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From – 23kW to 81kW Output

Condensing oil boiler – With conventional boilers, waste energy, as a large portion of the thermal energy produced by the combustion, is thrown away, with the flue gas, which exits the boiler to thecondensing oil boiler commercial oil boilers for sale uk environment at high temperature. Technology answers to this problem, through the condensation of the flue gas, by reducing the temperature of the flue gas until the condensation point. With this process, it is possible to exploit the flue gas latent heat, which is transferred to the water of the heating system. This way, we exploit the full potential of the fuel resulting to a significant reduction of fuel consumption and emissions to the environment.

A conventional boiler, may have an efficiency between 65% and 93%. With modern condensing technology,we may achieve up to 102% efficiency for the combustion of oil. This improvement of efficiency and the consequent reduction of fuel consumption leads to savings to your heating bill and protection of the environment in which we live in.This range of condensing oil boilers / Commercial oil boilers are produced according to the new directives of the European Union for energy products, in which very strict limits have been set, regarding efficiency and fuel consumption.Since April 2007 , the regulations state that all new central heating boilers that were oil fired must be high-efficiency condensing boilers unless there are exceptional circumstances.

High efficiency Condensing Oil Boiler

Modern condensing oil boilers are designed to use virtually all of the energy content of the oil – often referred to as the higher heating value. Compared to standard boiler technology, oil condensing boilers also recover the heat of condensation of the water vapour contained in the exhaust flue gas. Oil-fired condensing boiler technology therefore achieves the highest efficiency and very minimum emissions along with the lowest fuel consumption. It is important to know that to get your oil condensing boiler to work at its maximum efficiency, you need your return water temperature to be under 47C , which is the “dew point temperature” for heating oil .

Commercial Oil Boiler

Oil boilers ( which all now have to be condensing ) with an input of over 70 kW net for the installation are considered to be a commercial oil boiler. An example of this is if you had a 60 kW net oil boiler this would be deemed to be a domestic oil boiler, but if you had 2 x 45 kW oil boilers connected to the same heating system, then this would be classified as a commercial installation because the total net input is greater than 70 kW ( i.e 2 x 45 kW boilers = 90 kW in total )

This range of Condensing Oil Boilers has –

Condensing oil boilers commercial oil boiler best oil fired boiler

Condensing Oil Boiler Range

This condensing oil boiler range consists of two models , one that does heating only ( although can be linked into domestic hot water cylinder via a 3 port valve ), and in the below chart , are the model numbers and outputs of each condensing oil boiler.

Oil Condensing Boiler




The other model in the this range of condensing oil boilers, will do heating and domestic hot water production , via a copper coil that is fitted to the heat exchanger. This unit can also be coupled up to a larger domestic hot water cylinder, should you require larger volumes of hot water. Please see the performance pf these ” Sanit ” versions as they are designated , below –

Oil Condensing Boiler ( Heating & Hot Water)



 Hot Water      Production  *      (Lit/h)



Condensing Oil Boiler Flue 

Due to the fact that almost all of the useful energy is recovered from the flue gas, this means that we have a very low temperature of 50C for the flue gases. This means that you can use MUPVC , of more commonly know as PVC Waste pipe as your flue. This product is not only inexpensive, it’s also readily available from every Plumbing / Heating Merchant , as well as many builders merchants . We insist that you use the glued  PVC systems , and recommend the Terrain PVC soil and waste or similar standard.All of this condensing oil boiler range has an 80mm Flue diameter.

Blue Flame Burner Technology option , soon to become mandatory from 1st January 2018  on
Condensing Oil Boilers

The BLUE-FLAME burner by the Swedish company BENTONE, is manufactured, according to the new European Union Directive (ECO DESIGN)

It differs to the classic Bf1 burner, to the following points:

  • New combustion head design
  • New air disperser design
  • New way of mixing air and fuel (turbulation)
  • Oil pre-heating for better fuel spraying
  • Ultra-violet photo-resistance (New!)
  • New fan for combustion air supply

It’s use, will be obligatory in the European Union from 1st January 2018!

*The BLUE-FLAME burners, need oil with low sulfur content

Condensing oil Boiler Heat Exchanger 

All of these boilers have a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger, made from  ΙΝΟΧ-304-L , which is pictured below –

oil fired condensing boiler stainless steel heat exchanger,condensing oil boiler heat exchanger

  •  Large heat exchanging surface
  •  Removable for easy maintenance
  • Can be repaired if a leak occurs (and can be reused!)
  • Can be cleaned and re installed
  • Condensate drain pipe on the bottom (Diameter 40 mm)
  • Flue gas exit Φ80
  • Turbulators inside the flue gas tubes , made from stainless steel (INOX) see below,for the flue gas inside the condensing heat exchanger. It increases the efficiency and reduces the flue gas temperature. It also protects the fire tube.
  • Condensates neutralization box below the heat exchanger . Here in the below picture, shown in it’s removed position at the rear of the boiler , above it is the 316 Stainless steel flue pipe, which is also available.

condensing oil boiler

  • Its large water content allows it to function as a buffer tank (economizer), next to the boiler. This way the system functions more efficiently

Condensing Oil Boiler Warranty

Download E-Line Oil Condensing Boiler Brochure

Boiler and condenser warranty 5 years
Burner and circulation pump warranty 3 years
Electric and electronic components warranty 2 years

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