Commercial Gas Boilers- Condensing – 45kW to 2,400kW

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Commercial Gas Boilers – Available from 45kW to 150kW as Singular Boilers or up to 2,400kW in a Cascade Configuration

Commercial Gas Boilers – These are available in both Natural Gas and LPG, and with an output range for these Ecodense Boilers is from 45 kW to 150 kW ,in a wall hung configuration.These modulating commercial gas condensing boilers, provides energy saving through a 5:1 modulating operation, These gas condensing boilers can be installed directly on the wall thanks to their power, reduced size and low weight, freeing up valuable space inside the boiler house .These boilers are modular boilers, and can be coupled together in a commercial gas boiler cascade configuration which you can think of as multiple boilers within “One Total Boiler” as such, this give this range of Commercial gas boilers , a few distinct advantages when compared to others, in that – If one heating modules / boiler goes down or malfunctions, you still having the remaining modules/boilers to provide you with heat, thus increasing reliability , which can be vital in applications like nursing homes, hospitals etc. Furthermore,these multiple boilers , when in a cascade configuration  have power control boards that communicate between them and handle the power output of every module in a uniform and coordinated way in order to guarantee the maximum efficiency, matched to the heating load.The performance and dimension of  the Ecodense commercial gas boilers and a wide range of power outputs make it one of the best gas condensing boilers to use in any wet heating system installation, be it radiators, radiant panels, fan-coils,underfloor heating etc and to install in any boiler house, in either new or when replacing existing boilers in any buildings, houses, hotels, schools, factories, etc. The NOx Class 5 (<40mg/kWh) level for all these commercial gas fired boilers ensures maximum BREEAM points.

Commercial Gas Boilers – Ecodense Range – Benefits

  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN, COMPACT, POWERFUL, & LIGHTWEIGHT – The Ecodense are designed to be “space-saving”; thanks to their vertical structure they allow to save space in both new and to renovate thermal power plants. They supply an output up to 150 kW in the wall hung version and thanks to their lightness they are easy to carry and to place and mount inside the boiler house.
  • WT- Range – ALUMINIUM SPIRAL HEAT EXCHANGERS condensing boilers that optimizes the supplied output according to real thermal needs ensuring maximum efficiency, with a working pressure of up to 6 Bar
  • WIDE TURN DOWN RATIO 1:5 -The perfect synchronous of heat exchangers cascade sequence control and “rotation”, combined with the air/gas mix system, allow a wide turn-down ratio of 1:5 for Ecodense 150kW  and up to 1:80 in case of using 16  Ecodense 150kW models in cascade sequence to reach an output up to 2400 kW.
  • WT-S Range – STAINLESS STEEL HEAT EXCHANGERS  -Each heat exchanger is made without weld joints and it is able to bear a working pressure up to 6 bar.
  • ECOLOGIC PREMIX BURNER -The whole range of boilers is equipped with ecologic premix burners made of Fecralloy metal fibre.
  • The WT and WT-S range of Condensing wall hung commercial boilers are suitable for use on sealed systems and open vented installations ( with a minimum of 0.8 Bar Head)  and perfect for both new and retrofit installations.

Why choose the Ecodense Commercial Natural Gas Boilers  –

High Efficiency and Savings
Condensing Boiler Technology
Total flame modulation (heating and domestic hot water)
Certified efficiency up to 109%
Suitable water flow to heat exchangers
Cascade sequence control and heat exchangers in rotation

Quiet in operation
Outdoor sensor and climate control
Easy installation and maintenance
Reduced size and weight

Construction Quality
Modern, innovative and attractive design
The WT range have an Aluminium spiral wound heat exchanger with large water ways the WT-S range benefit from a stainless steel heat exchanger
Turn down ratio up to 1:5

Ecology / Ecological

Fecralloy fibre premix burner
Reduced gas emissions in the atmosphere
Low CO and NOx levels – Class 5

Wall Hung Gas Boilers – Commercial / Industrial – The WT Range

The 65kw to 150kW Output Commercial Gas Boilers, all have the same casing dimension of 465mm Wide x 500mm Deep , the only thing that changes is the height of the unit dependent on the size – 725mm for the WT65 & WT80 , 900mm for the WT100 / WT115 and WT125 models and 1,090mm for the WT150 model. The WT Range of commercial boilers , which benefit form high efficiency with premix condensing technology, have aluminium spiral heat exchangers .The technical details of these Commercial Gas Boilers are as listed below

