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Industrial Air Curtain Range

Industrial and Commercial Air Curtains; industrial air curtain; commercial air curtains;

Industrial air curtains from Flexiheat UK

Industrial & Commercial Air Curtains –  Factories, warehouses, cold rooms and retail premises are all subject to the problems caused by frequently opened doors. The open door not only causes discomfort but greatly increases energy loss and, therefore, the running costs of the building. An air curtain or sometimes referred to as an air door from Flexiheat UK offers an energy efficient, cost-effective solution to these problems by reducing heat loss by up to 80%, and help with energy savings.

In winter periods, these air curtains protect against heat loss in areas by producing an air-stream suitably directed that protects the entrance from the ingress of cold air into the heated space. In the summer period, these ambient air curtains may be used as “cooling device” by preventing the entry of warm air from outside as well as air pollutants entering your commercial or industrial building.

These industrial air curtains are ideal for use on loading bays, warehouses, hangars, retail outlet, cold stores or factories, saving forklift drivers time as they don’t have to get out of their cabs to close and open doors , and make moving from one area to another safer and more convenient. Unlike plastic slat curtains, which quickly become opaque with use, an air curtain provides 100% visibility at all times.

It is important to note that air curtains work by producing an air stream, which must cover the entire door width or the entire door height to work properly, otherwise you will not get the benefits of energy savings or save energy from the installation of your commercial air curtain or industrial air curtain.

Industrial Air Curtains – Our ambient air curtain uses the air of the room to create a barrier at the opening of the door. The air curtains are constructed with axial fans and have an efficient air diffuser, that ensure a strong and powerful air barrier / air stream. The range consists of 3 models a 1.5 metre, a 2 metre and a 2.5 metre long unit or module. These industrial & commercial air curtains are used to protect doors up to 8 metres maximum in height horizontally or 10 metres in height vertically and can be installed horizontally or vertically to suit your site requirements. The Flexiheat “Elis G” range of ambient industrial air curtains protect against uncontrolled incoming airflow. They help to save energy by delivering a powerful air barrier across the entire door width of the entrance of any industrial doorways such as logistic centres or any industrial premises.

This webpage goes through the industrial ambient air curtain range, the “Elis G ” industrial series , however our commercial air curtains range, called the “Elis T ” commercial series have their own webpage.

What is Ambient Air ?

The definition of ambient air with regards to an industrial or  commercial air curtain is in reality ambient temperature  – In an air curtain context, ambient temperature is the air temperature of any environment where air curtains and related equipment are located. The adjective ambient means “relating to the immediate surroundings”- Thus these are not heated air curtains – they just use the ambient air within the building to cause a high pressure air curtain to prevent the interior of the building from the ingress of air from the outside, and thus losses of heat. There are additional benefits that these air curtain provides in protection against pollution, dust, fumes, undesirable odours and insects.

We have heard people refer to ambient air curtains, as unheated or non-heated or even neutral air curtains.

industrial air curtains working principle

Working principle of an air curtain – industrial

Commercial Air Curtain / Industrial Air Curtain  for overhead doors /roller shutter doors

We now have developed a new and improved industrial air curtain designated the “Elis G” series, which uses the ambient air to produce an air curtain, that can be mounted up to 8 metres maximum in height horizontally across the door way . The units can be used in different combinations of lengths to cover roller shutter doors that are up to 10 metres wide ,which covers the majority of commercial or industrial air curtains for overhead doors requirements.

Vertical mounted air curtains- industrial

As sometimes there is no installation room above the overhead industrial / commercial door, then these Elis G air curtains can be installed in a vertical orientation. When installed vertically on one side of the doorway, the maximum width of the doorway should be 8 Metres.

When installed vertically on both sides of the door, the maximum width we can cover is 14 Metres

We can cover doors up to 10 metres high in a vertical air curtains configuration.

This industrial air curtain range is intended to be used in regions or areas with a moderate to cold climate, where temperature ranges from minus 10° Degrees C to plus 40° Degrees C and a relative humidity up to 80% (at the temperature of +25°C), they should not be used in rooms containing any flammable and/or combustible substances, biological substances or in environments with corrosive air vapours.


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Horizontal Ambient Air Curtain – Made up of a 2 metre and a 1.5 metre module coupled together – This way doors up to 10 Metres wide can be covered (i.e. 4 x 2.5 metre Units)

There are three models or modules of these industrial ambient air curtains, the either a 1.5 Metre long unit, 2 Metre long unit and a 2.5 metre long unit. They are basically modules or units that can be coupled together to make up your desired width or height for your industrial or commercial overhead roller shutter type door.

industrial air curtains;vertical air curtains;ambient air curtain;air curtain vertical

An installation showing our Industrial Vertical Ambient Air Curtains protecting an industrial door

To increase the effectiveness of the air curtain they have adjustable outlet nozzles for varying the air flow direction. These adjustable nozzles enables the air direction to be adjusted to plus or minus 10 Degrees, allowing more adaptability to the site conditions

commercial and industrial air curtain adjustable air outlet for ambient air version

