Electric Combi Boiler UK

Electric Combi Boiler UK

Electric combi boiler UK? – are they available? do they work? Usually when someone says “electric boiler” the majority of people think about the water boilers used to generate instant hot water to a single tap, such as an over or under sink water heater, but these units only produce domestic hot water. Happily, in the UK, electric combi boilers are now a great solution, for not only your hot water requirements, but also your heating requirements.

Electric combi boilers or combination boilers for central heating and hot water heating for properties without the need for a hot water cylinder

Electric combi boilers by Flexiheat UK


As the boiler name suggests, they are an option to a gas or oil combi boiler that uses electricity as the energy supply. Despite the fact that technology is nearly as old as the invention of electricity itself, as of late electric combi boilers have seen expanded enthusiasm from people whose properties are not served by the national gas distribution system or who basically want to dispose of their gas supply and move to a greener energy to fuel their central heating and hot water requirements .

Electric combi boiler vs Gas

Knowing that natural gas is a fossil fuel, and therefore can’t be considered a green fuel source. With regards to electricity, if it is generated via renewable energy sources or if you use a wind turbine or solar panels to generate the electricity, you can go totally carbon neutral on your energy requirements. Utilizing electric combi boilers bodes well to individuals who have installed solar panels or wind turbines onto their property. Recent advances in the technology of solar and wind generation fields now make electric combi boilers a real solution for people who want to get off the national gas grid, or don’t want to use oil either.

Beside the fact that electric combi boilers in the UK, have the capacity to be eco-friendly, the other advantage is that an electric combination boiler is often smaller in size than an equivalent boiler fired by gas or oil, and will often fit in locations that a gas or oil boiler won’t , due to the fact that these boilers require a flue pipe or chimney system to operate.

Individuals who have previously experienced on demand electric water heaters, are usually disappointed with the DHW (domestic hot water) flow rate that they have seen.

This is solved with our 1 phase / 240 volt electric combi boilers as they can utilize an 80 litre indirect heated stainless steel hot water cylinder. This hot water cylinder allow these boilers a great hot water performance which are similar to their gas boiler equivalents.

When the units are over 15kW of output, you need a 3-phase electric supply – then you can produce enough hot water, both in temperature and quantity to not have a hot water storage element – but most properties in the UK, only have a single phase 240 Volt supply.


Cost of electric combi boilers in the UK

When it comes to the price of electric combi boilers in the UK, they are very similar to their equivalent gas fuelled equivalents, and are generally cheaper than their oil-fired equivalents, with prices generally in the £1,600 to £2,200 depending on the kW output of the boiler in question.  Obviously, they are more expensive than a heat only electric boiler, but when you add the necessary indirect cylinder required to do the domestic hot water requirements, and the controls required to achieve this, then they generally work out cheaper, than going for a split heating and how water system, that uses a heat only boiler and cylinder combination.

Electric combination boiler installation costs

The installation cost of an electric combi boiler in the UK, is often lower than their gas or oil alternative. No flue or chimney system has to be installed with an electric boiler, which cuts down on the labour required and should result in cheaper installation price. They include an inbuilt heating pump and expansion vessel, for both the heating and domestic hot water requirements, as well as safety valves, that ensure they security of your boiler. All that is required is the appropriate electric supply, with the required amps available, and a water supply and your ready to go as they say.

Electric combination boilers are a great choice in elevated buildings such as high-rise structures, as they don’t require a flue pipe system, as no products of combustion are given off with an electric boiler. Can you just imagine not only the logistical and high expenses associated with installing a gas boiler, in a high-rise block of flats, with scaffolding, and working at height legislation to comply with in the UK, just to name a few problems to overcome. These issues are just eliminated when choosing a combination electric boiler, making them a great solution to a complex problem.

Electric combination boiler reviews UK

When reviewing our range of electric combi boilers that we sell in the UK and Ireland, following are a few brief overview of the range we sell –

Our range of electric combi boiler can be powered by a single phase 240 Volt electrical supply from 4.5 kW to 15 kW, which is the largest power output we know of on the UK and Irish market.

We can go all the way up to 21 kW of boiler output, but from 15 kW to 21 kW you require a three phase 400 Volt electrical supply

We do a wall hung or mounted version, that has a 50 litre hot water internal storage vessel housed withing the boiler, thus ensuring good flow rates, and hot water that is hot enough for doing dishes – you require hot water at 50 degrees C to get rid of grease from cooking utensils and dishes. If you only have a shower in your house or flat, then this is the electric combi boiler for you.

We also do a floor mounted version, which has a larger 80 litre internal hot water vessel, again situated withing the boiler casing, this has enough capacity of hot water to run a bath at mains pressure, just as quick as a hot water cylinder would. If you have a bath in the property, again this is the combination electric boiler for you.

All of the boilers, have 6k W of dedicated electric heating power for the hot water production of the boiler.

These electric boilers can be set to a various output, for example the 45/90 model, can be set with an output of either 4.5 kW, 6 kW, 7.5 kW, or 9 kW to suit your heating requirements. These boilers are available in either wall mounted or floor standing versions.

The 10/15 boiler model, can be set to 10 kW, 12.5 kW or 15 kW output, giving you maximum flexibility to suit your needs

Whichever combination electric boiler you go for, all of them are highly efficient, at almost 100% efficiency (actually 99.8% to be precise)

For more full information, please see the following in depth dedicated web page https://www.flexiheatuk.com/product/electric-combi-boilers/

Should you require any more information or advice, on what we regard as the best range of electric combi boilers UK and Ireland wide, then please don’t hesitate to call us on 01202 822221 or send us an email via our contact form in the top tool bar