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The WT-S Range, which have stainless steel heat exchangers , have 6 models within this Commercial Gas Boilers range , with an Output of 45kW to 145kW , the three smaller boilers , namely the 45kW,55kW and the 65kW have the same casing dimension of 465mm Wide x 465mm Deep x 800mm High and include as standard an integral ErP rated boiler shunt pump.The three large boilers , namely the 100kW, 120kW and the 145kW models have the casing dimension of 465mm Wide x 615mm Deep x 1,050mm High and are supplied with an externally mounted ErP boiler shunt pump.The technical details of theses stainless heat exchanger wall hung commercial boilers are as listed below

Technical SpecificationsUnitWT-S 45WT-S 55WT-S 65WT-S 100WT-S 120WT-S 145
Thermal Capacity
Maximum Central Heating CapacitykW455565100120145
Minimum Central Heating CapacitykW111213,5141517,5
Maximum Heat Output (80°C / 60°C)kW43,753,463,197116,4140,7
Minimum Heat Output (80°C / 60°C)kW12,313,113,715,216,818,2
Maximum Heat Output (50°C / 30°C)kW46,457,267,6102,8123,6150,8
Minimum Heat Output (50°C / 30°C)kW12,913,914,615,817,319,2
Thermal Efficiency
Efficiency @ Pmax. (80°C / 60°C)%9797,597,497,49797,2
Efficiency @ Pmin. (80°C / 60°C)%98,598,59898,298,498,2
Efficiency @ Pmax. (50°C / 30°C)%105,2105,3105,4105,6105,3105,6
Efficiency @ Pmin. (50°C / 30°C)%107,4107,6107,2107,1107,3107,4
Efficiency @ %30 (30°C)108,7109108,2108,6108,4108,7
Domestic Hot Water Circuit
Temperature Adjustment Range with External Storage Tank Usage°C10-6510-6510-6510-6510-6510-65
Central Heating Circuit
Maximum Operating Temperature°C858585858585
Maximum Operating PressureBar666666
Minimum Operating PressureBar0.
Gas Specifications
Gas TypeG20-G31G20-G31G20-G31G20-G31G20-G31G20-G31
Gas Inlet Pressure (G20) – Natural Gasmbar212121212121
Gas Inlet Pressure (G31) – Lpg ( Propane ) Gasmbar373737373737
Combustion Specifications
Maximum Flue Gas Temperature (50°C / 30°C)°c424242424242
Maximum Flue Gas Temperature (80°C / 60°C)°c656565656565
NOx Emission Class (EN 15502-1 +A1)555555
Electrical Specifications
Voltage & FrequencyV / Hz230/50230/50230/50230/50230/50230/50
Energy ConsumptionW150190190300300300
Electrical Fuse CurrentA666666
Circuit Specifications
Gas Connectioninch1/2″1/2″1/2″1/2″1/2″1/2″
Central Heating Circuit Inlet/Outletinch1 1/2″1 1/2″1 1/2″1 1/2″1 1/2″1 1/2″
General Specifications
Net WeightKg454750535861
Flue Diameter (Ø)mm80/12580/12580/12580/12580/12580/125
G 20 Natural Gas, G 31 LPG

Commercial Gas Wall hung boilers with Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger -45kW to 145kW

For the complete technical data on our Condensing Gas Boilers, be it Natural Gas or LPG , Please click on the below link to download the brochure

Download the Commercial Gas Boiler – Condensing Boiler Brochure

Commercial Gas Boilers – Flue Configurations for Single Units

Horizontal flue kits and extensions must be connected to the boiler at minus 1.5° to minus 3° angle in order to drain the condensing fluid.

Flue type B23= Flue gas evacuation is achieved with a flue gas duct between the boiler room and the outside.Combustion air is sucked from the boiler room.
Flue type C13= A horizontal concentric air/flue gas duct is used for flue gas evacuation and suction of the combustion air.
Flue type C33= A vertical concentric air/flue gas duct is used for flue gas evacuation and suction of the combustion air.commercial gas boiler flue options,commercial condensing gas boilers, modular gas boilers Commercial Gas Boilers – Wall Hung – Flue Options -B23,C33,C13 Configurations

Given the number of acts and regulations that are in force regarding the siting of flues, Flexiheat UK always recommends that advice is sought from a specialist flue installation adviser to ensure all national and local regulations and requirements are closely observed.

