric unit heater , which has an IP54 rating for electrical protection , and has a maximum output of 9 KW . This electric unit heater is particularity suited to heating farm buildings etc, where IP54 is a requirement or in any damp or humid areas where durability is required .It is also used in dry environments such as in commercial buildings, warehouses, factories, workshops and other places where the IP54 protection standard is required or any other applications where a fire hazard is of particular concern. The Stainless steel housing and the heating elements are made of stainless steel 316H  ( this stainless steel grade has excellent corrosion resistance when exposed to a range of corrosive environments and media. It is usually regarded as “marine grade” stainless steel but is not resistant to warm sea water) and the IP54 rating provide an increased resistance to destructive dust, and  water drops falling at any angle as well as aggressive gases which can cause accelerated corrosion to a non stainless steel cased heater. This 9 kW commercial or industrial electric unit heater has an inbuilt room thermostat to control the temperature and automatic protection against overheating. The step-less variable thermostat and accurately sized fan ensures an even temperature and good heat distribution. These industrial fan heaters can be controlled to give a 1.8 kW , 5.4 kW or  9 kW heat output as a three phase heater and has an inbuilt adjustable thermostat working in the temperature range from 0-40 ° C . It is also prepared for connecting an external thermostat if so required and can be used in a fan only operation to. They also make a perfect electric heater for a garage or workshop heating application.

Electric Unit Heater in stainless steel IP54 rated -1.8kw to 9 kw output,electric unit heaters,commercial electric unit heater,electric unit heater for garage

Flexiheat Model ” FHLB9KW” Stainless Steel Electric Unit Heater -1.8 kW to 9 kW Output

Output in (kW): 1.8 kW / 5.4 kW / 9 kW

Mains voltage – (V): 3 Phase x 400 volts

Max mains current -(A): 16 Amps

Air circulation – (m²/t): 700 / 1000

Fan diameter – (mm): 300

Dimensions L X B X H – (mm): 670 x 450 x 600

Weight -(Kg’s): 18

IP Rating – IP54

Industrial electric unit heaters – Up to 27 kW of Heat Output 

Last but not least within our range of electric unit heaters are our “FHTHERM-E” units. This range of industrial electric unit heaters have a couple of features that our other units do not have , these being –

  • The ability to be ceiling mounted, blowing the warm air down, as well as horizontally mounted, blowing the warm air horizontally
  • The ability to have a slot warm air diffuser or a discharge cone or nozzle
  • This range goes up to 27 kW of heat output, which is the largest at present that we have
Electric Unit Heater,electric unit heaters,commercial electric unit heater,electric unit heater for garage,electric heater wall unit

Flexiheat FHTHERM-E Electric Unit Heater

These two options that are available for ceiling mounted electric unit heaters are shown below – to the right of the standard single row distribution grid, which the units come as default.

Electric Unit Heaters complete with Diffuser for vertical or ceiling mounting,electric unit heater,commercial electric unit heater,electric unit heater for garage

Electric Unit Heaters complete with a Diffuser for vertical or ceiling mounting

NB – The maximum height at which you can mount these warm air electric unit heaters when using the slot diffuser is 4 metres .The discharge cone can also be fitted to the wall mounted industrial fan heater, to give it a larger air throw, if so required.


These industrial electric unit heaters are available in two sizes, both of which require a 3 Phase / 400 Volt supply –

The FHTERM -E 18 – Which is an 18kW maximum heat output, having three output settings of either – 6kW , 12kW or 18kW

The FHTERM -E 27 – Which is a 27kW maximum heat output, having three output settings of either – 9kW , 18kW or 27kW

The full technical details of  this range of electric unit heater range are listed below –

electric unit heater 3kW to 27kW technical information,electric unit heaters,commercial electric unit heater,electric unit heater for garage


We also supply a full range of additional accessories for these electric unit heaters, which allow you to mix a proportion of fresh air and recirculated air through the heaters, either via an external wall or a roof intake.

These include – Roof Intakes, Roof Bases, Wall Intakes, Intake Boxes, Suspension Brackets to suit and Air Filters , we go into more depth in the technical manual regarding these additional items . Below are some of the accessories available for the “FHTHERM” wall or ceiling mounted industrial electric unit heaters

Industrial electric fan heaters accessories, industrial fan heaters,electric unit heaters,commercial electric unit heater,electric unit heater for garage

For the full specification and additional information on the “FHTERM” Industrial Electric Unit Heater range, please see it’s dedicate web page

Electric Unit Heaters for Sale UK & Ireland

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