Waste oil burners; waste oil burner for sale; best waste oil burner from Flexiheat UKFlexiheat UK

Waste Oil Burner / Multi Oil Burners

Waste oil burners; waste oil burner for sale; best waste oil burner from Flexiheat UK

Waste Oil Burners / Multi Oil Burners – Flexiheat UK

Waste Oil Burners – Output range 26kW to 190kW

Waste Oil Burner or Multi Oil Burner – The multi talented oil burner !

Waste Oil Burner -Space heaters are the most economical way of heating a commercial or industrial workshop, factory, garage, warehouse etc.  especially when they are run with a multi/waste oil burner instead of a conventional oil or gas burner. Flexiheat offers you a large product range of warm air waste oil heaters and boilers, specially designed for this purpose, and give you free heat by using waste oils as your heating fuel. “Waste oil heater” is just a market term, and our heaters are actually universal oil heaters.

Without any significant modifications, mineral oils, hydraulic oils, vegetable oils, animal oils or used oils can be used as a fuel source. There are no special tools required to use waste oils fuel. Just turn a dial to adjust the pre-heating temperature and the combustion air pressure to burn waste oil or standard oil. This is one of the very few burners to be designed and approved to burn pure rapeseed oil or linseed oil and conforms to European Standard EN 267 with relation to rapeseed oil according to DIN 51605. This makes it a full bio oil burner, from B10 to B100 classification for bio oils or for processed fuel oil pfo.

Burning waste oil instead of fuel oils such as red diesel can help reduce your carbon footprint as they are a recycled oil as such. Fuel oils such as red diesel have to be extracted and processed. They are an ideal suitable solution to heat car garages for example as you can burn waste oil generated from their customers used oils such as engine oils, hydraulics oils that have been replaced when servicing the vehicle. Turning a potentially hazardous waste into a non hazardous waste and heat source by burning waste oil.

Waste Oil Burners – How do they work?

The combustible oil is atomized using compressed air at comparatively low pressures. This allows us to use larger nozzle diameters which prevent blocking of the nozzles, even if polluted or viscous used oils are being burnt such as . A separate fuel supply system lifts the oil out of the storage tank and pumps it reliably over large distances to the burner. Here, it is filtered and preheated. This is important –  for a consistently good quality of ignition and combustion of the waste oil in our space heaters or hot water boilers.

Economic and Environmental Benefits of Multi Oil Burners

Due to the ever-increasing cost of mineral oils, vegetable oils are playing a more important role as a fuel source. Their calorific value is very close to the values of heating oil. Vegetable oils are renewable,CO2 neutral and do not contain any sulphur or heavy metals.

Waste oil burners, can be operated without a license if they burn non hazardous waste fuels. Our waste oil burners can run on the following alternative fuels without a permit: 35 or 28 second heating oil, diesel, processed fuel oil (PFO), and bio oils, such as rapeseed and linseed oils, as well as some refined vegetable oils and recycled oil.

Waste Oil Boiler or Waste Oil Warm Air Heater

Most new and old boilers, and our waste oil warm air heater / universal oil heater / multi oil heaters range can easily be equipped with Kroll universal / waste oil burners, giving you the flexibility to choose the waste oils you want to use: be it for economic or ecological reasons , or a combination of both.

Waste oil burners; waste oil burner for sale; best waste oil burner from Flexiheat UK

Kroll Waste Oil Burners / Multi Oil Burners – Flexiheat UK

This range of burners require a compressed air supply , many sites have their own supply or we do a very quiet compressor, which has been specifically designed to create the compressed air required to run our burners. Our compressors are the diaphragm type ( Oil Free )and are continuously rated, which is very important as many compressors aren’t, requiring very little maintenance and are also very quiet – 70dBA max , for reference normal speech is 60dBA. This is an important factor , as  for example when used with one of our waste oil boiler set ups, if the boiler thermostat says you need heat at 3 AM in the morning, the last thing you need is to be woken by a big noisy compressor  ! Also as our compressor is controlled via the burner, and only operates on demand , there are large energy savings achieved by using one, meaning lower running costs. They are also very compact , roughly of the size of a small briefcase and sits next to the waste oil heaters / universal oil heater or boilers that we supply.

