Waste/Multi Oil Burner

Waste/Multi Oil Burner- a great money saving alternative

More and more people are turning to a waste oil heater or boiler as a viable heating alternative. It is a suitable way of heating a commercial property. The waste oil used in the appliance is usually derived from used automotive or vegetable oil. If you have access to a regular supply of waste oil, you will find a waste oil heater or boiler one of the cheapest heating options. That is why Kroll Energy have perfected a perfect solution to this demand –  The KG/UB waste/multi oil burner

Waste/Multi Oil Burner

The advantages of using a Kroll KG/UB waste/multi oil burner on your heater cabinet or boiler speak for themselves

Economical   Heating using waste oil guarantees much lower energy costs over using regular heating oil. New oil prices exceed waste oil costs by far. If using new oil for your heating, you are bound to constantly face high fuel bills. Using waste oil will significantly reduce your energy bills by almost 100 percent. Besides, prices for new oil are constantly rising because of global market factors

Environmental   Using recycled oil in a heater or burner reduces the demand exerted on environmental resources. This helps encourage sustainable resource utilisation. It also reduces the chances of “disposed “waste oil turning up in waterways or landfills. This is because the waste oil is instead reused as a useful energy resource in the heater or boiler which means less environmental pollution. Little odour, smoke or other emissions are produced while during operation. The minimal pollution adds to the environmental benefits of a waste oil heater. If you purchase a quality waste oil heater or boiler and clean it periodically, the efficiency of the system is significantly enhanced. This will ensure that it burns cleanly with minimal pollution to the environment

Durability    Like any piece of equipment, a waste oil heater or boiler requires some degree of maintenance to run at peak performance. All Kroll waste oil products are quite easy to maintain, and for the most part, can be serviced in-house with proper instructions and attention

Made in Germany our range of KG/UB waste / multi oil burners are all manufactured to an exacting high standard at the Kroll factory near Stuttgart, Germany.  An area renowned and synonymous with engineering quality

waste/multi oil burner- saving


The Working Principles of a KG/UB Waste/Multi Oil Burner


  • The fuel is pumped from the storage tank by means of a pump system. This in turn enters a pre-heat tank on the burner which is regulated thanks to a float level switch.


  • A thermostat regulates the oil temperature within the pre heat tank. Typically for waste mineral oils the temperature needs to be set to between 80 °C and 100°C. For rape seed oil it would need to be set between 80 °C and 140°C


  • An additional overheat thermostat prevents overheating and malfunction


  • Then the burner control box checks the procedure.


  • A special waste oil nozzle draws the fuel, by using the passing of compressed air, which serves as primary air for the combustion, and atomizes it.


  • The combustion fan delivers the secondary air that is mixed with the spray mist at the flame ring.


Thereby a perfect combustion and safe operation are guaranteed


main parts of burner