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Hot horse showers

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A hot horse shower is an absolute necessity on every yard, and the perfect solution for washing horses after exercise or before competition. Our propane gas powered water heaters provide not only instant hot water , and a never ending supply of it, all with the touch of the on button.

The warm water our horse shower unit produces , can not only be used to wash your equine, but also dogs or even humans should the need arise .

Gone are the days of bathing your horse, with a sponge and a bucket of ice cold water. Your horse and you deserve better in our opinion . Warm water, at an accurate water temperature to wash your horse or horses is a demand that most owners want as a minimum these days.

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Why use hot water to wash horses

  • Hot water helps activate the shampoo and deliver it to the roots of the hair, allowing it to effectively perform a better job of removing debris and grease form your equine.
  • Hot water results in happier horse, especially when the winter when the temperature is cool or cold
  • Even in the summer, if the horses are really sweaty after activity, it is recommended not to hose the horse with cold water, as this can create complications such as significant blood vessel constriction – it is recommended to use hot water or lukewarm water.
  • These are some of the reasons and benefits of using an instant hot water horse shower.

Equine shower range

We do more than one size of water heater , but our most popular horse shower unit is our SF14 an internal mounted hot water generator, this has no pump, and is a direct flow type of hot water heater, with power output of 24 kW – This will produce 15.82 Litres a minute of 40C hot water temperature in typical summer time running , or 10.54 litres in the winter period.

Thus you could run 2 horse showers continuously in the summer, or one very good horse shower in the winter period. It’s also ERP “A” rated non-condensing low NOx water heater, which can be connected to a propane gas cylinder or propane gas bulk tank.

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SF14 Water Heater – Internal – for horse showering supply


Please note this unit has 16mm diameter heat exchanger water ways – the largest we know of on the horse shower market- This diameter ensures very minimal pressure drops, lowers the possibility of clogging, improves thermal efficiency, and makes cleaning easier. This is particularly crucial in locations where the water is hard.

With an easy-to-use control panel to navigate through the menu items such as temperature setting on these high efficiency lpg hot horse showers.

Download the SF14 Low NOx gas fired water heater manual Flexiheat UK

You literally pay for what you get in this product sector, there are a lot of horse showers that are imported from the far east, they are poorly made. If you are considering one, establish their heat exchanger diameter, ask about spares back up, if they are “CE” approved and tested. Our units are manufactured in Europe, are fully CE approved, and have “A” rated ErP efficiency levels – which is important with ever rising energy cost. Pay cheap, pay twice is so relevant to these products.

Water pressure

Please note this SF14 water heater requires a minimum water pressure of 0.5 Bar and a maximum water pressure of 6 Bar. So you require a mains water supply to use to the full potential of the water heaters performance.

Instant hot water

Our horse shower provides instant hot water on demand, which ensures the lowest energy usage and fuel bills.

Electric powered showers

There are a few electric hot horse showers on the market , which plug into a standard 240 volt – 1 Phase electricity power supply that you have on the riding yard, but these only have a 2kw output capacity, which means that your only getting a 3 litre per minute water flow rate – simply not good enough for a good horse shower

A standard shower head is 7 Litres per minute flow rate – for example

The only realistic solution for a good horse shower is gas as the fuel -in particular propane gas also known as LPG gas , as this is the most commonly available and easiest gas to get for your horse yard- because it can generate a lot of hot water from relatively small gas bottle or gas bottles, or even a bulk tank if so required.

Portable horse shower ?

Yes, we’ve seen them on the market such as the hippo shower or hippo showers , but whilst a portable horse shower may suit certain horse riding yards or horse and pony owners- they come with some negatives, often the gas ignition system of the water heater is powered by two “D2” batteries which is fine in principle, but it naturally consumes battery power to the point that you need to remember to switch the device off afterwards or you end up with a lot of (expensive) dead batteries.

Other gas powered horse shower systems have a pilot light system for the propane water heater, which can be blown out by any strong gusts of wind.

Horse shower portable

Safety really is an issue with portable horse showers – we believe that the units should be placed inside the stable area or another safe location such as a tack room and the water transported to the horse via a hose – you can easily get hose with spray or shower head set ups that are of the retractable “magic” coil type, which are very neat and tidy – This literally is the case of ” horse to warm water or warm water to the horse ”

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Shower portable horse – electric

And when it comes to electric / electrical powered portable horse shower – again – the smaller portable horse shower units – which have a 13 amp plug – are only 2 kW rated – and aren’t powerful enough to produce the hot water you require to have an adequate shower and often suffer from water pressure problems ( one company / manufacturer actually stipulates that they must be used with a bucket and cannot be used direct from a mains water tap) . I thought we where trying to get away or past from using a bucket ?

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