Gas fired water heaters from Flexiheat UK; tap; gas water heaters;Flexiheat UK

Gas fired water heaters

Gas fired water heaters from Flexiheat UK; tap; gas water heaters;

This range of gas fired water heaters, are condensing water heaters that have a storage capacity of 150 Litres. The water heaters storage volume has been designed to provide enough instant hot water to the hot water services such as taps, showers, or filling baths at a constant temperature and flow rates, that you can’t achieve with multi point water heaters, which can suffer from low flow rates.

However, should have domestic hot water flow rate on the lower side, then please look at our webpage – gas multipoint water heaters – which provide instant hot water without the need for a hot water storage cylinder as they may be a better solution, even in commercial water heating applications.

We do two models withing the SFKA range as it’s designated –

A 28kW gas fired water heater – with a 150 Litre stainless steel storage cylinder


A 34kW gas fired water heater – with a 150 Litre stainless steel storage cylinder

Both models are available in natural or propane (LPG) gas powered options.

Condensing Water Heaters

A highly efficient gas fired continuous flow water heater is combined with a well-insulated stainless steel hot water storage cylinder to make one complete gas condensing storage water heater.

gas fired water heaters; gas fired condensing water heater; direct gas fired water heater;

This ensures occasional times of peak hot water usage can be satisfied by combining a condensing large capacity water heater with a domestic hot water storage cylinder, in an efficient gas fired water heater range.

Our gas water heater product information


Compact, stand-alone water heating appliances or units for producing safe and clean domestic hot water, suitable for larger houses to commercial and industrial applications.


Water heaters that run on natural gas (mains gas)or LPG ( propane )are available.


Reduces energy consumption and operating expenses by optimising condensing water heating performance.With an energy efficiency higher than 105%


The stainless steel heat exchanger with a 28mm diameter and a modulating gas burner minimize the possibility of scale build-up interfering with heat transfer of the hot water system.It benefits from very low pressure drops, guarantees lower risks of clogging, greater thermal efficiency, and greater ease of cleaning


Closely matches hot water demand and hot water temperature, with 1:9 modulation for greater efficiency and reduced energy consumption for your desired temperature.


These are direct fired gas water heaters, so there’s no heat exchanger coil located in the storage cylinder, the inbuilt pump ensures even heat distribution and reduces the chance of stratification.


No clearances are required at the back, and minimum clearances at the top and sides allow for simple installation in any location or plant room.Making these gas water heaters a great solution for heating water when space is limited on site.


Suitable for LPG gas combustion , with a maximum inlet pressure of 45 mbar


Suitable for mains gas (natural gas) combustion , with a maximum inlet pressure of 25 mbar


Enhance functionality and reliable control function – you can use the inbuilt control panel or use an Open Therm compatible controller for local or even remote management via a PC, tablet or phone of your gas fired water heater.


Anti-legionella systems -a vital safety function ensures that the gas water heaters storage volume is taken above the temperature required to kill any legionella in the gas water heater.


Flexible and multiple flue options – this range of gas fired water heaters can be room sealed with a co-axial flue system, or up to a remarkable 60 metres when using a twin flue system, which is a great provision when being used in a commercial site or industrial applications


Storage tank anti-freeze – to ensure safety and that the units function properly, the units have an inbuilt sensor that automatic detects a hot water temperature below 5°C, the pump activates and the gas water heater raises the hot water temperature up to 30°C.When this temperature is achieved, the burner turns off and the pump runs for a further 20 seconds as post circulation .


Hot water system

The gas fired water heaters can be used in either a direct or a recirculation DHW system.

Domestic hot water system options;

Gas water heaters

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