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Suspended Gas Heaters – Natural Gas or LPG

Gas suspended heaters – Output range 6.2 kW to 115 kW – Premium Range- Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger & Combustion Chamber – ErP 2021 warm air heating energy efficiency compliant (Lot 21 – 2021) 

suspended gas heaters- warm air unit heaters - factory heaters -unit heaters gas

Suspended gas heaters  -These Flexiheat range of gas fired suspended warm air  heaters are indirect gas fired suspended unit heaters, which have been designed for use in commercial or industrial warm air heating of shops, supermarkets, factories or warehouse premises where floor space is at a premium.

The main advantages of these efficient gas fired heaters is the space-saving wall mounted or suspended installation options with efficiency, energy saving, comfort and reliability in a compact design that is specially designed for indoor areas that are tight for space. The units are fitted on a wall /pillar or even suspended, via a console or suspension chains – ensuring the entire area under the appliance can be used.

These highly efficient commercial gas fired heaters, combined with the modulating burner, ensures not only good fuel savings, but also reduced operating costs of over 30% compared to older, outdated commercial gas heaters.

The Flexiheat gas fired suspended heaters can be supplied in axial fan free blowing format, to be installed directly into the space to be heated, or with a centrifugal fan option for ducted warm air applications for large areas.

These heaters have a premix modulating burner with a with wide modulation range of 100%  down to 30% of the nominal heat capacity.

The warm air is distributed via the discharge louvers in our industrial suspended heaters into the space being heated.

Hanging Gas Fired Warm Air Heaters – Product Features

  • The premix burner ensures the perfect mixing of the gas with the combustion air to obtaining a semi-radiant flame with very low emissions of nitrogen oxides or NOx – This ensures the units are ErP compliant 2021 with Class 5 emissions.
  • Choice of heat outputs ranging from 6.2 kW to 115 kW
  • These gas fired unit heaters are highly efficient – up to 106% efficient – Thanks to high output modulation, as heat demand from the environment reduces, very high efficiency results are obtained, up to 106%, with many benefits in environmental comfort and gas consumption reduction.
  • Natural gas or propane fuel supply options are available
  • Heat and corrosion resistant stainless steel heat exchanger and combustion chamber
  • Compact suspended commercial gas heaters for indoor areas
  • Up to 10 Years complete warranty on the heat exchanger (The warranty is subject to the condition that the yearly maintenance is carried out on the heaters)
  • Axial or centrifugal fan option, for ducted applications
  • Indirect gas fired with exhaust fan
  • Most heaters are 240Volt / 1 phase powered, except for the largest 115kW model – which is 400Volt / 3 Phase
  • Temperature control with summer and winter modes

Heater Models Available

The most popular hanging or suspend heaters, range of gas fired are our free blowing models. These heaters are fitted with axial fans and discharge warmed air directly into the heated space via adjustable louvered horizontal grilles. This range is know as the PMX range – and can operate with either natural gas or propane.

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Product data of the gas fired suspended heaters from Flexiheat UK

Ducted suspended gas fired unit heaters

You also have the option of centrifugal fan fitted to these hanging gas heaters, which allows them to be fitted to a ducted warm air heating system. These efficient ducted gas fired unit heaters give many options for your commercial or industrial air heating system, allowing you to heat and mix both external air and the return air from the environment.

This range is designated the “CMX” and all units are equipped with centrifugal fans with high energy efficiency motors to ensure the air pressure necessary for distribution through air ducts and diffusers. Therefor all of this range use three phase motors, powered by a 400 Volt electric supply.

These ducted suspended heaters are often used in the heating of industrial and commercial environments, such as warehouses, supermarkets, sports and entertainment facilities, etc.

  • CMX Range- Condensing suspended gas fired room sealed heaters with modulation with centrifugal close coupled fan units with outputs ranging from 10 kW to 115 kW output for use in ducted air systems, with the options of fresh air inlet, external mounting and ducting in the warm air etc, these units can also be mounted externally, with the addition of a special external kit.
hanging gas fired ducted space heaters; commercial warm air heaters; warm air ducted heating;

Gas fired suspended ducted unit heaters – CMX Range – From Flexiheat UK

The “CMX” models are fitted with a centrifugal fan close-coupled directly to the heater casing, like the picture below for ducted applications, heated by gas fired unit heaters.

commercial gas fired suspended ducted warm air heaters; ducted suspended warm air heaters; hanging gas heater;

The close coupled centrifugal fan fitted allows these suspendered gas fired heaters to be used in a commercial or industrial ducted warm air system.

This suspended heater range has been designed for use in factory or warehouse premises where gas firing is a requirement and floor space is at a premium.

Flue configurations for these commercial gas heaters

Our suspended heaters can be installed in either room sealed or flue only configuration – taking the combustion air from the environment being heated. Each suspended heater requires a separate flue and/or combustion air intake system of the appropriate size and type, and you should only fit our appropriate approved flue components / system.

The flue system can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical plane, and must be adequately supported and terminated with the approved flue terminal kit.

In either case the number of bends kept to a minimum and attention must be given to the reduction in permissible flue length with the addition of each 45 or 90 degree bend. Maximum flue lengths apply and should be strictly adhered to.

Combustion air requirements for non room sealed flue configuration

If the suspended gas heater is installed in flue only configuration (taking combustion air from the room) and directly within the heated area, and this area has a natural ventilation rate greater than 0.5 air changes / hour then additional ventilation is often not required. However, if this area has a natural ventilation rate of less than 0.5 air changes/ hour then either additional natural ventilation grilles or mechanical ventilation will be required.

Commercial gas heater installation requirements

These gas fired warm air heaters should not be installed in locations where there are corrosion or flammable inducing gases, vapours or particles that could enter the combustion air system or the fan assembly.


All Flexiheat UK heaters are type tested to meet the stringent requirements the Gas Directive and are CE approved

For more information on the best suspended gas heaters ,with efficient outputs ranging from 6.2kW to 115kW, for suspended gas heating supply in industrial and commercial applications such as factories, warehouses, garages or workshops for sale on the UK market,  then please give our sales team a call on 01202 822221, or use the web site contact form.