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Vertical Air Curtains – Ambient Air or Heated – by Gas,Electric or Water

Vertical Air Curtains – Vertical door air curtains or vertical air doors are often used where entrances or doors are required to stay open for operational purposes, such as vehicle entrances ,loading bays or building entrances. They are used to help keep the external air from entering the building or area by creating a forceful turbulence over the door way or entrance – thus reducing infiltration through the opening and cold drafts can be avoided by heating the air if so required. Heated vertical air curtains are most commonly used when additional or supplemental heat is required for an area, and also to eliminate the wind chill factor in areas with a colder climate. Another advantage of these vertical air curtains is that the “curtain of air” at high pressure also helps keep flying insects from entering the building, which the doors or entrance is open.A recent independent UK case study showed that the number of insects and bugs entering a building was reduced by approximately 78%, when using an air curtain.This is why some people refer to these vertical air curtains as an air curtain insect barrier.

Applications for these vertically mounted air curtains include cargo doors, customer entrances for shops,banks or any retail business, air plane hangars, goods inwards and goods outwards /despatch doors, restaurant doors, or any commercial or industrial application.

Our vertical door air curtain units provide an efficient and powerful air barrier, and are a great solution for the doorways or entrances that can’t be covered by over the door air curtains, due to space or installation requirements.

We do four versions of our vertical air curtains,in either a commercial version or an industrial version.

Commercial Air Curtains – Vertically Mounted

The commercial versions are designated the “Elis T” range, these air curtains can actually be mounted either horizontally or vertically. When mounted vertically, they can cover a door way or entrance that is up to 6 metres wide when used installed on both sides of the doorway and up to 4 metres in height, which should cover all of your door way requirements. These vertically mounted air curtains are available in three options, either an ambient air version, an electrically heated version or a lphw or lthw water heated version.We do not do a gas version in this range, for this option you have to look an our industrial range.

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Using our “MPK” bracket the Elis T range of commercial air curtains, can be mounted in the vertical position. When used either side of the doorway, can do entrances up to 6 metres in width

The Elis T range of air curtains are available in lengths of 1, 1.5 or 2 Metres, and are available in non-heated or ambient air version, electrically heated or lphw (low pressure hot water) or lthw (low temperature hot water) water heated version.

vertically mounted air curtains; vertical installed air curtains;

Vertically mounted air curtains from Flexiheat UK

Thus, if your doorway is 3 metres high, you can couple together a 2-metre unit and a 1 metre unit, to achieve the vertical coverage of door.These wall mounted air curtains are fixed with the bracket set to wall next to the door.

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Vertical air curtain / Vertical door air curtain installation picture – “Elis T” range of ambient or heated air vertical air curtains

For full technical details of this range please download the following –

Download the Vertical Air Curtains – Commercial Range -Elis T – Brochure

Industrial Vertically Mounted Air Curtains Options

Again, we do a full range of industrial vertical mounted air curtains – in the options of ambient air, or warm air heated versions – these are electric, hot water or gas fired.

1.The ambient air curtains versions are detailed below on this webpage

2. The electric heated or water heated industrial air curtains are detailed as follows –


3.Lastly our vertical gas fired air curtain range, the FAC-V range is composed of a gas heater, and air curtains which are fuelled by either with natural gas (G20/G25) or propane gas (G31) as their energy source. The range includes 1 model of 45 kW Output. We also supply an ambient range, which is not a heated unit, which uses the surrounding ambient air to produce a powerful air curtain .These vertical door air curtains are designed to create a horizontal air barrier across the door in order to protect against the cold outside air, and to avoid any heating loss from inside the warehouse or building to the external air .The FAC-V gas fired range are used to protect doors from 2 to 4 metres high and up to 4 metres wide, and our vertical ambient air range the “FHIAC” range ( detailed lower on this web page) can cover doors up to 6 Metres in height.

Vertical door air curtains installed in a warehouse application

Below you can see our gas heated or gas fired vertical air curtain models, with the lower unit being a gas fired air curtain, and the upper unit being an ambient air version.

Vertical Air Curtain


Product advantages                                Customer benefits
Efficient air blast                                        Strong thermal barrier to avoid any cold air entrance or warm air loss from the building

Heated and/or ambient                            Flexibility according to each door and user needs
door curtain

Heating or Ventilation only                      Use in summer and winter time
Gas heater with air curtains                    Protect the door and heat the area


Thermal barrier air curtain benefits – Gas fired version

• Multi jet burner with low NOx emission
• Efficiency up to 91%
• Full coverage of the door.
• Central command by pilot wire
• Automatic safety device check

This range of gas fired vertical air curtains is fully ErP energy efficiency compliant and deliver a powerful barrier of heated air across open entrances or doorways, stopping indoor heat from escaping and creating an increased cost efficient and comfortable indoor environment.

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Using both heated air and ambient air provide the most efficient method of providing a vertical air curtain system

Our vertical air curtains help promote the perfect environment whether warm, or ambient – creating a comfortable climate for customers and employees. Vertical air curtains promote open door trading in retail outlets by providing uninterrupted access for passing trade, and promote significant energy savings. Our vertical air curtains are not only easy to install but also easy to maintain throughout their serviceable life. Comes complete with a switch box controller. The Flexiheat vertical range of industrial and commercial air curtains is ideal for medium to large sized buildings with a high pedestrian flow that require high output of air such as industrial doors at airports, shopping centres, factories and warehouses. For extra wide doorways, placing a unit either side of the entrance creates a more efficient thermal barrier.

Download the Flexiheat “FACV” Vertical Air Curtain Brochure Gas Fired

Download the Flexiheat Technical Manual for all Gas Air Curtain Heaters

Vertical door air curtains – with Ambient Air

We now have developed a new and improved industrial and commercial vertical air curtain, which uses the ambient air , these vertical door air curtain units can be used in different combinations of lengths to cover roller shutter doors or up and over doors that are 6 metres high, in a vertical door air curtain configuration.There are two models or modules of these vertical ambient air curtains, the first is a 1.5 Metre long unit and the other is a 2 Metre long unit. They are basically modules that can be coupled together to make up your desired height for your industrial or commercial overhead roller shutter type door that you need to cover- not exceeding 6 metres in height.This range of commercial and industrial vertical air curtains is designated the “FHIAC” range, and look like the below picture when installed on a commercial / industrial door.

vertical air curtain,vertical door curtains, for industrial and commercial applications


Ambient temperature is the air temperature of any environment where the vertical air curtains are installed. The adjective ambient means “relating to the immediate surroundings.” Thus the air pushed through these air curtains is the air temperature of the building or warehouse in which they are installed.

These vertical air curtains provide a powerful curtain of air across an opening or door way, preventing warm or cool air escaping from your building or preventing the ingress of cold or warm air from entering, depending on the season. They help minimising energy costs and maximise not only comfort, but also convenience.

Download the Flexiheat Commercial and Industrial Vertical Ambient Air Curtains Brochure “FHIAC” Range

Vertical Air Curtains or Vertical Door Air Curtains for Sale UK & Ireland 

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