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Destratification Fans / Industrial Ceiling Fans

You cannot beat the laws of physics that warm air rises and this process causes thermal stratification, a natural process which causes warm air to rise to the ceiling or roof space and displaces the cooler air, pushing it downwards into the occupied area. With any conventional air heating system, air will rise to the roof level by natural convection in high building such as factories, warehouses and sports centres. This can result in high temperature gradients and consequently increased energy usage. The Carbon Trust  estimates that the use of destratification fans in industrial buildings with high ceilings can reduce the consumption by up to 20%

Flexiheat UK’s range of destratification fans reverse the natural convection process, re-circulating the warm air back to working levels and provide a permanent reduction in roof space temperature and uniform temperature distribution within the building , via thermal destratificationdestratification fans


The Benefits Of Destratification Fans / Industrial Ceiling Fans –

Increased energy efficiency

Lower energy costs

Improved comfort for the workforce

Potentially fewer heaters required

Can be used for cooling effect in the summer

The most commonly used destratification fans are;-

Low velocity – blade or propeller fan – These work by churning the air and are most appropriate for ceiling heights between 5m and 10m  (pictured above)

High velocity axial fan – These send a significant amount of air at high speed towards the floor and are best for heights of 10m to 20m (pictured below)


destratification fan












We do both versions of these destratification fans at Flexiheat UK

Design considerations for Destratification Fan / Industrial Ceiling Fans systems –

1. Safety First – Ceiling fans have to placed so that there is a minimum distance of 2.5m between the floor and the bottom edge of the fan blades

2. Most suitable type of fan for the application – See above with regards to mounting heights of the two different fans

3. Positioning of the unis for optimum air distribution

4. Noise levels – DBA of the units

5. Number of units required

6. Mounting height of the fans to prevent any draughtsDestratification fans

Control options for destratification fans

These units can be controlled via a thermostat and there are various control options available –

1.Fan operation is linked to the air temperature at the ceiling height

2.Fans only come on when the heating system is on

3.Speed control of the fans to prevent draughts

4.Fans are controlled independently of the heating system

5.Summer Function for cooling effect

How to Size Destratification Fans / Industrial Ceiling Fans

Consider the mounting height first as this will dictate which type of destratification fan you require. Then calculate the volume of the building and multiply by two to determine the amount of air that needs to be re-circulated for effective destratification. Divide by the primary air flow of the unit to determine the number of units required.


                      Before                                                             After




Without  destratification fans installed

As you can see in the above before picture,  the ceiling is hot and the floor area is cold due to the warm air rising. To get the required temperature at floor level you have to heat up repeatedly, even though the ceiling area is already 26°C.  The high temperature of the ceiling causes a corresponding high energy loss at the ceiling.  Often some areas of the room stay cold after prolonged heating.

With destratification fans installed

Our industrial ceiling fans equalise the room temperature by pushing down and mixing the warm air. As you can see in the  above after picture, this results in a  5°C higher temperature at the floor without any additional heating, meaning a  30% fuel saving.  If we have an outside temperature of 0°C and you can  reduce the temperature from 31°C to 21°C at the ceiling, the energy usage is reduced by 32%.  This results in a much even temperature throughout the building with no cold spots


Product Information on the Low Velocity Destratification Fans


Power (W)         55

Speed (r/min)    315

FLC  (Amps)       0.25

Air Delivery Max (m³/hr)     12,600


Fan Diameter (mm)   1200

Weight (kg)     4.5

Destrat Fan / Industrial Ceiling Fans accessories –

FHFC1.7  – Electronic Controller (up to 5 fans)

FHFC3.0 – Electronic Controller (up to 9 fans)

FHCFC1.7 – Reversible Electronic Controller (up to 5 fans)

FHCFDC – Automatic Ceiling Controller     

This fan is supplied with 2 downrod lengths- A  400mm downrod fitted giving a 610mm overall drop (from ceiling to base of motor body) and a 150mm downrod (supplied loose) giving a 360mm overall drop  (from ceiling to base of motor body)   ***  we highly recommend using the 400mm downrod.

**Ideally the fan  should be mounted above the lighting system and with a clearance of at least 610mm between the blades and the roof


Product Information on the High Velocity Destratification Fans / Industrial Ceiling Fans


Model FH03291 

The ideal solution for buildings with a maximum ceiling height of 16m.  The fan unit is fully enclosed in a protective casing making it particular suitable in areas such as sports halls

Comes complete with a suspension kit  including chains and ceiling hooks destratification fan industrial ceiling fans


Model FH03310 and FH3312

These fan units are  IP54 Splash-water proof  and dust proof protected

These are surprisingly quiet and low energy consumption units

Comes complete with a suspension kit  including chains and ceiling hooks


The FH03310  industrial ceiling fans are designed for a maximum ceiling height of 14m

The FH03312 industrial ceiling fans are designed for a maximum ceiling height of 20m


Technical Data for our Industrial Ceiling Fans

Voltage230 V, 50 Hz220 V, 50 Hz220-240V, 50 Hz
Power260 W265 W350 W
Max. Current1.1 A1.2 A1.6 A
Speed (rpm)1,2601,3501,350
Air Volume18,000 m3/h13,600 m3/h21,300 m3/h
Performance16 m14 m20 m
Sound level at 1m65 dB(A)71 dB(A)64 dB(A)
Weight12 kg10.2 kg17.9 kg
Diameter81 cm69 cm83.5 cm
Height34 cm20 cm25.5 cm
IP protectionIP2xIP54IP54
Test markCECECE
Packaging83 x 83 x 40 cm76 x 70 x 23 cm76 x 70 x 23cm
Subject to change.

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