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Take Advantage of Our Garage Heater Knowledge

Garages aren’t known for being warm, comfortable spaces to work, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be. With the help of a garage heater, your commercial or industrial environment can become a warm, dry place to work.

Garages can often feel quite cold and damp, especially during cold weather but it needn’t be that way. As they are quite confined spaces, often lined wall to wall with spare parts and tools.

However, it is essential that your garage interior is kept warm and dry to protect all those parts, tools and vehicles that you may have stored in there, let alone your staff . That’s where investing in a heater that’s specific to the environment can come in handy. Providing reliable warmth and helping to keep the air within your garage dry and moisture free, our range of heating systems is perfect for all types of garages or workshops.

No matter whether you own a small one-vehicle garage or a larger, warehouse-like commercial car garage, we have a selection of gas and oil heaters for you to choose from which suit a variety of needs and requirements.

We know that many businesses and individual customers are working to a tight budget, which is why we aim to provide a selection of products that covers a wide range of budgets. No matter how big or small your budget is, we are sure that we will have a product to suit both your budget and your needs.

There are four main types of garage heaters available: electric, natural gas or propane gas and oil. Electric heaters are easy to install, efficient, and require little maintenance. You simply plug them in when needed, adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature, and unplug when you’re done, but the larger outputs output units require 3 phases /400Volt supply.

Gas heaters and oil heaters are often the most inexpensive option, but they require access to a natural gas supply. Propane heaters need a propane tank, and oil require an oil tank



                                                           Suspended  Warm Air Heater  – Gas or Oil Fired                                                                                                     

Garage Heater



                                                        Stationary Warm Air Heater – Oil or Gas Fired


Garage Heater



                                                      Industrial Electric Heaters                                                                                                                                                

Garage Heater


                                                  Larger Industrial Electric Heaters  


Garage Heater



Or you can utilise one of our waste oil heaters, either manual fired, or fully automatic operation, and use your waste oil!

Garage Heater

W401K Manual Fired Stationary Heaters


Benefits of Installing a Garage Heater

When you choose the right type of heater for your garage, it’s relatively inexpensive to run and much cheaper than insulating the whole space.

For garages that house workshops, a heater is essential. It’s hard to get anything done if you have to bundle up in winter gear just to stay warm. Instead of shivering your way through every project, you can turn on the garage heater and work in comfort.

Finding the most suitable heating solution for a garage or outhouse may seem like a difficult task, but with the help of the experts that we have working with us here at Flexiheat UK, it’s much easier than you think! You’ll be feeling the benefits of your brand new gas or oil heater in no time!