50kw Combi Boiler – Gas combi boilers

50kw Combination Boiler Our Flexiheat 50kW combi boiler is a well-designed condensing combination boiler with 97% efficiency making this an “A” rated boiler for heating and hot water. Due to this efficiency, it can reduce fuel bills and reduce your carbon footprint as it can generate enough heat to meet the demand of your home […]

LPG Water Heaters

LPG Water Heaters LPG gas water heaters– What are they, and what are the benefits? An LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) water heater is a gas fired water heater that heats domestic hot water instantaneously to multiple points around your home or building. These lpg water heaters allow you to connect the water heater to a […]

How to size a commercial water heater

How to size a commercial water heater A commercial water heater is required for supplying warm or hot potable water for showers, bathrooms, kitchens, restaurant sinks, washing machines etc and other purposes in a commercial or industrial building, such as schools, hotels, gyms or hospitals. A commercial water heater uses electrical elements or a burner […]

Combi boiler for a large house

Combi boiler for a large house   Looking for a combi boiler for a large house? Here we go through the issues that you need to consider when selecting the best combi boiler for a large house to suit your requirements. Selecting the correct combi boiler size for any home, is critical, especially when your […]

Fan Coil Heaters

Fan Coil Heaters Fan coil heaters are devices or units that consist of a heat exchanger or coil, which has a fan behind it, to provide a steady stream of fan assisted warm or hot air, which is then used to heat the area quickly and efficiently. They require warm or hot water to feed […]

Electric Combi Boiler UK

Electric Combi Boiler UK Electric combi boiler UK? – are they available? do they work? Usually when someone says “electric boiler” the majority of people think about the water boilers used to generate instant hot water to a single tap, such as an over or under sink water heater, but these units only produce domestic […]

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Kroll heaters parts prices UK

Kroll heaters,parts and prices UK If you require parts or prices for Kroll Heaters, then you need to speak to us at Flexiheat UK, as we were the old Kroll UK, until Kroll pulled out of the UK directly over 3 years ago. So, it’s the same basic team, just with a new name for […]