60kW Boiler

60kW Output Gas Boiler Our 60kw boiler is a hot water boiler for central heating and will also produce domestic hot water via an indirect cylinder for larger properties or light commercial applications. They are a regular boiler, which are normally wall mounted or can be installed on an optional frame floor standing kit if […]

9kW Electric Boiler

Electric Boiler 9kw Output A 9kw electric boiler works just like a gas boiler, just that it’s powered by electricity rather than gas. They benefit from easier installation, as no requirements for flue offers flexible installation location – you can decide where to locate your electric boiler to suit your needs or your customer requirements, […]

Modular Boilers Commercial

Commercial modular boilers with high energy efficiency Modular boilers commercial – Organizations that require hot water for their commercial space heating, such as schools, hotels and office buildings complexes, frequently employ a modular boiler or a modular boiler system, as they are highly efficient, high performance heating solutions. Modular boilers are designed to be a […]

Condensing Water Heaters Legislation UK 2022

Energy efficient water heating Condensing water heaters – The government announced revisions to the approved document “L” of the Building Regulations, which defines the criteria for the energy performance and carbon emissions of new and existing buildings, on December 15, 2021. One of the modifications involves tighter thermal efficiency for domestic hot water systems in […]

Hot Horse Shower

Hot horse showers A hot horse shower is an absolute necessity on every yard, and the perfect solution for washing horses after exercise or before competition. Our propane gas powered water heaters provide not only instant hot water , and a never ending supply of it, all with the touch of the on button. The […]

Wall mounted industrial electric heaters – Industrial fan heater

Industrial wall mounted heaters – electric Wall mounted industrial electric heaters are a great heating solution, for the heating requirements for industrial and commercial environments or commercial applications such as factories, warehouses, garages, shops or any large areas that require installation of wall mounted electric heaters to heat either the staff or customers, with comfort […]

12kw Electric Boiler – Electric Boilers

12kw Electric Boilers Our 12kW electric boiler can be used for central heating only and to produce domestic hot water as well, via an indirect cylinder. Whether the central heating system has standard radiators or underfloor heating systems, our electric boilers can do either or even both. This is electric heating a wet central heating […]