For Boilers up to 70kW the regulations for the flue discharges are currently as follows –

Systems up to 70kW net must comply with British Standards, which recommends that all fanned flue terminals should be a minimum distance from any openings into a building. Also, consideration must be given to buildings directly opposite or adjacent to a flue termination. When siting a flue terminal, the products of combustion must not be discharged straight across a boundary and there are minimum distances for terminating beside a boundary. In all cases, the possibility of the plume of condensate touching building fabric or discharging where it may be considered a nuisance or where they may not freely disperse must be avoided.

wall hung commercial gas condensing boiler flue regulations under 70kW

Wall hung commercial boilers flue regulation below 70kw

For Commercial Gas Boilers above 70kW, but less than 333kW net input

The diagram below is relevant for the installation of boilers with a gross heat input > 70kW net but less than 333kW net input. For further guidance see the current IGEM UP/10 risk assessment appendix for guidance on suitable flue terminal locations.For installations above 333kW net input, refer to the “Clean Air Act,” as the discharge of flue products must comply with the stated and calculated distances above ground (see note 3).It is essential to ensure that discharged flue products do not create any hazard or nuisance to persons within the discharge area and do not come into contact with building surfaces or build-up within an area where they may re-enter a building.

1. None of the above installations should discharge into a courtyard, light well, car port or enclosed environment.
2. Care should be taken to ensure that even if the installation complies with the minimum dimensions shown below, that all site conditions are taken into consideration to avoid the plume becoming a nuisance or causing wall staining.
3. The height and termination of flues will require approval from the local authority

commercial gas boiler flue regulations above 70kW, commercial gas boilers flue

commercial gas boiler flue regulations, wall hung condensing boiler flue

1. There should be no ventilation/opening in the eaves within 900mm of the terminal.
2. These dimensions comply with the building regulations, but they may need to be increased to avoid wall staining and nuisance from pluming depending on site conditions.
3. It is recommended that an elbow termination is fitted to direct the plume away from the window.
4. If the pipe is shielded from the heat, this dimension may be reduced to 25mm.
5. The flue through the roof should not be located within the shaded area.
6. It is recommended that the terminal should not be located below 2 metres in any occupied space.

7. Terminals below 2 mtrs must be fitted with a suitable terminal guard and should be a minimum of 300mm above surface level.
8. It is the installer’s responsibility to carry out a suitable risk assessment to ensure the location of the terminal is safe and products can freely disperse without causing nuisance or harm to persons.Please refer to IGEM/UP/10.
9. All flue terminations must be positioned such that the flue products can discharge freely from the terminal for rapid dispersal and cannot enter or re-enter a building, whilst ensuring they do not come into contact with objects or building fabrics as these could be damaged by the condensate

Commercial Gas Boilers ( Natural Gas or LPG) in Cascade 

These Commercial Gas Boilers can be used in a cascade configuration of up to 16 Boilers , with the potential of 2,400 kW of  Heat Output for the WT range (Aluminium heat exchangers), or 1,040 kW for our WT-S range ( Stainless Steel heat exchangers)  , making them the ideal commercial boilers for Schools , Hospitals , Hotels, or any Commercial or Industrial site that requires heating via a hot water system.With a turn-down ratio of up to 1:80, these commercial boilers are the best option when you want to match your heating load, at the very best efficiency levels , giving you the lowest gas costs / gas usage.

Commercial and Industrial Gas Boilers, Gas Condensing Boilers,commercial boilers in a cascade,wall hung commercial boilers

As standard, all of our Commercial Gas Boilers come with the following features – 

High efficiency with Premix condensing technology and micro-flame metal fiber coated steel burner

Commercial Gas Boiler Control Panel – Simple and Intuitive

The Boiler control panel comes with a digital back light display for an easy and intuitive visualization of parameters,boiler phases, error messages, with electronic temperature control.Each of  our commercial gas condensing boilers from the WT or WT-S range comes complete with a standard controller with the following Sensors available as an optional extra  – Domestic Hot Water storage tank temperature sensor and an outdoor sensor

The control panel of each boiler allows the management of:
The Primary circuit pump ,Heating circuit pump and Sanitary circuit ( Domestic Hot Water) pump

All of our Commercial Gas Boilers , come with a Siemens AVS37.297/509 Controller , which is a high quality unit as you would expect from anything produced by Siemens .This control panel features –

