Diesel Space Heater from 23kW to 200kW

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Diesel Space Heater from Flexiheat UK from 22 kW to 173 kW Output

Diesel Space Heater – These diesel space heaters are fuelled either with diesel oil and have multiple safety features such as a automatic flame-out sensor which cuts the fuel supply if the flame is accidentally extinguished ensuring there will be no fuel leakage.This range of  Kroll Diesel Space Heaters are  solid, mobile diesel heaters that are ideal for spot-heating of structures such as marquees, temporary buildings, additional heating , construction sites etc. These warm air oil fired heaters are indirect, which means that they have a heat exchanger, and all products of combustion are expelled via a flue pipe chimney, thus meaning no products of combustion such as CO2 are in the clean warm air produced.

These diesel space heaters are also suitable as temporary and emergency heating systems, as well as for specific applications in the construction industry, such as concrete drying and defrosting pipelines or machinery. Our diesel space heaters can also provide comfort heating to workers outdoors, as warm air ducts can be added to pipe the warm air to the desired location

Diesel Space Heaters – Advantages & Features 

  • High Efficiency
  • Excels at spot heating
  • Easy to operate and easy to maintain
  • Fast heat up period
  • Reliability
  • Superb mobility
  • True spot or zone heating
  • Clean and safe combustion system
  • Electronic flame controller

Diesel Space Heaters are ideal for:

  • Spot heating on construction and renovation sites
  • Spot heating in workshops, transit sheds and warehouses
  • Warming up and defrosting of machines or the ground
  • Spot heating in large sheds.
  • Spot heating in work areas
  • Boat Builders, dock yards, rail works and  road works

Industrial diesel space heater – Portable industrial oil heaters

Our range of industrial diesel space heaters produce 100% clean and dry heat, and raise the temperature of the incoming air between 40-60 °C depending on model. This is known as a high delta T, which is required when using these industrial large portable oil heaters are being used in colder conditions. They have a high efficiency heat exchanger which is 92% efficient, which results in lower fuel consumption, and lower running costs. The radial fan, which is extremely powerful ensures a large heat throw of the warm air.

Applications for these large portable heaters include –

In the building industry – for the heating and drying of building sites and all-weather projects and alike

Flood restoration market – the drying of buildings after flooding or leak damage

Temporary and or marquee heating -these industrial diesel heaters are especially suited for heating marquees, sports facilities or showrooms

In the agriculture sector with the heating of warehouses and storage facilities, to protect products from frost damage or for the drying of agricultural products, such as storing or drying of flower bulbs without the risk of harmful ethylene emission.

In Industry, such as the warm air heating of workshops and transit buildings

And horticulture heating, such as the heating of poly-tunnels or greenhouses without the risk of harmful CO2 emission into the heated area.

Large diesel space heater / Indirect diesel space heaters from Flexiheat UK

Our range of professional portable large oil fired heaters. These high powered , efficient and extremely reliable diesel fired warm air heaters are ideal for many applications  from heating marquees to heating and drying of building sites etc.This range are also indirect diesel space heaters,and are also classified as industrial portable diesel heaters or industrial mobile diesel heaters

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On the left is the M range diesel heater in standard configuration, which is a radial fan fitted and on the right is the heater with the option re-circulation module, that allows you to bring recirculated air into the industrial portable diesel fired heater

Benefiting from a stainless steel combustion chamber and a stainless steel heat exchanger, the “M range” diesel fired portable industrial heaters are engineered to the most exacting standards; they are robust , durable and in turn provide high performance and reliability.

Indirect Diesel Space Heaters – The “M” Range – Features & Advantages:

  • Stainless steel combustion chamber
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Tank with heating cartridge – as standard on the M50 diesel heater and an option on the M70 model
  • Radial fan – for powerful warm air heat distribution
  • Oil burner – Diesel Oil
  • Recirculating air operation possibleparaffin space heater,diesel space heater for sale,large portable heaters,diesel heater
  • Room thermostat connection
  • Integrated tank (M25/M50/optional for M70)
  • Oil filter
  • Heating device for nozzle holder
  • Preheated oil filter + single-line fuel supply pipe (M70/100/M150/M200)
  • Automatic heating oil de-aeration
  • Casters fitted on the M70, M100,M150 and M200 models
  • Crane eyes + forklift slots fitted on the M70/M100/M150 and M200 diesel space heaters)

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Diesel Space Heaters for Sale UK & Ireland 

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