Warm Air Heating for Greenhouse Applications

There are three main methods of warm air heating for greenhouse applications;-  firstly warm air unit heaters like our LH range of warm air unit heaters. These can use hot water, via a low, medium or high temperature hot water wet boiler system to heat the greenhouse. The second system is via an indirect warm air heater, such as our S range of cabinet heaters, which can be fuel be either gas,(both natural or LPG) see our SG range  ,Oil (both 35 second or 28 second) – see our SO range  or even vegetable/ or waste oil via our SZ range  and lastly with a direct fired warm air heater like our P range 

We are now going to discuss the third method ,direct warm air heaters in more detail. Firstly we need to explain direct fired – this is where the products of combustion ( sometimes referred to as the flue gases ) are expelled directly into the area being heated. This means CO² is being pumped into the heated area, which is beneficial to plant / crop growth.

A correct temperature and an even air distribution are important factors for the growing environment in both agriculture and horticulture. The PE-series is especially designed to control these factors optimally. The large air flow capacity (2500 – 6650 m³/h) and the special round shape of the heater ensure an optimum air distribution, which guarantees an even heat distribution and consistent climate throughout. The PE heaters have a guaranteed efficiency of 100% as all generated heat is supplied directly in to the room. The burner with it’s stabilised flame provides a clean, complete combustion in combination with a relatively low energy consumption. The PE direct fired warm air heater can be supplied suitable for various fuels:  – natural gas, butane, propane or LPG (please specify at time of order)

The “PE” direct fired warm air heater is a very robust heater as it is completely manufactured from stainless steel. This characteristic ensures a long and maintenance free life cycle

Safety and reliability

The complete PE range is CE approved. Every PE heater is subjected to a final inspection during which electrical safety, correct emission values and general operation are checked. Kroll Energy is ISO 9001 certified, ensuring all over quality and safety are guaranteed, as you would expect from a German manufacturer. The heater is provided with the latest technology for optimum control. The ignition process is fully controlled by a digital circuit board. To limit the risk on failures, the PE carries out a self-check each hour. It is also possibly to switch the PE to ventilation only mode. The PCB control board and associated components are placed in a spray proof casing. The IP rating of the control box is IP X4

So, if you are looking for Warm Air Heating for Greenhouse Applications then Flexiheat have it covered

Warm Air Heating for Greenhouse Applications