Fan Coil Heaters

Fan Coil Heaters

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Fan coil heaters from Flexiheat UK – Wall mounted or ceiling mounted

Fan coil heaters are devices or units that consist of a heat exchanger or coil, which has a fan behind it, to provide a steady stream of fan assisted warm or hot air, which is then used to heat the area quickly and efficiently. They require warm or hot water to feed the coil or heat exchanger, which then transfers it’s heat into the surrounding air, as the fan that is situated behind the coil or heat exchanger pushes the warm air out. Thus, sometimes these heaters are sometimes referred to as fan assisted air heaters or fan coil units. Normally used in large buildings such as commercial and industrial buildings, this fan coil unit heater range benefit from temperature control and speed control of the heated air and can be wall or ceiling mounted.

Typical applications for fan coil heating systems include –

  • Factory Heating
  • Warehouse Heating
  • Garden Centre Heating
  • Sport Centre and Stadium Heating
  • Workshop Heating
  • Shopping Centre Heating
  • Church and other places of worship Heating
  • And many other retail outlets, such as car showrooms,
  • Poultry Shed Heating – we do a special unit specially designed for this duty
  • Pig Shed Heating – again, we do a special unit for this application
  • Barns and Storage areas Heating

These are just a few on the many applications these fan coil unit heaters are suitable for. They are very widely used in warm air heating applications that use biomass boilers, that are producing warm water, to transfer that energy produced into warm or hot air heated air flow.

Fan coil warm air heating system

Using fan coil units for heating has been popular and been around for many years – it is a proven method for heating commercial and industrial buildings. They can be used in either re-circulated air from within the building, or can be used to heat in coming fresh air into the building or even a combination of both, via a mixing chamber.

Advantages of these fan coil heating units are –

1.Capability to heat large buildings or many other retail outlets

2.High efficiency

3.A heating system with low inertia – heating the building in a very short period from initial start-up of the heating system.

4.Even distribution of the heated air – vital to ensuring an effective warm air heating system, using these fan assisted space heaters

5.Relatively low purchasing price – ensuring a competitive solution to provide heating in the form of warm air heating of buildings.

6.Also available with cooling coil fitted in conjunction with a heating coil in these fan coil units – these fan coil units with a heating and cooling cooling coil, have there own dedicated webpage here – Heating and cooling fan coil units

7. Fan speed control options for this fan coil unit heater range.

8.Temperature control options for this fan coil unit heater range.

Hydronic fan coil heaters

Hydronics is the use of a liquid heat-transfer medium in a heating system. Thus, these heaters are sometimes referred to as hydronic fan coil unit heaters, as the heaters use pumped hot water, that flows through the heater coils. These coils have a fan fitted behind them, which blows the air across the coil, and takes the heat from the coil – thus heating the area in which the hydronic fan coil unit heater or heater are located.

Water to air space heater construction

We do two ranges of fan coil unit heaters – you can have a steel cased heater or an EPP-cased heater. EPP stands for Expanded Polypropylene, which is a device consisting of plastic that has some unique properties such as multiple impact resistance, exceptionally high strength to weight ratio, high water and chemical resistance and the last but most important point, is that EPP is 100% recyclable. These features and benefits would be difficult to find in any other material.

Both ranges can be either wall mounted or ceiling mounted, ensuring that your heaters are off the floor, and not using up any valuable floor space as well as they are also out of the way of any potential damage from knocks or bangs.

The steel cased heated are suitable for hot water temperatures of up to 150 Degrees C or lower and with the warm water operating pressure of up to 16 Bar. The range of heat output is from 6.5 kW to 344 kW depending on the temperature of the hot water used, and how many rows of heat exchangers or coils that they are fitted with.

We go into full detail on this range of steel cased units , on this dedicated web page –

This page will concentrate on the EPP cased fan coil heater heater range –

Heating capacity from 0.7 kW to 121 kW, which is dependant on the flow and return temperature of the wet heating system feeding the heaters. The output performance is also affected by the entering air temperature to the fan coil unit, as the colder the air entering is, the more ability that air has to absorb the heat from the heat exchanger. The air flow is from 1, 000 to 5,800 M3/hr, again depending on what fan coil unit model is selected, with a low decibel rating. These fan coil units are detailed on the brochure below –

Download the Fan Coil Heaters brochure from Flexiheat UK

They can also be fitted with mixing chambers, which when connected to our fan coil units effectively creating a heating and ventilating system.

We do a full range of controls, from a simple three step manual fan speed regulation, with a room thermostat all the way up to a full BMS compatible controller, that features automatic three-step air flow regulation, with a weekly programmer, thermostat and the possibility to connect up to 31 fan coil units via single controller. This controller can either stand alone or be connected to a full BMS (Building Management System).

We also offer all the standard accessories such as two or three port control or zone valves – These should be fitted to the pipework just prior to the fan coil unit heater. Thus, when the heater is not required to operate, the warm water flow to the heater is stopped, preventing the heated water flowing through the heating coil, which would generate heat, even though the fans of the heaters would be off. This results in wasted heat energy, and in a higher fuel usage than required.

We also offer flexible stainless-steel pipework kits, that make connecting the fan coil heater to the fixed pipework very quick and easy, reducing the install time.

Heating Coil

The heating coil is a device consisting or constructed from copper tubes with aluminium fins attached to them. The water coil or heat exchanger can be supplied by warm water or a glycol solution up to 60% in strength. The working parameters of these fan assisted water heaters is 16 Bar, and a maximum temperature of the warm water is 120 Degrees C. The fan coil units come with heating coils that have 1,2 or 3 rows depending on the heat output of the model. The flow and return water connections of the heating coil are situated at the back of this hydronic fan coil unit heater range.

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Water to air coil or heat exchanger used in these fan coil unit heaters – They can have 1,2 or 3 rows of coils

Air delivery louvres for hot water space heaters

The air delivery louvres are constructed of polypropylene, and are fully adjustable, ensuring the heat generated from the fan coil heating system can be adjusted in its direction, ensuring that the heated air flow gets to the required areas and does it job.

Fans – Axial Blowing – Fan assisted coil heaters

These hot water fan coil heaters have axial fans fitted to them, to blow the heat generated from the heating coil into the area to be heated. These fans are protected with a strong steel wire grid cover, whilst the fans blades used are made from lightweight, but strong steel. All of these fan heaters are powered by 240 Volt single phase fans. The fans fitted are IP/ Insulation class 54 accredited/ rated ensuring high safety levels.

Mounting Brackets – Rotary

These brackets allow the fan coil unit heaters to either be wall mounted or ceiling mounted to suit your site requirements. You can choose to mount these heaters with an angle of 45,60 or 90 degrees, and these hydronic heating fan coil units can also be rotated through 170 degrees in the horizontal plane.

hot water heating fan coil; fan coil heater units; fan assisted air heaters; fan coil heaters;

Mounting options for Fan Coil Heating Units / System

Hot water fan coil heater

The Flexiheat range of fan coil heaters are the perfect commercial or industrial air heating solution. These hot water fan coil heaters can be installed to suite the site conditions, be it wall mounted or ceiling mounted. Sometimes these coil heaters are referred to as fan assisted air heaters, hydronic heating fan coil units, hot water heating fan coils. Whatever you call them we have the perfect fan coil heating system for you. For more information either call us on 01202 822221 or email us via the contact form, which is located above.