Fuels that can be used in the Kroll universal / waste oil burner –

  • 35 second Heating Oil/Diesel
  • Processed Fuel Oil ( PFO )
  • Rapeseed Oil
  • Linseed Oil
  • Most Vegetable Oils
  • Used Engine Oils
  • Bio Diesel
  • Hydraulic Oils

We believe we have the best waste oil burners for sale worldwide, let alone the best waste oil burners in the UK & Ireland

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Flexiheat Waste Oil Burner / Multi Oil Burner

Outputs from –  17kW to 1,200kW

We at Flexiheat UK are always listening to our customers and what they require. One of the requests has been for larger waste oil burners . To satisfy this requirement we now can offer these waste oil burners, from 17kw to 1,200kW. This range of burners require an external compressed air supply of 2.5 Bar , and the volume of air required will vary with regards to the output of the burner – please see chart further down this page.

This Flexiheat Waste Oil burner is a low-pressure burner with an injector nozzle, designed for use with the following fuel types:
– waste oils (engine oil, gearbox oil, hydraulic oils, plant oil, hydraulic oil etc.)
– medium fuel oil
– light fuel oil
– diesel fuel

Please note – Do not use transformer oil, capacitor oil, petrol and paint thinners! 

This range of Large Waste Oil  Burners technical data is as follows –

Heat Output in KW *26-3837-5456-8181-10093-147131-190180-260
Heat Output in Btu’s in 000’s88 -129126 – 184191 – 276276 – 341317 – 501446 – 648614 – 887
Fuel Consumption2.5 – 3.73.6 – 5.25.4 – 7.87.8 – 9.68.9 – 14.112.7 – 18.012.5 – 21
In KG/Hour
Compressed Air Pressure1.5 BAR1.5 BAR1.5 BAR1.5 BAR1.5 BAR1.5 BAR1.5 BAR
Compressed Air Volume120 l/min.120 l/min.120 l/min.120 l/min.120 l/min.120 l/min.120 l/min.

* Based on vegetable oil

Larger waste oil burners; multi oil burner;

Larger waste oil burners from Flexiheat UK

Burner ModelPower RangeOil Consumption in Litres/Hourelectrical Power SupplyCompressed Air Requirements
FHMOB400250kW – 430kW16.6 – 35.8230v / 50Hz130 Litrs/min @ 2.5 BAR
FHMOB1200192kW to 1200kW16 – 103400v / 50Hz252 Ltrs/Min @ 2.5 BAR

These burners are also suitable to burn waste engine oil, vegetable oils – such as sunflower, rapeseed, etc , as well as bio oils , from B10 to B100 , as well as your regular heating oils such as gas oil , diesel or kerosene

Compressed Air supply for Waste Oil Burners – FHMOB Range 

We encourage you the customer to use compressors with storage tank capacities of 80-100 litres, thanks to which the compressor operation pause times can be extended, as many compressors aren’t continuously rated . In case of the waste oil burners being installed in areas where the noise levels can’t be high, we suggest using screw compressors or medical compressors, the noise levels of which amount to 45-50 dB, such as the ones listed above in this webpage.

Waste Oil Burner – Maintenance of the FHMOB Multi Oil Burners

These Flexiheat waste oil burners are designed for continuous operation throughout the entire year, and do not require daily maintenance. However, due to normal wear of the burner components which can be due to much higher viscosity oils and higher temperatures when compared to red diesel, it is recommended to have service personnel maintain the appliances at least once per year before the start of the heating period. In case of burners operating all year long without a seasonal brake, then service the burner after 2,500 hours of operation. The fuel system requires maintenance in terms of cleaning of filters found in the fuel tank and the precision cleaning filter placed just upstream from the pump. The filter cleaning frequency depends on the type of fuel used for combustion. For light fuel oil (i. e. kerosene / gas oil and similar), this time may be extended to a couple of heating seasons. Flexiheat UK, despite this, recommends cleaning of filters before each heating period. In case of use of waste fuel, mineral oils or plant oils, filter cleaning is recommended every 700 hours of operation. Note burning used vegetable oils, please ensure they do not contain excess solids, as these shall cause the filter cleaning periods to shorten drastically. It is recommended to place a vacuum meter on the fuel filter clean side to control the filter cleanliness on a continuous basis, and will allow one to prevent emergency burner shutdowns due to lack of fuel.

The usual maintenance procedures for the burner also entail checking the combustion chamber condition of the warm air heater or boiler, in which the burner operates. The combustion chamber condition lets one determine, whether the combustion process is correct. A wet combustion chamber and dark colouring of the walls all point to bad combustion of the oil, while a dry chamber with a beige hue covering it indicates a correct combustion process.

These burners can be mounted to our waste oil boiler range or our waste oil warm air heater range , and make a great package solution. Please see our products page for more information on our waste oil heaters or waste oil boilers

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Waste Oil Burner For Sale for UK and Ireland

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