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Poultry Heaters -Poultry Heating – LPG – Natural Gas or Oil 

Poultry heaters poultry heating systems in LPG, natural gas or oil from Flexiheat UK

Poultry Heaters/Poultry Farm Heating system – with LPG, Natural Gas or Oil Burner

Poultry Heaters – The “Eurochick” Poultry shed heater responds to the growing breeders requirements to have a warm air heating systems with clean “combustion free” air quality for their poultry shed heating . The increased power of 130 kW input (120kW Output ) compared to our “FATLE” Poultry heater range, provides the advantage of potentially using less hot air heaters for each poultry shed . Along with the other advantage of requiring no or less ventilation to assure air renewal to the poultry shed thanks to the indirect heat exchange technology with obvious advantages from the point of view of efficiency and energy consumption.

This poultry heater has an efficiency of 92% , and is available with a LPG or natural gas burner or an oil burner , to suit your poultry heating system requirements. The installed heating capacity, and fuel consumption of our indirect poultry heaters is typically 25% lower when compared to direct fired poultry heating systems, resulting in lower capital cost and more importantly, lower fuel costs year after year.

The totally sealed combustion chamber reduces excess humidity in the environment, and eliminates completely the supply of CO2, CO and NOx resulting from the combustion process, reducing the need of ventilation and ensures a healthy growth environment for animals. The combustion chamber and smoke tubes of the “Eurochick” poultry heater are entirely made of stainless steel AISI 430.

When using an indirect heater, no water vapour is introduced into the building, which will lead to drier litter as well as improved air quality resulting in better bird growth.

This poultry heater provides direct forced air heat distribution (i.e. they do not require any air ducts) and can be configured for external or internal installation and allows you to mix the necessary amount of internal return air with fresh outside air, if so required to provide hot air heating energy directly to the birds with the highest floor temperatures for the poultry farms.

These poultry heaters can be installed outdoors without any additional protection saving precious inside spaces for breeding. The combustion is made with a blown burner: extremely reliable technology that ensures a stable operation of the warm air heater even in the most demanding conditions. The adoption of this technology allows the use of gas and oil burners fitted to the heat exchanger without any need to modify the product , allowing the customer / breeder to select his or her preferred fuel for the brooding area.

Radiant heat, or more specifically radiant heaters of the radiant brooders lamp type, are considered a potential fire hazard and require a fresh air supply systems to. Radiant brooders shouldn’t really be used as a thermal comfort heat source for professional chicken or birds breeders.

Indirect fired Poultry Heaters = Clean hot air

The heat exchanger benefits from a sealed combustion, meaning the combustion gases are exhausted through a dedicate flue pipe system and the combustion air is taken from outside, with the following benefits:

  • Better health and safer growth of  the birds in all their life stages
  • Reduction of fire risks with advantages also on the insurance premiums
  • No CO2 – NOx – CO derived from the combustion process
  • No O2 consumption derived from the heating energy combustion process
  • No water vapour derived from the heating energy combustion process
  • Dry atmosphere and dry litter in the coop
  • Reduced need of internal air renewal, i.e. savings on energy and fuel
  • Easier management of ventilation, promoting the animals well being needs
  • Possibility to control and mix fresh external air with the return air
  • Reduction of the total heating power, less heating equipment to be installed

The problem with direct fired poultry heaters is – Direct Fired means that all produced combustion gases end up inside the building. It is a necessity to have a minimum ventilation rate to eliminate these gases in order to maintain a healthy climate for the birds ,That means additionally energy costs !

The benefits of indirect poultry heaters are – As no CO2 or humidity is produced by our indirect poultry heaters and no oxygen is needed for burning, the ventilation rate is considerable lower in the poultry shed / house. The majority of the time there is no minimum ventilation needed during the first 3 days of life of the birds, which decreases the energy costs significantly. With our poultry heater, the re-circulation of the warm air is guaranteed and provides an optimum climate for birds to thrive

Poultry Farm Heaters – Technical Data

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Noise level – 68dBA
Effective throw – 45 Mtrs

Poultry Heaters – Installation External or Internal 

Poultry farm Heater External Installation, Poultry Heater External, Poultry House Heaters,poultry heater price,poultry heating,poultry farm heating system

