12kw electric combi boiler; 12kw electric combination boilers;

12kw Electric Combi Boiler

12kW Electric combi boiler – What are your options?

An 12kW electric combi boiler can be the perfect solution to your heating and hot water demands for a small house or flat. An electric combination boiler does away with the need for stored hot water but with this comes some things you need to be aware of to decide if a combination electric boiler is right for your application.

Here Flexiheat UK, we have a couple of options for your 12kw electric combi boiler requirements. We do a range of 12kw electric combi boilers, that can either be run off a 240 Volt / Single Phase electric supply (the most common household electrical supply voltage for the UK and Ireland) or 415 Volt / Three phase electrical supply. The term “combi” is just an abbreviation for the word “combination” and when used in the context of a 12kw electric combi boiler, this means that the electric boiler will not only do the central heating requirements, but also produce domestic hot water, for your hot water taps within your property or flat.

12kw electric combi boiler; 12kw electric combination boilers;

12kW Electric Combination Boiler Efficiency & Benefits

None of our 12kW electric combination boilers emit gases or direct pollution when operating as they are not using fuels such as natural gas, LPG gas or Oil and therefore there is no risk of leaks or explosions. All of our electric combination boilers are highly efficient at 99%, and come with a LCD control panel, that allows you to have 3 daily programmes (i.e. on/off periods), and are fitted with the latest ErP low energy rated heating pumps and come with a 7 litre system expansion vessel. The product benefits and features are –  

  • They can be used with a wet underfloor heating system
  • They can be used on a a traditional wet central heating system with radiators
  • They can be used in conjunction with solar heating systems
  • Fully modulating operation in 3 steps – i.e. 1/3rd power ,2/3rd’s power or full power output
  • A frost / freezing protection system – If the temperature of the water inside the 12kw electric combi boiler is under 5°C, the pump and heating elements will operate to bringing the water temperature up to 35 Degrees Centigrade, ensuring that the boiler is protected against freezing and any potential damage.

Domestic Hot Water Performance

One of the most important factors in relation to electric combination boilers is their Domestic Hot Water ( sometimes referred to as DHW) performance. It is very important to appreciate that the hot water flow rates for combination boilers are not going to comparable to a DHW storage cylinder, but on the plus side your not going to be wasting energy and money heating up a large volume of water that you may or may not use through the day. With a combi boiler, you are only heating the hot water that you require, when you use it, and these savings can be significant. So please bear this main advantage in mind.The temperature of this domestic hot water can be controlled between 35 to 55 degrees centigrade.

ModelPower           (kW)Dimensions  H x W x D   (mm)Weight          (kg)Expansion Vessel Volume    (Ltrs)Δt  = 25°C Hot Water Amount  (Ltrs/min)
12EDM    12700 x 400 x 250    26   76.9

These days water efficient taps and showers should have the following flow rates –

Kitchen taps – flow rates of between 4 to 6 litres per minute

Showers – flow rates of 6 litres per minute

You have to be careful when it comes to showers, as some of the “drench” type showers can be 18 litre or more per minute.

So our 12kW electric combi boiler will produce 6.9 litres a minute at what is called a delta “T” or in plain English , a temperature rise of 25 Degrees C . This means that if the incoming mains water is at 10 degrees C, it will produce 6.9 litres of water at a final temperature of 35 degrees C, thus raising the water temperature by 25 degrees C.

If the incoming water temperature is lower or the desired water temperature is higher ( remembering that this combi boiler will produce water up to 55 degrees C  maximum) then the flow rate will be effected.

Electrical Consumption Details  – including fuse & cable requirements :-

The following information is relevant when this electric combination boiler is wired up to a 240 Volt , Single Phase electrical supply –

ModelOutput in kWDraw Current- AmpsFused & Residual Current Device- AmpsCable Section
EDM12121* 54.61* 633*10mm

The full brochure for this 12kw electric combi boiler and the rest of our range as we also do three phase electric versions that go up to 48kW of output, please download our brochure here – 

Download the Flexiheat UK Brochure for Electric Combination Boilers

12kW Electric combi boilers for sale UK & Ireland

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