Main multipoint bf water heater which is a gas fired instantaneous hot water heater

Main multipoint bf water heater new replacement

Main multipoint bf water heater which is a gas fired instantaneous hot water heater

If you are looking for a main multipoint BF water heater, then the bad news is that these gas fired water heaters are no longer available, whether it was the standard model, which was obsolete in 2018, or the ERP model, which was discontinued in 2019.

This gas-fired instantaneous water heater brand and model was an advanced balanced flue 24 hour a day space-saving on-demand water heating unit with no storage tank and a copper heat exchanger.They were a hot favourite for hot water heating for small homeowners’ domestic needs as they eliminated the requirement for a separate hot water cylinder and had a modern room sealed design.

The balanced flue water heater had a Piezo igniter and a permanent pilot. This meant that it didn’t need electricity or batteries.

In these main hot water heaters, the pilot light always stayed on. Because the pilot flame was continually on, this burned up and squandered gas, which was bad for energy bills and the environment.

A few years ago, “Which” consumer magazine conducted a cost analysis that revealed that a pilot light cost an incredible average of £97 per year to run.

The ErP legislation for efficiency with regards to water heaters means that permanent pilot water heaters mean that these types of units no longer meet the required efficiency levels, which is the reason why they are not available anymore.

Electronic ignition models now prevail, and due to the elimination of pilot lights, they end up saving money on running cost.

Now the water heaters must have an electricity supply – just a standard 240 volt – 1 Phase supply.

Main multipoint bf gas water heater

There are some companies offering spare parts for these advanced balanced flue main water heaters, such as the gas isolation valve kit, the thermocouple kit, overheat protection device kit, air vent, and main heat exchanger ( although the price of a replacement heat exchanger is more than a new replacement water heater—i.e., to replace the heat exchanger is no longer viable as the item costs more than a new gas-fired water heater, let alone the cost of a plumber to fit the replacement spare parts)

Should you need to check the gas supply inlet pressure or burner pressure to make sure that the rate of gas is correct, or change the gas isolation valve, then this needs to be done by a qualified gas safe engineer.

It is important to ensure that any suitable service or services such as replacing parts on gas water heaters or gas-fired central heating boilers, should not be attempted by a homeowner or a plumber that doesn’t have the gas safe plumbing qualification.

Main multipoint water heater

A balanced flue system

On demand gas water heaters that employed balanced flues are made up of two pipes with one pipe contained within the other. The outer pipe brings in the fresh air from the outside that is necessary for the combustion process to occur, while the inner pipe serves the purpose of removing the waste gases from your property. Depending on the main instantaneous water heater you purchased, the designed flue system may either go horizontally through an outside wall or vertically through the roof to suit the customers requirements.

The balanced flue model had to be installed on a wall with direct access to the external air environment-see diagram below.

A picture of the balanced flue kit for main multipoint gas water heater – Flexiheat UK

Balanced flue kit details


Main also did a fan flued version of this gas water heater, which was designated the main multipoint FF ( fan flue) —this unit is the one that could be vertically or horizontally flued and didn’t need to be installed on an outside wall of the property because of the fan flue system.Again,these fan flue water heaters were a hot favourite with homes or locations that had a big demand for hot water but didn’t want to use a hot water cylinder or storage cylinder.

main fan flued multipoint gas fired water heater flue options Flexiheat UK

Main fan flued multipoint – Flue options


Hot water instantaneous heater – Balanced Flue Main Heater

So now for the replacement of the Main multipoint water heater in its balanced flue version. Firstly, the dimensions of the unit are

Main balanced flue water heater dimensions from Flexiheat UK

Main bf multipoint water heater dimensions


and for our replacement unit – the SF14 Low NOx gas fired water heater with its modern room sealed design.

SF14 on demand water heater dimensions Flexiheat UK

As you can see from the above dimensions, our SF14 Low NOx is smaller in size, yet still has plenty of room for the unit to be maintained and to service, with all the plumbing connections at the bottom of the unit.

lpg tankless water heaters; lpg instant water heaters; liquefied petroleum gas hot water heaters

SF14 – tankless water heaters from Flexiheat UK – Internal picture of the hot water heater

SF14 Product benefits and features

  • Wet chamber copper exchanger that prevents thermal inertia; With large 16mm diameter water ways – so it benefits from very low pressure drops, guarantees lower risks of clogging,greater thermal efficiency, and greater ease of cleaning.
  • Self-diagnostic electronic board;
  • Ease of access and maintenance;
  • Possibility of integration with other renewable energy source (e.g. solar panels)
  • Possibility of remote shutdown;
  • Overheat protection device
  • Reduction of initial overtemperatures with low withdrawals:
  • Degree of electrical protection: IPX4D;
  • Very low NOx emissions, maximum 50 mg / kWh.
  • Modern room sealed design

Because of their sleek, refreshingly modern designs and outstanding reputation for reliability and highest quality this versatile range of water heaters has siting flexibility with various flueing options.

Download the SF14 Low NOx gas fired water heater manual Flexiheat UK

Hot water performance table

The main water heater will produce the following hot water rates, depending on the temperature rise as per the table below.

A table showing the hot water performance of the main multipoint water heater gas fired

Our SF14 water heater model , which has a Domestic maximum nominal heat output of 24.5 kW will produce the following hot water flow rates.

flow rates of our SF14 gas instantaneous water heater

Water heater gas supply

The main multipoint bf water heating unit, as far as we can see from the details, was only available in natural gas, which is category or classification G20 . This is what we refer to as natural gas in the UK, and is the gas that flows from the main gas supply services, or network.

Our replacement for the main multipoint bf or the fan flued models can be powered by either natural gas or propane gas ( LPG ). The LPG version can be fuelled by either a 47Kg propane tank or cylinder , or alternatively by a bulk storage propane tank.

We keep stock of our SF14 low NOx gas water heaters in both gas types in our warehouse , ready to service any immediate order without delay.

Experts in the water heating industry

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