Manual Ignition Waste Oil Heater

Manual Ignition Waste Oil Heater

W401K Manual Ignition Waste Oil HeaterFlexiheat UK Ltd is the UK distributor for the Kroll range of heating products. One of the most popular and successful products, which has been manufactured to the same exacting specification for 50 years,  is the W401 manual ignition waste oil heater, capable of burning most oils including waste engine oil, hydraulic oils etc.

Flexiheat can offer two versions of this heater. The W401L, which produces radiant heat only and the W401K, which produces a combination of radiant heat plus hot air from the top mounted  ’thermo’  blower. Both models produce a heat output of 29kW / 99,000 BTU’s

We have supplied many of these units over the years to many different applications. from garage workshops to farm buildings. If you have an abundance of waste oil, then these products are the most economically efficient heating solution

Because of the popularity and overall longevity of these models, component parts have differed little and therefore we carry stock of all common spare parts suited to both older versions and newer versions.

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