electric heater for heat treatment for bed bugs or a pest control bed bug heater from Flexiheat UKFlexiheat UK

Electric Heater for Pest Control – Bed Bug Heater

electric heater for heat treatment for bed bugs or a pest control bed bug heater from Flexiheat UK

The E18SH electric pest control heater (Bed Bug Heater) has been specifically designed for the pest control industry and represents the cutting edge of heat treatment equipment. Used primarily for heat treatment of bed bugs and SPI and for drying of buildings for book louse and plaster beetle control.

This commercial bed bug heater is ideal for professional pest control companies, hotel owners, housing authorities, food manufacturers, public transportation, shipping containers, residential and care homes. and anywhere that has a pest infestation.

Please note this heater to kill bed bugs requires a 3 phase / 415 Volt electrical supply to operate – they can’t be powered by a 1 Phase /240-volt supply that most homes in the UK have. Thus, they must be used in conjunction with an electric 3 Phase generator (which are very expensive) – which makes them impractical for home / domestic use.

Many studies have shown that thermal extermination is the best method of killing bed bugs and their larvae and eggs. Once the room reaches 52°C or greater for 1 hour the problem will be eradicated, with our bed bug heat treatment equipment.

  • Features:
    18kW electric heat
    2 stage heat (12kW & 18kW) & ventilation
    Built-in room thermostat as standard
    Wired remote thermostat with 10m cable
    Overheat thermostat protection
    Five pin power socket (3 Phase 415 Volts – 32 Amps Commando)
    Heavy duty steel construction
    Ductable up to 15.2 Mtrs
  • Convenient:
    The E18SH electric fan heater does not use up any oxygen. They do not give off any unpleasant odours so they can be operated in rooms which have bad or even no means of ventilation.  Temperature can be adjusted and is controlled by a thermostat. The unit can also be used to ventilate rooms as well.  They can be used instantly where power is available
  • Robust and safe:
    All appliances are VDE checked and thermally protected. The heating elements have a stainless jacket, and the casing is manufactured from galvanized steel sheet, which is then stove-enamelled, resulting in a durable and robust unit
  • Portable heat treatment for bed bugs
    The E18SH is a very portable unit and easily transported.

The E18SH is a 3-phase unit and would require a generator to function if 3 phase is not available on site.

This unit has a standard in built thermostat set to a maximum temperature of 40°C.  In order to increase and maintain   a temperature beyond this you would require our high temperature thermostat which can be set from 0-70°C. This comes on a 10m cable and plugs straight into the back of the heater – see below

Commercial electric bud bug heater or pest control heater with high temperature thermostat and ducting Flexiheat UK

Our pest control / bed bug heater for heat treatment for bed bugs

E18SH showing the high temperature room thermostat connected and with optional warm air hose


Download Technical Manual for The E18SH

Bed Bug Heaters Flexiheat UK model

With the ever tightening of ERP regulations and the knock-on effect to increase efficiency, our bestselling pest control heater has undergone a complete redesign to a far superior heater – the FHHT18 – which delivers more heat, more air & more features than ever before, making it the premier electrical pest control heater on the market

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The FFHT18 Bed Bug Heater – A 3 Phase Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs and Other Pests such as SPI, Book Louse and Plaster Beetle control

The FHHT18 Bed Bug Heater – A 3 Phase Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs and Other Pests such as SPI, Book Louse and Plaster Beetle control

** Finish colour of heater subject to change

What are the features?
· Incredible temperature rise (delta T) of 75c
· Two heat settings (  and with fan only option
· A full range of safety features and accessories as standard including over temperature protection
· Standard machine mounted thermostat and remote thermostat options as standard
· Ductable to 10 metres -N.B- Do not use this commercial bed bug heater with plastic ducting due to the high temperatures produced
· Fast heat delivery
· Large volume airflow
· British build quality
· Can be used as part of a pest control system for bed bugs or just as a high temperature heater that can be used to heat people, processes, equipment and rooms where gas or diesel heaters are not an option
· Industry standard 5 pin electrical plug (3P+N+E)

What is included as standard with this pest control heater?
· Square to round ducting adaptor
· Remote thermostat
· 2 year warranty

