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Room sealed water heater

 A room sealed LPG water heater is water heater that draws combustion air from outside, and any waste gases ( also know as combustion gases or flue gases ) are sent outside rather than into the room.

Thus, when you have a room sealed water heater, this means that you can work or sleep in the same area, such as shower rooms or bedrooms, where the room sealed LPG water heater is installed in total safety, without the risk of fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.

Today, most LPG water heaters are room sealed and use full electronic ignition for maximum energy savings, ensuring minimal gas consumption and maximum savings as compared to the older pilot light type of LPG water heater.

The pilot light, or pilot flame, remained on all the time in older LPG water heaters. This consumed and wasted gas, which was not good for the fuel bills and the environment due to the constant burning of the pilot flame.

“Which” consumer magazine did a costing a few years ago, which showed that a pilot light cost an astonishing average of £97 per year just to operate.

That’s why these days a full electronic ignition LPG water heater are favoured and are standard unit for virtually any location such as a static caravan, log cabins, shower rooms or any suitable place that requires efficient water heating for their domestic hot water requirements.

Propane or LPG gas

Propane gas or LPG gas water heaters are used predominately in areas where mains gas, which is natural gas, is unavailable, such as log cabins , static caravan parks or we have even supplied our room sealed LPG water heater range for shepherd huts, as the maximum power consumption is a very low 36 Watts for our most common room sealed water heater, which is our SF14 model.

The unit can be powered by either an LPG gas cylinder or a bulk propane gas storage tank. An LPG gas cylinder is often used to power a static caravan and we have a dedicated webpage when using this water heater in a caravan here – Caravan gas water heater

Domestic hot water heater

Our most common domestic water heater that is powered by propane gas is our 24 kW , which is designated our SF14 Low NOx evolution model.

This unit will operate with an extremely low water pressure water supply (only 0.5 Bar is required ) and low flow operation.

This room sealed water heater can be used on a 12 volt electric system with the use of a small inverter due to the maximum power consumption only being 36 watts. So they can be fitted in virtually any location, such as horseboxes, shepherd huts with no mains electricity, in remote locations or even narrowboats, as the unit can be powered by a small inverter on a 12 volt system.

SF14 Low NOx instantaneous water heaters have the following features:


internal picture of a room sealed water heater lpg gas fired from Flexiheat UK

Internal picture of the room sealed LPG hot water heater ,showing the de-oxygenated copper heat exchanger with large 16mm water ways

  • Wet chamber de-oxygenated copper heat exchanger that prevents thermal inertia in low flow operation with large 16mm water ways

  • Excellent thermal efficiency for maximum savings and great flow rates.

  • LCD display shows the temperature of the water being generated, and displays any fault codes should they ever pop up. The fault codes will tell the user exactly what the problem is, such as low pressure etc. Problem finding and solving is easy.

  • Electronic control board with self-diagnosis-ensure constant monitoring of the room sealed LPG water heater. Water flow and water temperature are continuously monitored by a microprocessor to provide safe and effective water heating with minimal gas usage.

  • Electronic ignition: Automatic ignition ensures no liquefied petroleum gas is wasted on a pilot light and minimal gas consumption.

  • Ionization flame control with full electronic ignition.

  • Adjustable water temperature of 35 to 60 degrees Celsius on the LCD display.

  • Reduction of initial high water temperatures with low flow rates

  • It will function on an extremely low water pressure of only 0.5 bar and with low flow rates.

  • Industry standard horizontal flue kit or vertical flue options allow you to choose the suitable place to install the efficient water heating device in total safety.

  • Fitting kit: our standard fitting kit includes all of the copper pipework tails as well as an isolating gas valve, cold water flow valve, and hot water outlet valve, reducing installation time.

  • It can be fuelled by either LPG gas cylinders or propane gas cylinders. We recommend 47 KG propane gas storage cylinders as these can supply 33.8 kW of continuous domestic hot water heating per hour, which is more than the gas input of the SF14 water heaters, which is 24 kW.

  • Because they can use portable gas cylinders, they are the best option for instantaneous water heaters for log cabins or static caravans in remote locations without a mains gas supply.

  • A direct replacement for replacing older Morco or Forcali water heaters.

  • Maximum power consumption is only 36 watts.
  • Install in virtually any location in total safety – shower rooms, shepherd huts or a static caravan etc.

Dimensions for the SF14 tankless heaters

SF14 on demand water heater dimensions Flexiheat UK

For warranty purposes and safety all of our lpg water heaters should be installed by a LPG qualified gas safe engineer.

Download the SF14 Low NOx gas fired water heater manual Flexiheat UK

Flue kit

The industry standard horizontal 60/100mm balanced flue kit.

Horizontal flue kit for SF14 domestic hot water units

or vertical flue kit option

Vertical flue kit for SF14 domestic hot water units

Water heating with combustion sealed LPG water heaters

Should you require any more support, selection advice, or cost/quote on our room sealed LPG water heater range with flow rates, then please use the contact us form page on the website, or feel free to give us a call on 01202 822221.