Wall mounted electric commercial boilers; electric hot water boilers commercial; electric condenser boiler; electric condensing boiler;Flexiheat UK

Wall Mounted Electric Commercial Boilers – 18kW to 96kW Output


Wall mounted electric commercial boilers; electric hot water boilers commercial; electric condenser boiler; electric condensing boiler;

Wall mounted electric commercial boilers -18kW to 96kW from Flexiheat UK


Our wall hung commercial range of electric boilers are 100% energy efficient and require a three-phase electrical supply at these sizes, with a wide range of outputs from 28kW to 96 kW. These commercial electric boilers can be used as the primary heating source for the hydronic heating system, or as reserve or top up heating for heating pump systems etc. These central heating electric boilers are not equipped with a pump or expansion vessel; these are by others.

They can be used in a cascade boiler configuration for large output requirements in commercial buildings, as you can cascade up to 10 of these commercial electric wall hung boilers ( thus up to 960kW of output for this electric boiler range)

Our electric boiler is a 100 percent energy efficient, intelligent modulating boiler that combines established commercial technology in a one-of-a-kind design to provide the client with one of the most advanced and efficient electric boilers on the market.

These 3 phase electric boilers can heat an indirect hot water calorifier / cylinder and a wet central electric heating system, whether they be radiators, underfloor heating, or a combination of the two, with the same simplicity and control as an oil or gas boiler ( natural gas or lpg systems)

These highly efficient electric boilers have numerous advantages because they do not vent fumes from a combustion process and thus a flue or chimney system is not required, installation is inexpensive and easy to get done. The units are extremely quiet in operation, come with a three-year warranty, require very little maintenance, and more importantly require no annual safety check unlike gas and oil boilers do.

Wall mounted commercial electric heating boilers

These wall hung or wall mounted electric boilers are to commercial electric boilers for hydronic heating. On the control panel, the flow temperature can be regulated to a wide temperature range (20-90 ° C for radiator heating or 15-45 ° C for underfloor heating) in 1 ° C increments.

Technical features of the wall mounted electric boiler:

Top mounted flow and return heating system connections – 2 ” (50mm)  for the 64kW to 96 kW and 1 1/2″ (40mm) for the 28kW to 60kW output boilers

Bottom design fill / drain connection and valve

Electric boiler water temperature sensor (with electronic, digital display)

Boiler overheating safety thermostat, connected to circuit breaker / FI relay (manual boiler restart required)

Boiler body air presence sensor (automatic boiler restart after the air has been removed from the electric boiler)

Low voltage safety switch (automatic boiler restart)

Boiler body with 4 mm thick  steel and high density thermal insulation – 20mm for the 28-60kW models and 50 mm 64-96kW output models

316L stainless steel electric immersions heaters / heating elements with the possibility of switching in groups

Boiler control based on the PID principle, which ensures precise power control

Outdoor temperature-corrected operating temperature with the possibility to select and shift to pre-defined heating curves (with outdoor temperature sensor)

Boiler flow heating water temperature control

Indirect DHW tank temperature control, DHW tank with frost protection (switches on below 7 ° C) with the “V” control optional control panel

Manual limitation of boiler maximum power in 3 power steps

Automatic boiler and heating system frost protection when switched off (switches on below 8 ° C)

Construction of the total output of the boiler as a power step with time offsets of 15 seconds- can be adjusted to 220 seconds depending on the system requirements

Boiler body pressure test during production, after welding the boiler body and complete assembly of the boiler

Boiler electrical insulation test (500 V) at the end of the boiler manufacturing process

10-year warranty on boiler body welding quality or water leakage

36-month warranty on the boiler’s built-in electrical components

Digital and modular heating power control between 0-100%, according to which the number and power of the heating groups and / or heating inserts are switched on or off automatically according to the current heat demand. Thanks to the intelligent PID control, the electric boiler only operates at maximum output for higher heating or domestic hot water capacity requirements.

Product details


Thermo Extra18 – 2428 – 6064 – 96
Energy classDDD
Heating energy output 18, 20, 22, 24 kW 28, 32, 36, 40, 44,48, 52, 56, 60 kW 64, 72, 80, 88, 96 kW
Dimensions and weight
Width 400 mm 400 mm 550 mm
Height 750 mm 930 mm 930 mm
Depth 230 mm 310 mm 310 mm
Weight 32 kg 45 kg 72 kg
Power supply
Three phase electric requiredYESYESYES

The full installation manual is here –

Download the Thermo Extra 28-96kW Wall hung or mounted commercial electric boilers brochure – from Flexiheat UK


50 kw electric boiler; 90 kw electric boiler; 60 kw electric boiler; 80 kw electric boiler;

Thermo extra electric boiler dimensions data from Flexiheat UK


50 kw electric boiler; 90 kw electric boiler; 60 kw electric boiler; 80 kw electric boiler;

Technical data for wall hung electric boilers from Flexiheat UK

Power supply characteristics and requirements

commercial electric boilers for hydronic heating 28kw to 96kw;electric boilers for central heating

Power supply characteristics of our wall hung electric boilers 28kW to 96kW from Flexiheat UK

Download the Flexiheat Thermo Extra 28-96kW Wall Hung Electric Boilers Technical Manual

Control Features

There are 3 controller options available for this range of boilers –

The standard control panel – Will do heating only

The upgraded “O “control panel – which when used with an external temperature, allows the boiler to have weather compensation and optimization of the heating system

Or the upgraded “V” control panel – which has weather compensation / optimization of the heating system and will control an indirect Domestic Hot Water cylinder / calorifier – i.e. indirect water heaters

  • Wizard for basic settings
  • Graphic LCD display

    Thermo extra commerical electric boiler control panel from Flexiheat UK

    Thermo extra commercial electric boiler control panel

  • Multilingual control panel
  • Date and time
  • Weather compensator – when an outside temperature sensor is used- “O” or “V” control panel upgrade
  • Radiator or underfloor heating system type can be selected from the controllers menu
  • End user menu
  • Installer’s menu protected with password
  • Rapid heating function when using the weather compensator feature
  • Cascade control -Up to 10 electric boilers can be cascaded
  • Circulation pump lock protection
  • Automatic air venting of the unit
  • Over run for heating and DHW pump – DHW pump for the “V” upgraded control panel
  • PID regulator with up to 7 power steps / output levels – depending on the output of  the high efficiency boiler.
  • Delay between power steps / output levels
  • Limitation of maximum boiler power
  • Protection from air in the boiler, low voltage, freezing, low or high pressure in the electric boiler
  • External limitation of  the maximum power of the commercial electric wall mounted boiler
  • External signal for displaying alarm and the active power of these wall mounted commercial electric boilers

Electric commercial boilers – Wall Mounted

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