Wall mounted industrial electric heaters – Industrial fan heater

Industrial wall mounted heaters – electric

Wall mounted industrial electric heaters from Flexiheat UK; commercial heaters; fan heaters wall; industrial fan heaters; electrically heated air; heaters wall mounted

Wall mounted industrial electric heaters from Flexiheat UK

Wall mounted industrial electric heaters are a great heating solution, for the heating requirements for industrial and commercial environments or commercial applications such as factories, warehouses, garages, shops or any large areas that require installation of wall mounted electric heaters to heat either the staff or customers, with comfort heating powered by electricity.

These industrial heaters, are wall mounted fan heaters with the heating capacity, to quickly achieve the heat output and temperature you require. These wall mounted electric heaters benefit from a very low noise level, with intelligent fan control that not only controls the fan speed of these wall mounted heaters, but can adjust the heat output for improved energy efficiency.

These heaters are designed for industrial and heavy commercial use and are built to work correctly in these environments – these are not domestic ones – these are truly industrial units with the many benefits of sturdy construction, industrial grade heating elements which are well suited to larger industrial environments and the heating of them.

Any industrial building or a larger industrial environment that requires an electric wall full heating system should consider our fan heaters, as they have a very low noise level and produce a nice comfort temperature with a great airflow temperature.

In order to produce a warm airflow temperature, the wall mounted heaters fan speed automatically adjusts in relation to the room’s current temperature via intelligent fan control. When the heater model is powered on in a cold room, this prevents these installed wall mounted heaters from blowing cold air into the room. The airflow temperature depends on what heat setting that is selected either manually or automatically by the controller used to quickly achieve the desired room temperature.

Running costs for these wall mounted electric heaters / fan heaters is good as they are 100% energy efficient.

They are also cheaper and easier to install than wall mounted water heated air heaters, as water heaters require both a flow and return pipework, installed on the wall or up in the ceiling area to bring water to the water heaters, as well as other accessories such as pumps. Also, they are cheaper and easier to install than gas fired heaters, as they have no flue pipe system to install through the ceiling or wall.

Wall mounted electric heaters industrial

These wall mounted electric heaters free up valuable floor space, which is often at a premium in factories, warehouses, or a garage making these models particularly suitable for heating these type of environments. These wall heaters are designed for hard work and are ideally suited to large workshops and many other commercial applications resulting in an economical full heating system.

Wall mounted electric heaters industrial from Flexiheat UK; heaters wall mounted; electrically heated air; industrial fan heater; fan heaters; mounted fan heaters

An install of our wall mounted electric heaters industrial from Flexiheat UK

Range options – The “S” for the smaller unit – up to 10.8 kW output or the “L” which is up to 22.8 kW output

Wall or ceiling mounted industrial electric heaters LEO EL form Flexiheat UK; fan heaters wall; heaters wall mounted; industrial fan heater; heating; fan heater wireless

LEO EL Range of industrial electric wall mounted heaters from Flexiheat UK

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We also do light industrial heaters or commercial heaters models which are electric wall mounted electric heaters which can be run off a single phase electric supply, however the maximum output this range of commercial heaters is limited to 6kW and the air flow and heat throw range of these fan heaters is somewhat less than our industrial heaters range.

commercial wall hung electric heaters from Flexiheat UK;fan heater wireless; heaters wall mounted; commercial; electrically heated air

Commercial electric heaters from Flexiheat UK – fan heater wireless

But being more compact fan heaters, they are suitable for heating shops or small garages where floor space is at a premium and the rooms air environments do not have too much dust. These heater units can also be supplied for heavy domestic environments as well.

Mounted wall control accessories 

This range of wall mounted electric heaters can be supplied and connected to various control options to produce an even ambient temperature from floor to ceiling and additionally, these mounted industrial fan heaters are equipped with an overheating protection system (both for the heater and fan).Both control options have a thermostatic control and a ventilation only mode which allows the fan to move the ambient temperature air flow around the area served by the heating system, which is useful in the summer periods.

We do a basic control option – the TS controller which has temperature and fan speed switches and thus control of the fan heaters- The fan speed control, and thus the airflow is manual, whilst the temperature and heat control of the heater and room via the thermostat is automatic on these TS units.


ts controller for our wall mounted electric heaters;

TS controller for our wall mounted electric industrial heaters Flexiheat UK



or we do a more advanced control equipment for this heater, which adapts the ec motor on the heater, and adjusts or switches the airflow and heat output levels according to the set temperature of the thermostat in the room. This wall mounted controller is designated the T-Box and is perfect for thermostat for industrial and commercial environments.

T Box controller for Leo Electric unit heaters from Flexiheat UK; electrically heated air; heaters wall mounted; industrial fan heaters

T Box controller for Leo Electric unit heaters – full BMS compatibility

Mounted on the wall or ceiling even

This wall mounted heater range can if so, required be ceiling mounted. Should the installation of the industrial fan heater change or the wall or walls space be required for another purpose, then you can mount these industrial heaters from the ceiling.

electric heaters; hvac system; wall mounted heater electric; heating element; space heater; industrial electric heater wall mounted;

Wall mounting heights for our industrial electric heaters Flexiheat UK

Note for ceiling installation – there must be a minimum of 20 cm from the back of the heater to the ceiling.

Wall Installation 

When wall mounted the maximum height for the smaller “Leo S” model is 3 Metres .The larger heater, the “Leo L” model ,can be wall mounted up to 6 Metres from floor level. Both units can be wall mounted at a lower level if so required.

wall mounted fan heaters

For these wall mounted electric heaters we can also supply a mixing chamber which allows fresh (outside) air to be brought into the space. The air can be heated via the heat exchanger and then directed within the building, depending on the requirements. PTC electric heaters are used to heat the electrically heated air flow, which is subsequently blown within the large areas or room, depending on the needs. There are three air intakes in the mixing chamber: two for recirculated air and one for fresh air. The degree of damper opening may be easily adjusted from 0 to 100 percent.

Our fan heaters wall mounted electric heaters with mixing chamber are equipped with a filter – as standard it’s a coarse 80% (EN ISO 16890-1E) class filters installed on the air inlet. These filters ensures that the majority of coarse debris is filtered out from entering the wall mounted fan heater and its machinery, and wiring accessories.


3 Phase wall mounted industrial heaters

The availability of a 3-phase supply, as with any other electric heater type, greatly expands the potential alternatives as compared to a single phase. Three phase is not a problem in most industrial environments with electrically operated equipment. All of the machinery will run on three-phase power, and three-phase circuits will be installed. The existence of 3 phase not only expands the number of heaters accessible, but also the range of heating output possible, with a 3-phase wall mounted heater capacity typically limited to 22kw within single fan heater. You can use multiple heaters wall mounted to cover the heating requirement. These electric fan heaters have the potential to heat very large industrial and commercial working areas all the way down to shops etc.

Commercial and industrial wall mounted electric heaters

Should you require more information, availability or prices on our wall mounted industrial electric heaters / electric wall mounted industrial heaters then please don’t hesitate to call us / contact our sales team on 01202 822221 or use our email contact form via the contact us tab.