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Industrial & Commercial Electric Fan Heaters

Industrial Commercial Electric Fan HeatersRanging from 3kW single phase to 18kW 3-phase, Flexiheat has a complete range of Electric Fan Heaters to suit both the domestic and industrial environment.

Electric fan heaters are a very good choice for quickly heating small to medium-sized rooms, such as workshops, garages, home offices, and warehouses. They can be used in greenhouses to distribute heat and provide good air movement keeping damp and airborne germs at bay

The Kroll E3 model is 230 volt and with its lightweight design is an ideal solution to heating smaller rooms and offices.

The E8, E12 and E18 models extend to 3 phase and are ideal  for the larger industrial and construction environments such as; warehouse heating, building sites, heat load testing, frost protection, production and manufacturing facilities. The E18SH is a high temperature 18kW unit and is ductable. This unique feature enables the unit to be stationed a considerable distance away from the targeted areas and thus affords the user greater flexibility.   Because of the high temperature feature, the E18SH allows an external room thermostat to be connected thus a more constant temperate can be achieved. This unit is particular suited for the pest control industry.

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