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Condensing Unit Heater – Natural Gas or Propane Fired Output Range 10 kW to 115 kW

condensing unit heater; condensing warm air heaters; condensing unit heaters

Condensing Unit Heater / Condensing Warm Air Heaters

The condensing unit heater is a eco-friendly and highly efficient solution that is regarded as the best warm air heater on the market. These gas fired condensing unit heaters are comprised of a stainless steel gas condensing heat exchanger, and a premix burner . These features ensures the highest efficiency from 98% to 106%  and utilizes the latest technologies available,  resulting in reduced running costs, noise and more importantly NOx emissions. These warm air unit heaters are so efficient that quoted savings in gas consumption of up to 30% can be achieved when compared to a conventional gas fired non condensing units, so if you want the most modern and most technologically advanced condensing unit heater, then this range is for you!

Condensing warm air unit heaters can be operated on natural gas or liquefied propane gas (LPG) and have been on the market for quite a few years now, so the technology can be considered to be well proven. They achieve higher efficiencies by the utilization of a secondary internal heat exchanger, which turns the residual heat in the flue gases, which would be lost in a conventional non condensing unit heater, into useful heat energy. Therefor the rate of heat transfer into the warm air is increased without any additional fuel consumption.
Our room sealed gas fired suspended warm air condensing heaters range are autonomous heating units, with high certified quality.  All heaters are subjected to a rigorous test during operation, following procedures indicated in the quality manual. The entire series of these condensing heaters are CE certified, and available in natural gas or propane for great energy savings for your heating system.
These higher efficiency condensing units utilize a stainless steel heat exchanger, with high thermal efficiency and a gas pre mix burner which results in most efficient heaters producing low NOx emissions and low fuel consumption resulting in fuel savings with no wasted heat loss. With high efficiency levels the heated space benefits from high efficiency levels.

Condensing Unit Heater Advantages:

Compliant with the ERP efficiency directive 2021  lot 21 for Warm Air Heating
Efficiency from 96.6% to 108%  (higher than non condensing units)
Power output modulation from 100% to 30%
Smart control system by Modbus
Quick warm up in less than 60 seconds
Flue pipe system in polypropylene plastic

Gas Fired Condensing Unit Heaters – Technical Characteristics:

  • Natural gas or propane gas – gas fired condensing unit
  • The widest range on the market – 7 models from 10 kW to 116 kW Output
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Higher efficiency condensing units
  • Gas pre mix burner
  • Wall or roof flue systems

These units come with a fully modulating burner and have a high degree of efficiency. These gas fired unit heaters offer heat available immediately (within 60 seconds) after starting the heater with no lead time as opposed to a wet heating system.

The core of these warm air condensing unit heaters is the patented stainless steel heat exchanger for a high air flow and improved heat distribution, which has a warranty of 5 years for these most efficient heaters.

The hot air stream is emitted by powerful, yet silent axial fans(very quiet operation ), which are fully modulating. Optimized air outlet louvers ensure a perfect air distribution. The fans permit the heat exchanger to transfer the heat optimally, and this technology ensures the combustion chamber cannot overheat. The number of fans is adapted to the units’ power output and give a powerful air throw.

Condensing Unit Heater Advantages

  • Premix gas burner, producing low NOx emissions  (lower than 20 mg/kWh)
  • High thermal efficiency From 98 to 106%
  • Output modulation – continuously regulated output from 30% to 100%
  • Adjustable air flow – continuously regulated output from 20% to 100%
  • Communicating system by Modbus IP
  • Quick warm up

Customer benefits of a condensing warm air heating

  • The latest technology Environmental friendliness – with high efficiency levels
  • The highest efficiency on the market, Reduce the energy consumption – low fuel consumption = fuel savings
  •  Uses only the power required to provide maximum savings with no wasted heat loss
  • Helps to keep constant air blowing temperature
  • Intelligent regulation Connection to all BMS possible
  • Total safety : no combustion product can be mixed with air flow
  • Less than 1 minute to instant comfort that warm air heaters offer
  • No risk of overheating
condensing warm air heater; condensing heater; condensing unit heater;

