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Workshop Heater Wood Burner and Solid Fuel


Workshop heater wood burner or solid fuel warm air workshop heaters – For industrial and commercial warm air heating  applications such as joinery workshops, wood processing and wood working facilities, these heaters or burners are a much easier way of converting waste wood, off cuts or logs into usable heat, than using solid fuel boilers with all its associated pipework and unit heaters or radiators, as well as having the benefit that the warm air heat can be delivered quickly and easily making it a quicker heating system compared to a wet heating system. These workshop warm air heaters are in reality a solid fuel heater as will also burn fuels such as logs, briquettes or briquette (a compressed block of combustible biomass material such as charcoal, sawdust, wood chips, peat, or paper used for fuel and kindling to start a fire) , wood chips, wood scraps, cardboard, paper, vines, nutshells, kernels, which it’s good to know should you run out of your primary fuel which is normally wood, either in a waste wood or log form.

workshop heater wood burner; workshop wood burning heaters; workshop wood waste heaters

These wood burning workshop heaters or wood burning stoves (as they are sometimes referred to)  are designed for the fast and efficient heating of all types of commercial and industrial wood working sectors, as well as agricultural and livestock premises. These workshop wood waste heaters incorporate a powerful fan that blows the warm air into the room where the equipment has been installed in a free blowing mode, they can also be ducted to move the warm air into other rooms and locations as required.

Workshop wood burning heaters

The benefits of burning waste wood , whether it be from pallets,  scrap wood, sawdust or logs is very clear – Cost Savings ! – These workshop wood burning heaters often pay for themselves in a very short period , as the fuel cost is normally zero or negligible , the only cost is for the electricity that powers the fan which is blowing the warm air out of the heater .They also help the environment , as wood is classed as a CO2 neutral fuel ( as wood grows it absorbs CO2 , and when burnt it gives that off – thus neutral)  resulting in CO2 neutral heating – so you can be happy in knowing that your doing your bit for the environment and global warming. Another feature of these workshop wood burning heaters is that they help eliminate your bulky and often expensive to get rid of waste wood product, saving thousands of pounds a year on skip and landfill charges, and turn it into heat for you to benefit from, as well as saving energy usage.

These wood / log burners are not designed to burn MDF (chipboard), particle board or plywood, these contain glue, which release toxic fumes and carcinogens when burned.

Workshop wood waste heaters 

Instead of wasting money by paying ever increasing fuel bills, you can save your business thousands of pounds each year by burning your wood waste cleanly and efficiently instead. Most of our clients recoup their initial investment in less than 12 months and thereafter continue to enjoy the money saving benefits for many years to come.

The key benefits of these workshop heater wood burner range are –

  • They have a fast payback on investment/capital employed
  • They provide continual money saving – via no heating fuel costs
  • You can future proof your business from ever rising energy costs
  • You can reduce your businesses carbon footprint
  • And also increase your company’s ‘green’ credentials and benefit from being an environmentally responsible business
  • They have a small footprint
  • Ease of installation
  • Virtually maintenance free

workshop log burner; wood burning heater; workshop heater wood burner;

Workshop Heater Wood Burner Specifications

  • Simple design for trouble free operation
  • The fan can be located on the left or right side of this wood burning workshop heater range
    Centrifugal fan or blower for our wood burning workshop warm air heater Flexiheat UK

    Centrifugal fan or blower for our wood burning warm air heater – can be fitted on the left or right hand side on the units, to suit site conditions










  • Refractory bricks in the combustion chamber to increase heat accumulation
  • Robust steel casing coated with high temperature powder coating resistant to 600º Centigrade
  • Large fuel door and opening -making refuelling a breeze
  • Manual ignition system
  • Large removable ash box – making cleaning the unit easy
  • CE certified and approved
  • Please note that ventilation of the area where the workshop wood burning heater is situated  is required to prevent a deficiency in oxygen supply
  • Please not that these do not qualify for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments because they heat air directly, rather than heating water like a biomass boiler heating system
  • Loading hatch, to ensure your safety when refuelling these workshop heater wood burners
  • These “EPC” wood burning heaters may work in either ventilation or air circulation only mode or heating mode

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The unit has a centrifugal fan, which allows you to connect a duct work system to the heater, up to 20 metres – but this depends on the duct diameter, and the pressure drops of the fittings used on the duct system. Please consult a duct work specialist for this aspect of ductwork sizing.

wood burning heater connected to a duct work system Flexiheat UK

Our heater connected to a duct work system to move the warm air to another area.


