Military Grade Warm Air Mobile Heaters

Military Grade Warm Air Mobile Heaters

Military Grade Warm Air Mobile Heaters – Here at Flexiheat UK, not only do we don the standard mobile warm air heaters , for construction sites , the rental industry , marquee heating etc , but we also do more demanding requirements , that you often find that the armed forces require. These tend to be that the units have to be able to dropped from height, thus ensuring that they can resist so many “G” force , can run on jet fuel , as well as the standard gas oil  / kerosene or natural gas / LPG Gas . Whatever the requirements , we can supply warm air mobile heaters to for-fill these tasks . We keep our client list confidential as you can appreciate , but if you require any military grade mobile warm air heaters , then we are the people to deal with.

Military grade mobile warm air heater


The picture above , shows one of the mobile warm air units that we have produced for an armed forces nation , and shows one the bespoke things that we can do , for example the colour , which you can specify etc.

To be honest , our standard warm air indirect mobile heaters , the “M “range, have many of the features of the military grade units which are designated as our “MM” range, in that they can be used down to temperatures as low as minus 20° C etc , and our “MM” range of Military grade warm air mobile heaters are just adaptations of these units  , with bespoke requirements suited to each individual customer.

Below you can see one of our military grade warm air mobile heaters, coupled up with two warm air flexible air hoses on the outlet side , and two re-circulation air inlet hoses on the inlet side. This configuration will ensure that the area being heated , will not only heat up faster , but will mean that fuel requirements can be 25 – 30% lower compared to units working with fresh air taken from the environment

Military grade mobile warm air heaters



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