Ducted  Electric Heaters -12kW or 18kW Output

Ducted/Ductable Electric Heaters

These ducted electric heaters can be ducted to direct the warm air produced to the required areas and are designed for being operated in workshops, nurseries, shops, exhibition rooms, warehouses, site huts, or elsewhere on building sites. There, they provide comfortable heat in spring and in autumn or if there is a sudden onset of cold weather. They offer many benefits as they can be used as frost control, too. Because there are no exhaust fumes, vapours, odours, or bare flames, these duct heaters may be utilised in many applications that gas or diesel heaters cannot.

These Ducted Electric Heaters benefits are –

  • Economical:
    The heat is dispensed efficiently and in a concentrated way to the ambient air by a powerful fan. They are 100% efficient
  • Convenient:
    The electric fan heaters do not use up any oxygen. They do not give off any unpleasant smell at all, so they can also be operated in rooms which have bad or even no means of ventilation. They are ready for use everywhere and at once. Temperature can be adjusted and is controlled by a thermostat. In summer, they can be used for ventilating rooms as well.
  • Robust and safe:
    All of our ducted electric heaters are VDE checked and thermally protected. The enclosed heating elements have got a stainless steel jacket, the boxes consist of galvanized steel sheet and, in addition, they are stove-enamelled. They are well built and made to last, as you would expect from a Germany made ducted electric heater. The ducted heater has an integral overheating protection of the heating element with a manual reset function and not a automatic reset.
  • Mobile:
    Thanks to their small dimensions, these ducted electric heaters can be taken everywhere. You will find a place for them even in very confined space. Model E18 now also available as version “SH”, “S” for hose connection and version “H” for operation at high room temperatures for special duties such as thermal pest control.
  • Temperature sensor – an optional temperature sensor with a 10 metre cable is available for these duct heaters.

Technical Data for the E18SH Heater 

Nominal heat input12/18 kW
Air delivery960 m³/h
Temperature rise60 K
Electrical connection400/50 V/HZ/A
Width320 mm
Length990 mm
Height435 mm
Weight32 kg
Noise level64 db(A)

Download Technical Manual for E18SH

FHE3  Electric Ductable  Heater – 3kW  

Industrial Electric Heaters


  • Approx Airflow Rate = 423m³/hr
  • Fan Type = Radial
  • Sensible Heat Capacity = 10,236 BTU (3kW equivalent)
  • Max Heat Capacity (kcal) =  2625
  • Supply = 110v or 230v 50hz
  • Plug Size = 32A (110v) 13A(230v)
  • Sound (3m) =  45dB(A)
  • Spigot  = 200mm – not supplied as standard
  • Mobility = Portable
  • Remote Thermostat Optional
  • Dimensions HxWxD (mm) = 360 x 300 x 330
  • Weight = 10kG
  • Over temp protection  = Yes
  • Max Ducting = 2 Metres

Ducted/Ductable Electric Heaters

Industrial Electric Ductable Heaters Model – FHE42
  • 42 kW Nominal Output Heater – With two stage output – 21 kW or 42 kW
  • 63 Amp , 400 Volt,  3 Phase supply
  • Airflow Rate – 4,000 M3/hr
  • Maximum Ducting Length –  30 Mtrs
  • Spigot Diameter –  500 mm
  • Weight – 130 KG
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Fork pockets -making the unit easy to transport
  • Lockable castors – which make this commercial electric heater easy to move
  • Sound Level at  3 Mtrs –  73dB(A)
  • Dimensions HxWxD (in mm) – 1000 x 700 x 1100

The most powerful 63A heater available, which can be ducted up to 30 Metres . Designed and built for industrial use the FHE42 features variable heat output, 24 Volt control circuit for safety, remote thermostat socket, spigot, over temperature protection and an auto run on as standard.

Download Technical Manual for FHE42 Heater

Ducted Electric Warm Air Heaters For Sale

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