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Poultry Shed Heaters / Pig Shed Heaters / Greenhouse Heaters – Gas ( LPG or Natural Gas )

The Flexiheat “FATLE” Poultry shed heater or greenhouse heater, which can be either natural gas or LPG propane gas fired –  can be installed externally / outside of the structure being heated without any the risk of damage to the heater, as they are fully weatherproofed. It will free up valuable space in your building, which can be put to better use. Plus the indirect gas combustion eliminates any chance to have gases effect or damage the poultry inside the building . Finally, this system can reduce the energy consumption by 25% , greatly reducing your gas bills.

The Hot Air Blower can be fired with natural gas (G20/G25) or propane (G31). The FATLE  heater is available with power input of 72 Kw, and the power output being 68.4 Kw, with an extremely high efficiency of 95%.  Its body is resistant  to any weather conditions, as it’s fully weatherproofed. The housing is made from a specially coated steel and insulation which reduces any heat loss.

The fact that this unit is an indirect gas heater, meaning that no products of combustion enter the area being heated , make this heater a very versatile warm air heater, ensuring that it can be used anywhere where you require warm air heating , but would like to save on valuable floor space within your building , and unlike the suspended gas heaters that we do , this  heater is easier to service or maintain as all work would be carried out at ground level as to say, as you can see from the diagram below –


greenhouse heaters


greenhouse heaters


Poultry Shed Heaters

The FATLE is an indirect fired heater of 72 kW with a closed combustion system, installed in the side of the poultry shed or greenhouse with the majority of the heater externally positioned. The advantages of a closed combustion system result in less CO2 and less humidity in your greenhouse or poultry shed. The need for ventilation is reduced therefore, energy consumption is reduced dramatically and consequently, so is your energy bill.

The extra advantages that these heaters give are – drier litter, a reduction of disease risk such as Pododermititis (foot pad lesions) which is an important welfare problem in poultry, resulting in a healthier chickens. This warm air gas heater has been designed  in such a way that maintenance is very easy, and the access to any control equipment is outside the shed being heated

This warm air heaters versatility , also makes the unit perfect solution as  livestock heaters, barn heaters, stable heaters, farm heaters ,pig shed heater or any animal heater application.


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greenhouse heaters

Poultry Shed Heaters / Pig Shed Heaters Technical Data 

livestock-swine-pig-poultry-heating-equipment gas fired from Flexiheat UK

Commercial / Industrial Greenhouse Heaters

Whether your an industrial or commercial greenhouse business, efficiently heating the space is vital during the cold winter months. It is important that you provide your plants with the right environment in order for them to grow and thrive and Flexiheat UK offers a variety of greenhouse heaters to suit your cold-weather growing needs.


1.Calculate the total exterior surface area if the greenhouse

In this example we will use a 6 metres wide x 30 metres wide domed greenhouse as an example

First you must calculate the surface area of the ends of the greenhouse
6 Mtrs (wide) × 3 Mtrs (average wall height) = 18 Mtrs  (for one end) × Multiply by 2 ( as we have two ends ) = 36 M²

2.Then calculate your roof area

In this example, the roof uses 11 metre wide poly, so 11 metres  × 30 metres  = 330 M²

Then you multiply the square metres by the relevant U Factor –

For our example, the greenhouse is covered with a 3 wall 8 mm poly carbonate sheeting on both ends, which has a U Factor of .53, thus  36M² x .53 = 19.08 . The roof is covered with double layer poly sheet , which has a U Factor of  .7, so 330 M²  × .7 = 231 . Then you add both of these figures together = 250.08 . Then multiply by what we call the Delta T , which is literally the temperature rise that you require , so firstly always take the lowest temperature that you may see in your area  , say minus 5C , then your desired internal temperature of your greenhouse say 20C , this will be a Delta T of 25 degrees C  , so then we have 250.08 x 25 = 6252 Watts or 62.52 kW of heat requirement for your greenhouse heating


U Factors for Greenhouses

Roof Covering Material“U” Factor
Single Layer Glass1.13
Single Layer Poly1.15
Double Layer Poly0.70
Corrugated Polycarbonate1.00
8mm Polycarbonate (3-wall)0.53
8″ Concrete0.51
1″ Thick Insulation0.14

U” Factors – the lower the number, the better the insulating value!

Warm Air Heater Characteristics – Greenhouse Heating or Poultry Shed Heating


greenhouse heaters

Indirect gas fired heater – No CO2  within the building  and any risk of the burner head getting blocked is extremely low as clean external air is used in the combustion process

Closed combustion circuit which ensures no combustion gasses in the area being heated ( Poultry shed or Greenhouse ) , with no  CO2 , this equates to less ventilation , and thus lower energy consumption resulting in LOWER COSTS

Situated outside of the area being heated  ( Particular important for poultry sheds as you can service the heaters during a crop cycle ,as the warm air heater is installed outside . This reduces the risk of contamination, ensuring bio security , a rising importance to the breeder )
High air movement ensures the warm air gets around the building being heated
Re-circulation of  air , this ensures lower running costs as well as quicker heat up times and an advantageous growing environment

CE-approved with reliable well proven technology used ,which is easy to clean and service

Below you can see the warm air heater installed ( please note the units are now grey in colour ) externally

poultry shed heaters


And here is the “FATLE”  warm air greenhouse heaters or poultry heaters  – internal picture


greenhouse heater

Direct Fired Poultry / Pig / Greenhouse Heaters 

If you require direct fired warm air heaters ( this means the products of combustion , or more commonly know as the flue gases are expelled into the area being heated ) , then we also do a full range of these greenhouse heaters , please see our products page , or click here

Poultry Shed / Pig Shed Warm Air Heaters for Sale UK and Ireland 

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