Condensing warm air heater – gas fired from Flexiheat UK

Our Flexiheat room sealed gas condensing unit heater series have the following advantages:
  •  The heating capacity of the premix burner is of the modulating type and with a wide regulation range, from 100 % to 30 % of the nominal heat capacity.
  • Thanks to the continuous modulation of the flame, as the heat demand from the environment decreases, it reaches efficiency values up to 106 %, consuming less gas.
  • A perfect mixing of the fuel gas with the combustion air combined with a semi-radiant flame, contributes to obtain a hygienic combustion with very low emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NOx),Class 5.
  • A high energy efficiency and the continuous modulation of the heating capacity generated in relation to the requirements of the user, contributes to obtain a saving in the operating costs of over 30 % compared to traditional warm air systems
Heat exchanger made of welded steel sheets, can be easily inspected for normal cleaning and maintenance and it consists of:
  1.  Combustion chamber in stainless steel AISI 430 with low heat load, of suitable shape and volume.
  2. Heat exchanger consisting of modular, patented exchange elements made of stainless steel AISI304 resistant to corrosion in the presence of condensation, with a large surface and a trapezoidal section with turbulating imprints that allow an excellent thermal efficiency.
  3. Front collector made of AISI 304 stainless steel with a circular joint for connection with the extractor and the condensate drain. It is equipped with a large door for inspection.

The premix burner is of the modulating type and with a wide regulation range from 100% to 30% of heating output. The gas valve delivers the fuel in relation with the combustion air flow rate according to a default factory setting. Axial fans with low noise and high air flow rate driven by electric motors complete with safety protection grilles. They meet the requirements of ErP directive .These condensing heaters benefit from a multi-function electronic board which features the burner ignition, flame supervision and total security functions.

condensing unit heater; condensing warm air heater;

Condensing unit heaters technical data from Flexiheat UK

Download the Condensing Unit Heater “PMX” Range Technical and Installation Manual

Mounting the units is very simple; they are designed for wall-mounting or to be suspended from the ceiling. The flueing options include a co-axial or sometimes referred to as a balanced flue set up , which can terminate either vertically through the roof or horizontally through the wall.

These condensing heaters are perfectly suited to warm air heating of –

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Garages
  • Sports Halls
  • Churches
  • Retail Units
  • Or anywhere where you require heat , and either floor space is at a premium , or due to the nature of the building , it would benefit from the condensing heater / heaters being wall mounted or suspended from the roof

Gas Condensing Unit Heater advantages at a glance –

  • Modulation down to 30% of the nominal heat capacity
  •  Efficiency up to 106 %
  •  Extremely low emission levels of CO and NOx, Class 5
  • Operating costs largely reduced compared to what conventional non condensing warm air heaters offers.
  • Natural gas or Propane powered

With any condensing unit heater there is a reduction in flue-gas temperature to below dew point, subsequently liquid condensate is produced . Just like condensing boilers ,this condensate is collected within the condensing unit heater and should flow to a drain point for safe removal.

Part L2 of the Building Regulations –

At present this regulation requires a minimum 91% nett efficiency with regards to warm air space heaters, which can be achieved by non-condensing unit heaters currently. However  Energy Technology List criteria mean that to qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs), warm air space heaters will need to operate in condensing mode with minimum full and part load efficiencies of 101% nett. It currently looks like that ecological and legislative pressure will make condensing technology for air heaters mandatory in the UK in a very short time period, and future reversions of the Building Regulations Part L2 , will probably cover this requirement.

Condensing Unit Heaters for sale UK and Ireland

These Condensing Unit Heaters are designed to offer economic heating for industrial and commercial premises. We think that we have the best range of condensing warm air heaters in the UK and Ireland, at some of the best prices and with the highest quality . Should you require anymore assistance or information on our Condensing unit heaters / Condensing warm air heaters , please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 01202 822221 or click here for our email contact form.