Poultry Farm Heating System – External Mounted Option – Heater available with Gas – LPG or Natural – or Oil as a fuel

In the above picture, you can see the Poultry Shed Heater , installed externally to the Poultry Shed / House. Making the Heater easily accessible for service during a crop cycle as the heater is installed outside the poultry farm. The risk of contamination is therefore reduced, and with bio security playing a much more important requirement for the breeder, an external poultry heating system provides a great solution for this. Any removal or winching the heaters for cleaning , as with some other types of suspended poultry heaters is unnecessary as the heaters are installed on the external wall of the poultry farm.


Or another option is to have the Poultry heater installed internally – like so

Poultry House Heater Internal Installation, Poultry House Heater,Poultry Farm Heating Systems,poultry heating,poultry gas heater,heating poultry houses

Poultry Gas Heaters , Poultry LPG Heaters, Poultry Oil Heaters from Flexiheat UK



poultry heating,poultry farm heating system,poultry house heater,poultry gas heater uk, poultry heaters gas,

Poultry Farm Heating System in LPG, Natural Gas or Oil

Poultry Heater Accessories

As you can see, we do a full range of accessories, that allows the customer to complete the job, to whatever requirements you have for your poultry heating system requirements

Download Brochure for the Euro chick Poultry Heaters


Hot water fed poultry heaters 

Should you wish to power your poultry heating system by hot water generated by a biomass boiler , heat pumps or a traditional gas or oil boiler , then we do unit heater for this application, these have their own dedicated webpage here – Unit heaters for poultry and pig farms 

HCF “Open” Series of unit heaters for poultry farm heating

HCF “Open” series – the heat exchanger is easy to clean, as the unit will pivot open


Poultry Heaters Gas – Natural or LPG Gas

New for 2019, is what can be classed as the best poultry gas heater range on the market at present, designated the Flexiheat Indirect Gas heater “FHATLX” range. These poultry gas heaters are indirect combustion gas heaters specially designed for livestock buildings such as poultry houses. They can reduce energy consumption by up to 20%. Its closed combustion system prevents against CO2 emissions inside the poultry house, which reduces the necessity of ventilation and improves the environment inside the farm.

gas heaters for poultry from Flexiheat UK

This range of poultry heating systems, is the only ErP (Energy Related Product) that we know of on the market, in the UK and Ireland.  The benefit of this gas indirect heater range, is the Hi / Low burners that the heaters have. As most heaters spend the majority of the time only requiring a low output mode, these poultry gas heaters, which have been specially designed as gas heaters for poultry farms, can result in reduced energy consumption up to 20%, an important factor when considering poultry heating systems. This cost saving will have an important bearing on the bottom-line profit on any poultry farm business.

This range of poultry indirect gas heaters can only be installed external to the building, which is a benefit when you consider bio security, as the heaters can be serviced without the need to enter the poultry farm.

This range of indirect gas heaters also has another application to which it is well suited, that being greenhouse heating.

There are two heaters in this range, designated the “55” model – which has a maximum output of 47 kW and a minimum output of 35 kW or the larger model designated the “80” model, which which has a maximum output of 75 kW and a minimum output of 55 kW. Both of these poultry gas heaters, can be fuelled by either LPG ( Propane Gas -Class G31 )  or natural gas ( both Class G20 & G25) only, and is not available in an oil fired version.


Download the Flexiheat “FHATLX” Brochure- Poultry Heaters Gas Fired

Poultry Farm Heating Systems

There is an interest article, which gives a great oversight with regards to Poultry Farm Heating, and what factors or points are relative , and most importantly , what you need to be aware of when heating you poultry shed in the winter months. This well written article, basically reinforces the argument that indirect poultry heaters are beneficial when used in breeding / poultry sheds, as direct fired units, which add both moisture and CO2 into the area being heated. This moisture can start the bedding/litter to “go off” even in the early stages. It is also recommended that “Producers should ensure floor temperatures are pre-heated to between 28C and 30C, with an air temperature of up to 33C to aid floor heating. Relative humidity should be between 60% and 70%.” With our poultry house heater, you can have the ability to mix fresh external air, with the recirculated warm air, and control the humidity with the required levels