Waste Wood Burning Workshop Heater Technical Data



For the 50kW model – Generally good for a building volume up to 1,200 m3 

50kW input – thus 50kW x 85% combustion efficiency = 42.5 kW output

Workshop heater wood burner 50kW technical data; workshop wood waste heaters; workshop wood burning heaters;









and for the 100kW model – Generally good for a building volume up to 2,500 m3

100kW input – thus 100kW x 85% combustion efficiency = 85 kW output

Workshop heater wood burner 100 kW technical data; workshop wood waste heaters; workshop wood burning heaters;









The construction of these “EPC” wood burning workshop heaters is compliant with the EN 13240:2008 standard. According to this specification, these workshop wood waste heaters are in the category of devices loaded manually “1a” – free standing with closed furnace doors, with periodic combustion. The “EPC” workshop heater wood burners are designed for firewood combustion of deciduous trees such as birch, alder, oak, beech, ash, maple, hornbeam, etc with a moisture content of no more than 20% .

In the case of the “EPC50” the usable thermal power enables room heating of areas with a total maximum volume of 1,200 cubed metres and 2,500 cubed meters while using “EPC 100” model workshop heater wood burner.

These heaters meet the requirements of European directives 2006/95 / EC, 2004/108 / EC, and 89/106 / EC and also comply with the following standards: EN 60335-1 , EN 60335-2-102, and EN 13240.

CAUTION! It is forbidden to use the device where the air is polluted with dust or flammable substances (i.e. gasoline’s, gas, paint thinners, petrol etc).

Download the Flexiheat brochure for EPC workshop wood burning heaters

Flexiheat Manual for FH50ECP and FH100ECP Wood Burning Warm Air Heaters


While installing of the “EPC” range of waste wood workshop wood burning heaters all the regulation and corresponding European and local standards have to be followed. Particularly:
EN 13240:2008 Room heaters fired by solid fuel – requirements and test methods
EN 1443:2005 Chimneys – General Requirements
EN 1457-2:2012 Chimneys. Clay/ceramic flue liners. Flue liners operating under wet conditions. Requirements and test methods.

These wood burning warm air heaters are to be located on a horizontal, stable, non-combustible and flat surface with appropriate load bearing capacity. Locating and using these wood burning workshop heaters near flammable materials is strictly forbidden.

Combustion Air Requirements

The area or workshop where the war air heater is to be located must have an adequate combustion air supply ventilation, which will provide sufficient volume for the fuel combustion process. To ensure the correct running of these workshop wood waste heaters it is necessary to supply the heaters with combustion air with at least 10 m3/hour of air volume for every 1kW of heating power and at least 20 m3/hour of air volume per person located in the area being heated.

Workshop wood burning heaters

Both the FHEPC wood burning heaters require and are powered electrically by a 240 volt, 1 Phase supply.

You will notice that theses FHEPC workshop heater wood burner heaters have a large fuel access door

This access or fuel feeding door gives access to the combustion chamber and flue exit – making cleaning the unit easy. This access door is also used to feed the heater with fuel when using solid fuels.

In times of rising fuel costs, the payback period for a workshop log burner heater is very short. Utilising your waste wood / logs etc, you can get an effective warm air heater with no fuel costs, and no fees to pay for the collection and disposal of your waste wood. The Flexiheat EPC range is in our opinion is the best workshop heater wood burner heater for your workshop or garage available in the UK and Ireland.

Next, we move onto our unit that can also burn coal as well as logs and wood, because this wood burning heater, will also burn solid fuel such as coal, it can be called a multi fuel warm air heater.

As you can see from the below picture the Flexiheat “FHSPN” is a warm air heater that benefits from many years of experience of burning wood and solid fuels and continuous quality control which has allowed us to produce a solid and durable product whilst maintaining a competitive price. Both models come with a 12 Month warranty and are CE approved.

wood burners and solid fuel warm air heaters from Flexiheat UK

Our Wood Burning / Solid Fuel / Multi Fuel – Warm Air Heaters -FHSPN range


These warm air heaters also come as standard with a large opening feed door. This process ensures that it is very quick and easy to change your fuel type, should you run out of wood or solid fuel as your primary fuel source.

