Oil Cabinet Heaters – Industrial Oil Heaters

SO Range – Output range from 25.5kW to 600kW

SO Range Oil Fired Stationary Heaters Oil Cabinet Heaters -These oil cabinet heaters ensure immediate heat without long heat up periods. A free blowing warm air system is one of the most cost effective and efficient means of heating industrial buildings. It is better value than a wet system with boilers and unit heaters or radiators , having a faster speed of response.

Warm air heating systems use a fan to draw air in from the space being heated, pass it across a heat exchanger, and distribute the warmed air evenly throughout the space. Warm air heating offer considerable flexibility in terms of its location, ensuring the layout of the heating system is optimized for the configuration of the space being heated.

These Oil Cabinet Heaters are for commercial and industrial heating applications. Available in floor standing configuration, horizontal mounting or external site installation, these warm air heaters offer incredible design flexibility as well as a large range of heat outputs and burner options. Advanced features include a stainless steel combustion chamber for durability, fitted as standard to our 25S to 110S models and as an option on the rest of the range


A warm air heating system is one of the most cost effective and efficient means of heating industrial buildings,such as warehouses, garages, factories, exhibition halls and greenhouses, just to mention just a few of the various possible fields of operation. The units can be operated with fresh air, secondary air or recirculated air.


As standard versions, they come with distribution grilles (distribution heads are an optional extra)  ,or they can be equipped with an uprated fan and duct  outlet to distribute the warm air into several areas. Pressures of up to 1600 Pa are possible. Special accessories such as air inlet filters, outlet grills, controls etc. ensure that every possible heating scheme can be accomplished.

As standard these oil cabinet heaters come suitable for Class D gas Oil (35 second) or most units can be specified for 28 Sec (Kerosene) , with Liquid Biofuel on request, via our multi oil burner.

They are available in vertical free standing cabinet heater model and are also available in a horizontal or down flow configuration, with the option of either free blowing or for use with a duct work system, making these oil cabinet heaters , a flexible solution to your warm air heating requirements


These German made floor standing warm air heaters, combine proven heat exchanger technology, to ensure a high efficiency – in excess of 91% to provide a cost effective and durable range of heaters , that will serve you well for many years. Efficiencies – These Kroll Oil fired Industrial Heaters have efficiencies which meet or exceed the requirements of current UK Part L2B Building Regulations.


  • Two Stage burner control on certain models
  • Up- rated fan for increased static pressure – i.e. for ducted warm air systems, up to 1600 Pascal
  • Burner cover
  • Supply and re-circulation air inlet spigots,, cassette filters, silencer etc
  • Room stats and 7 day controllers with our without optimisation facility
  • Hours counter
  • Wall brackets and floor standing frames
  • Pocket filters

Typical Applications for our Kroll Oil Cabinet Heaters

  • Warehouse Heating
  • Factory Heating
  • Retail Heating
  • Agricultural Heating
  • Sport Hall Heating
  • Workshop Heating
  • Garden Centre Heating
  • Greenhouse Heating
  • Garage Workshop Heating
  • Aircraft Hanger Heating
  • Distribution Centre Heating
  • Horticultural Heating
  • Rail Shed Heating
  • Industrial Manufacturing Heating
  • Showroom Heating

To name but a few !

NEW for 2017

At Flexiheat UK we are always striving to satisfy the requirements of our customers. Due to the increasing demand we can now offer a range of  oil heater cabinets which are supplied with movable rotating distribution heads.   The TE range offers the same level of design and build quality of the Kroll units but are an advantageous alternative as the rotating heads  enable you to easily  direct warm air into any area within your environment.

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Industrial Space Heaters

You may refer to these Industrial Oil Heaters as an oil burning heater,free standing oil heaters,industrial oil heater,industrial space heaters,oil fired space heater, or even a large oil heater, all we know is that we have some of the best Industrial oil heaters , which many regard them as the best Oil Heater UK wide.

So if you require a Oil Cabinet Heater price , or would like to discuss your requirements as they make the perfect warehouse heaters or factory heaters, please don’t hesitate to give us a call

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Oil Fired Free Standing Cabinet Heaters

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