1 – Selectable system control language from the languages defined in languages options.
2 – You can control the system using a weekly time program and set the system to turn on and off 3 times a day. The system operates in comfort mode during programmed periods and in economy mode at other times for economic use.
3 – Controller can be used to add holiday /vacation mode for the heating circuit. During a holiday/ vacation period, the heating circuit operates according to the frost protection temperature or economy temperature for energy efficiency.
4 – You may control the heating circuit by parameters presented in the device;
-The device can operate in 3 different temperature modes: comfort mode, economy mode and frost protection mode.
-Heating curve can be adjusted depending on climate conditions.
-Adjustable minimum and maximum water temperature for under floor heating systems. (Under Floor heating systems must comprise of a three way mixing valve.)
-You can use the underfloor drying function / program  to adjust the heating temperature for a newly finished floor.
5 – For Domestic Hot Water production ( via a calorifier / hot water cylinder ) , the same settings as the heating circuit are available.
– The boiler operation can be programmed with desired time schedule. (Day/hour setting),
-Domestic Hot Water ( via a calorifier / hot water cylinder ) and the heating circuit can operate at the same time, or the Domestic Hot Water can be prioritized using priority assignment.
-The Anti- Legionella function can heat the domestic hot water to high temperatures at specific periods to eliminate the Legionella.

6 – The last 20 errors in the control device can be viewed using the relevant parameter.
7 – It is compatible to use with any solar power heating
8 – Swimming pool heating is possible using solar power and these commercial gas boilers.
9 – Cascade module can allow the system to operate as cascade.
– For wall mounted boilers, 16 boilers, including 1 master and 15 slave boilers, can be controlled as a cascade system. Cascade system operation;
– Ensures equal ageing of boilers,
– Prevents frequent activation and deactivation of boilers.

10 – Additional modules and additional zone control device can be added to the control device in line with the project requirements. Additional modules enable;
– Instantaneous water heater control,
– Return water temperature control,
– Heating circuit control.

11 – Maintenance and special operation menu can be used to define maintenance intervals. The boiler’s operating times can be measured, service signal and maintenance time alert can be issued at specified intervals and the time since the last maintenance can be checked.
12 – Commissioning mode can be used to conduct inlet/outlet tests of equipment during commissioning.
13 – Room units can be connected to the control device. Room unit can be used to control the heating circuit.

The control panel also manages:

  • Output with the correct automatic modulation of the boiler
  • Antifreeze device
  • Outdoor sensor connection
  • Auto diagnostic of all components and function: visualization of errors and lockouts, temperature sensors, ionisation current, fan rotation speed, water flow rate, and water pressure
  • Low water flow protection
  • Low water pressure protection
  • Flue blocked pressure switch

Download Control Options for ECODENSE Boilers

Commercial Gas Boilers – Remote Management and Modbus Protocol Control Options

These Condensing Gas Boilers can be equipped with an Siemens  OCI345.06 Cascade Module interface that allows the control of up to 16 boilers, including 1 master and 15 slave boilers, to be controlled, through 0-10V analogue signal or MODBUS digital signal.

Or Alternatively you can we can supply you with a Siemens OZS164 or OZW672 Web-server to control and monitor your commercial gas boiler system from anywhere in the world, that has internet access – You can –

• Remote access to your facility, and monitoring operating values
• Adjustment of system hour, minute and year details
• Language selection setting
• Time program setting (Heating circuit, boiler, external time program)
• Vacation mode setting for heating circuits (controlling the heating circuit as per the anti-freeze protection mode in buildings for prolonged non-use)
• Changing temperature values of heating circuits,
• Setting boiler operating temperature and changing the boiler’s operating mode (operation by 24 hours or time program)
• Controlling legionella function in boiler circuit,
• Controlling swimming pool circuit and changing temperature values,
• Controlling cascade parameters,
• Setting parameters of solar powered system,
• Setting accumulation tank or hot water storage tank parameters,
• Configuration settings (Relay and sensor assignment)
• Resetting system to factory settings,
• Monitoring system errors, viewing error times (Last 10 errors)
• Viewing maintenance time and defining maintenance interval,
• Testing the relays connected to the system,
• Viewing status information of cascade system,
• Viewing information on heat generation and consumption,
• Changing operating modes (economy, comfort, anti-freeze protection and automatic operation modes)

or as a dedicated interface, that can be integrated to all devices with LonWorks or BACnet protocol

These control options are often required for commercial gas boilers making them particularly suitable for commercial, industrial and communal or centralized plant heating systems. The installer or maintainer can then configure, monitor and remotely control the entire operation of the gas boiler, helping to reduce energy consumption and at the same time lowering the cost and frequency of maintenance required.

Commercial Gas Boilers for sale UK and Ireland

Should you require anymore assistance or information on our Commercial Gas Boilers / Commercial LPG Boilers / Commercial Cascade Boiler , please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 01202 822221 or click here for our email contact form.