Technical Data for the “FHSPN” Wood / Multi Fuel Heater


  • Wood – for all wood fuels the moisture content can be no more than 20%
  • Waste Wood
  • Logs
  • Coal
  • Paper
  • Cardboard


Industrial wood waste burner incinerator workshop heater / Workshop wood waste heaters

We also do what we would call an industrial wood waste burner / incinerator workshop heater range that has an output of up to 70 kW, they differ to the other versions that we offer in that they have a rotating warm air distribution head or diffuser, and they will also burn solid fuels such as coal, but their main purpose is as industrial wood waste heaters.
This range of workshop wood waste heaters is called our “FHSPN” range of warm air heaters, with the option of a 35 kW or 70 kW models. An advantage of these workshop wood waste heaters is the quick distribution of warm air heat around the building or workshop by the thermostatically controlled combustion chamber fan, which only switches the fan on when the heater has warmed up enough (35 Degrees C) ensuring that no cold air is blown. In general, these heaters are a stationary multi fuel war air heater, characterised primarily by their unique ease of use, high manufacturing quality and very high heating performance.
A high-capacity axial fan draws air from the area over the heat exchanger and combustion chamber and expels the warm air into the building, providing a constant supply of warm air.
At the bottom of the heater, is the access door to the combustion chamber – when using solid fuels such as wood, coal, paper.
This series of wood waste heaters are warm air heaters generating thermal heat through combustion of solid fuel such as waste wood, or even coal, directly from the heat exchanger to the outside environment, without any intermediate liquid. During combustion, smoke and other gases are generated, which are ventilated by the chimney / flue pipe, this ensures clean heated warm air due to the closed combustion chamber.


workshop wood waste heaters,industrial wood waste burner incinerator workshop heater,industrial wood waste heaters

The Flexiheat “FHSPN” Range of Workshop Wood Waste Heaters / Solid Fuel Warm Air Heaters

The “FHSPN” series of  industrial wood waste heaters are composed of the following components:

  • Combustion chamber with thermal heat exchanger
  • Heater covers
  • Ash tray
  • Cast iron grid
  • Ventilator system
  • Electric switch box with thermostat
  • Air blower / Fan

Wood Burning Workshop Heater model details

wood waste heaters,industrial wood waste burner incinerator workshop heater,industrial wood waste heaters


Thermal heat is generated as a result of combustion in the combustion chamber, which is equipped with a cast iron grid. The thermal energy is transferred from the combustion gases to the ambient fresh air by means of natural and forced convection.

industrial wood waste heaters,industrial wood waste burner incinerator workshop heater,wood waste heaters

Internal view of the “FHSPN” workshop heater wood burner / solid fuel warm air heater


The air and combustion gases are passed through different ducts, which are welded and properly insulated. The emerging combustion gases, after cooling, are led out through a duct that must be connected to a chimney or flue pipe. The chimney or flue pipe diameter must be sufficiently large to guarantee effective combustion gas removal. The air used in the combustion process is taken directly from the room or building being heated. For this reason, it is of paramount importance to provide appropriate ventilation for the heated room or building that will guarantee the provision of an appropriate volume of fresh air. The ash emerging in the combustion process falls to the ash tray, from which it can be removed without difficulty. The heated air is distributed around the room through a rotating blower or head, which is mounted in the top area of the air heater.

The electric switch box with thermostat is responsible for the assurance of electric energy to the heater fan. When the heater outer casing reaches the set temperature (35 °C), the fan is switched on and warm air is distributed around the room, in which the heater was installed. The ventilator / fan is automatically shut down if the heater casing cools down to less than 35 °C.

Permanent use of certain wet fuel types, with simultaneous low combustion gas temperature (less than 160 °C) will cause faster wear of the heater body, corrosion of the convection ducts, the flue and tar deposits in the combustion chamber. This is caused by condensation of the combustion products: water, nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides, which together form a very aggressive environment facilitating faster corrosion to these wood burning workshop heaters .The wood should be seasoned for at least a year, and have a humidity level of 15% to 20% . Wood humidity exceeding 25% can cause energy losses and damage to the workshop wood burning heater body.

Download the Flexiheat Manual for FHSPN Workshop Heater Wood Burner Heaters

Workshop Heater Wood Burner for Sale UK & Ireland 

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