There is also this article, with regards to poultry heating , which talks about the temperatures required at what stage of the bird breeding cycle , the article is here , and following is the information on the poultry heating temperatures that they recommend –

Because the rate at which your chicks grow and the success of your poultry husbandry will be affected through heating,

Recommended temperatures for layers and broilers

The critical temperature for layers is 20°C. For every 1°C lower than 20°C, the birds require an extra 1.5 g of feed per day. The most efficient temperatures for layers are between 20 – 24°C. When temperatures rise above 24°C, shell quality and egg weight will reduce. The critical temperature for broilers and rearing birds is highly dependant on age.

The recommended house temperatures for poultry are given in the following table.

Table 1. Recommended temperatures for broilers 

First day32-34°C
1st week decrease30°C
2nd week decrease26°C
3rd week decrease22°C
4th week decrease20°C

Note: These temperatures are recommended temperatures and should be adapted to local situations as necessary

So what we require for you to do a full heat loss calculation , is what type of  poultry farm you have , and if you farm is used for layers or broilers, then we can select the correct temperature for you poultry farm space heater system , sizing it so that it can produce the right temperatures for the chicks , from the first day until the fourth week.

Direct Gas Fired Heaters 

The “FHRTG” are a range of direct gas fired heaters designed for poultry houses, pig breeding facilities, animal barns or greenhouses as a heat source . With its modulating premix gas burner, the power capacity can modulate down to 30% of its output, which can result in important energy savings and reduced fuel costs. These direct gas fired industrial air heaters, which have an efficiency of 100%, are available in either a propane fired version or a natural gas fired version. These direct fired gas heaters are designed for horticultural premises, livestock or for supplementary heating in industrial premises.

direct fired gas heaters; direct fired natural gas heater; direct gas fired industrial air heaters; direct gas fired air heaters

Direct fired poultry farm heaters – Lpg or natural gas


These gas fired industrial air heaters work with natural gas (G20/G25) or propane gas (G31). The range includes 4 models from 25 kW to 90 kW manufactured with a stainless steel casing. They tend to be more common in the form of propane gas fired heaters but we they are also available in a direct fired natural gas heater configuration too.

The stainless steel construction ensures a long working life in the arduous environment conditions that can be found in breeding sheds, that often have high amounts of ammonia present in the atmosphere- which is very corrosive, and damaging to any direct gas fired air heaters within it.

Direct fired poultry heaters LPG or natural gas Flexiheat UK


They are suitable for greenhouse heating and barns or stables with there is not a high concentration of ammonia present in the atmosphere, as the stainless casing ensures longevity of the heater.

Gas fired poultry heaters range in propane or natural gas from Flexiheat UK

Product Advantages            Customer Benefits

Direct heat                                – 100 % efficiency
High air flow rate                    – Good heat distribution
Removable panels                   – Easy to clean
Small and compact                 – Free space into the room
Integrated control board       – Has air flow control and three attempts ignition restart system as per compliance with the regulation EU 2016/426 – GAR
Room thermostat socket        – Remote control of the heaters

These direct gas fired industrial air heaters can only be installed in areas which are sufficiently ventilated. If you intend to use the heater in a room with a dusty or dirty atmosphere, like poultry houses, then combustion air ventilation must be supplied .

These direct gas fired air heaters conform with the European directives 2009/142/CE and 2009/42/CEE applicable to gas heating devices – EN525:2009.

Download the Flexiheat Direct Fired Gas Air Heaters Brochure

Poultry Heating systems for Sale UK & Ireland

These poultry heaters ,which can be fuelled  be either LPG Gas ( Propane ) , natural gas or oil, with the benefit of 92% efficiency and fuel consumption of our indirect fired poultry farm heaters is typically 25% lower when compared to a direct fired poultry heating system, resulting in lower capital cost and more importantly, lower fuel costs year after year, these heaters really are a great solution to your poultry heating system requirements. Should you require anymore assistance or information on our Poultry Heaters / Poultry Shed or Farm Heaters, or just to get the best prices on the UK and Irish market, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 01202 822221 or click here for our email contact form.