Adjustable air distribution outlet which can be moved plus or minus 10 Degrees

 Industrial Air Curtain  – Ambient Air -Technical data for the Elis G – Industrial range

ELIS G 150ELIS G 150ELIS G 150ELIS G 200ELIS G 200ELIS G 200ELIS G 250ELIS G 250ELIS G 250
Power supply [V/Hz]230/50230/50230/50230/50230/50230/50230/50230/50230/50
Power consumption [W]67048024010507303701400970490
Current consumption [A]
Air volume [m3/h]*6,5504,6002,8009,7006,3003,90012,8008,1004,900
Range [m]*84.52.884,52,884.52.8
Acoustic pressure level [dB(A)]** – 3 m665645675746695947
Acoustic pressure level [dB(A)]** – 5 m655544665645685846
Acoustic power level [dB(A)]***817160837261847462
Length [cm]150150150200200200250250250
Weight [kg]43434358585871.571.571.5

* according to ISO 27327-1;
** Acoustic pressure level has been measured in a 1500m3 space with a medium sound absorption coefficient, directional factor: Q=2;
*** Acoustic power level according to ISO 27327-2


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Installed Industrial air curtains – ambient or non-heated from Flexiheat UK


Download the Industrial Air Curtains- Ambient air – Elis G Brochure

Industrial & Commercial Air Curtain

Product advantages                            

  • Strong and powerful air stream – that helps save energy/energy efficient
  • Compact size -The modules of either 1.5 Metres or 2 Metres are easy to move and install in series (They must be assembled side-by-side to make an uninterrupted stream of air), due to the lighter weight of the units, they are much easier to install than a single or one-piece industrial air curtain
  • Universal installation-Can be mounted either horizontally across the door or vertically at the side of the industrial doorway
  • The fan motors are equipped with internal thermal protection against overheating

Customer benefits

  • Protects your commercial or industrial door way against cold air, pollution, dust ,fumes ,smoke, insects or even summer heat
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Horizontal or Vertical mounting – to suit your site requirements.




Cold Room Air Curtain – Industrial

The Flexiheat “FHIAC” models are an improved range of industrial air curtains that are temperature rated from minus 25 degrees centigrade (-25C ) to plus 60 degrees centigrade ( +60C) which makes these units the perfect solution as a cold room air curtain . They provide a powerful ambient air seal across the opening of cold rooms or refrigerated stores to prevent the cold air from escaping and warm air from entering the cold room or refrigerated area. These cold room air curtains remove the requirement fast acting shutter doors or plastic strip curtains, ensuring that forklift drivers and staff are given total visibility, and the added convenience of unhindered access and most importantly improving safety to all concerned. The other benefits of the air curtains when used in a cold room / freezer / or chiller stores application are –

  • An energy saving solution- a study has shown energy savings of over 50% when compared to an open door -an ever increasing important factor for the industrial and cold users
  • A constant climate in the cold room /store – also a significant reduction in the formation of icing and misting
  • Faster logistics and easier access – No waiting for a door to be opened or going through plastic slat curtains, which you have to do slowly to ensure good safety standards

This range of cold room air curtains is suitable for mounting up to 7 metres in height, or can blow up to 7 metres horizontally. These air curtains for cold rooms, come in a modular format of either 1.5 metre or 2 metre lengths, just like our other industrial air curtains, except they can operate in temperatures down to minus 25 Degrees Centigrade.

Model – FHIAC1.5 

Power : 580 Watts
Air flow : 8,100 m3/h
Power supply : 230 Volts /50 Hz – Single Phase
Rated current : 2.5 Amps
Protection class: IP44
Dimensions (L x W x H) ( in mm): 1,500 x 530 x 620
Weight : 43 Kg’s

Model – FHIAC2

Power : 865 Watts
Air flow : 10,700 m3/h
Power supply : 230 Volts /50 Hz – Single Phase
Rated current : 3.7 Amps
Protection class: IP44
Dimensions (L x W x H) ( in mm): 2,000 x 530 x 620
Weight : 58.5 Kg’s

If you require an air curtain for cold storage, then we have solution for you.

Download the Flexiheat Industrial Horizontal or Vertical Ambient Air Curtains Brochure for Cold Rooms “FHIAC” Range

Industrial Air Curtains

These industrial air curtains are fitted with axial fans that force air out through the exit slot that has directional louvres fitted. The high velocity air stream will also reduce the ingress of airborne contaminants as well as insects into the space being protected, ensuring a pleasant environment.

These ambient industrial air curtains are situated to the side or above industrial doorways and create a powerful barrier across the opening keeping heat in whilst providing total visibility and access.


Industrial and Commercial Air Curtains

Industrial & Commercial Air Curtains Installation example ( In this installation is the heated unit, which is also available )


Industrial Door Air Curtains for Sale UK & Ireland 

Should you require anymore assistance or information on our comprehensive range of Industrial Ambient Air Curtains   for either vertical or horizontal mounted applications , please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 01202 822221 or click here for our email contact form