Product Specification for the Flexiheat FHHT18 Electric Pest Control Heater 

Approx. Airflow Rate = 960m³/hr
Fan Type = Axial
Heat Output = Fan Only/ 12 kW or 12,000 Watts /18 kW or 18,000 Watts
Maximum Temperature rise – Delta T = 75C
Current = 27Amps
Supply = 32Amp – 415Volt  – 3 Phases + Neutral +Earth
Plug Size = 32Amp
Spigot = 300mm
Mobility = At only 30kg’s and with the castor wheels , this unit has to be the best portable pest control heater on the market
Remote Thermostat = Included
Dimensions (inc spigots and castors H x W x D (in mm) = 520 x 350 x 902
Weight = 30 kg
Over temperature protection = Yes
Maximum Ducting Length  = 10 mtrs

Download Brochure for FHHT18 Bed Bug Heater / Pest Control Heater / High Temperature Electrical Heater

Download Manual for FHHT18 Bed Bug Heater / Pest Control Heater / High Temperature Electrical Heater

Benefits of Treating Bed Bugs with Heat

Bed bugs are the worst. When they get into a home, they are extremely hard to get rid of. These insects have behavioural patterns that help them avoid all of our attempts to exterminate them and an adaptive physiology that allows them to produce offspring that are resistant to insecticides. But heat treatments combat these natural defence mechanisms. Here are some reasons a heat treatment is the most effective pest method for treating bed bugs, and a few additional benefits you can expect.

Bed Bugs can’t hide from the heat

Bed bugs can move quickly. When they sense a threat, it doesn’t take them long to run to a hiding place. That hiding place is usually deep inside wall voids, or deep inside a piece of furniture. But, before you move, and before you throw out your bed, couch, and other furniture, it is important to understand that a heat treatment will get into those hiding places. Heat radiates. There is no place those bugs can hide when an entire home is brought up to 48 °C.

commercial heat treatment for bed bugs using a heat treatment pest control electric heater showing the bed bug hiding locations - Flexiheat UK

Heat Brings Peace of Mind

Many pest control measures can leave a false sense of security when it comes to fighting bed bugs. If you are lucky enough to have any effect on these pests, they may just find a place to lay low for a while. In fact, bed bugs can go into hiding for months, without eating. So, when you suddenly start getting bit again, they could be from the same bed bugs that were plaguing you before. When you have a heat treatment, you don’t have to wonder if the treatments worked, because a heat treatment targets the entire home. You can know for sure that those bugs are dead.

“The Achilles heel of bed bugs is heat.  Once you expose bed bugs to 48°C / 120°F or hotter both the bugs and eggs die very rapidly (less than a minute)”

Heat Kills Insecticide-Resistant Bed Bugs

When bed bugs develop, they shed their cuticle (skin) five times. If they are exposed to pesticides during this growth process, they can develop a cuticle that is more resistant to those pesticides. They can even have offspring that are more resistant. And, this can sometimes create issues when trying to eradicate these bugs with pesticides alone.

Since these are hitchhiking bugs, your bed bugs could have been exposed to pesticides somewhere else. If so, they could be even more difficult to get rid of than normal bed bugs.

Heat treatments kill pesticide-resistant bed bugs as easily as bed bugs that have no resistance at all. There is no such thing as a heat-resistant bed bug. All bed bugs die when they overheat.

Other Benefits of Heat Treatment for Pest control using our Heater for Bed Bugs

Not only are heat treatments extremely effective at killing bed bugs, but it is also a process that is all natural. There are no leftover residuals, no release of gasses, and no impact on the ecosystem.

A bed bug heat treatment will kill those bugs in hours, not weeks. While chemicals can be an effective and safe way to eradicate bed bugs, using chemicals requires follow-up visits, and usually re-treatments. If you choose to go with a heat treatment, you bed bug infestation will be treated in a few hours, on a specific day. And, since you will only be gone from your home for a few hours, you won’t have to worry about spending money on a hotel. Not only is that an expense you can do without, but it could also open you up to another infestation!

When your heat treatment is done, you can move back in immediately. There is no wait for chemicals to dissipate or tents to be taken down.

Heat treatments kill bed bugs in all stages of development, including eggs. If you hire a pest control company to do fumigation, it is possible that bed bug eggs can survive exposure to the fumigants.

A bed bug heat treatment treats the entire structure and everything inside. You won’t have to throw clothing away or get rid of any of your stuff.

Adjacent areas don’t have to be evacuated during a heat treatment. That means untargeted areas of a business can continue operation even while a treatment is being done

Bed Bug Heaters Commercial and Industrial

Whether you call the unit a – heater bed bugs, electric bed bug heaters, bed bug killing heater unit, bed bug heating units, bed bug heaters commercial or heat treatment pest control .Many people say that we have the best bed bug heater and heat treatment equipment for sale on the market. Call us now to discuss your requirements or use our email contact form 

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