Steam Unit Heaters – Outputs from 14.6kW to 459kW

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Steam Unit Heaters are the perfect heater for a steam heating system.With many industrial and petro chemical plants utilizing steam on site  as part of their process, it makes perfect sense to use this steam for heating purposes.Our horizontal steam unit heaters are easy and quick to install, and installation costs are normally very low, as these steam unit heaters produce an lot of heat for the capital costs of the units.Our unit heaters provide a large variety of options in solving your comfort heating requirements. Every steam unit heater model is designed for uniform heat delivery,reduced maintenance and long heat throws,as well as being tough and efficient.

Steam Unit Heaters – The Range

Our Steam Unit Heater range is suitable for steam pressures up to 6 Bar, they must also only be used for vertical mounting onto a wall or floor ,blowing warm air out horizontally, they cannot be horizontally mounted or suspended from the ceiling,i.e. Blowing warm air down vertically .There are 5 units within the range –
The steam unit heater consists of:
› An axial fan;
› A Bi-metal steam heating coil
› An external casing;
› A single-row inlet grid

Steam heating coils are made of steel tubes with the external diameter of 25mm and spirally threaded aluminum ribbing with an external diameter of 58mm and the ribs(or fins )spacing of 2.8mm or 5mm.

Steam Heaters – The Benefits of Steam as a Heating Source / Medium

Heating with Steam or a steam heating system offers the following advantages:

1.Steam is classed as “pressure-temperature dependent” – therefore, the heating system temperature can be controlled by varying the steam pressure.

2.Because of its low density, steam can be used in tall buildings where water heating systems can create excessive pressure in the system.

3.Steam flows through the system unaided by external energy sources such as pumps, thus saving capital expenditure and running costs.

4.Steam heaters or components can be repaired or replaced by just closing the steam supply, without the difficulties associated with draining and refilling associated with a water heating system.

5.Steam can be distributed throughout a heating system with little change in temperature making it particularly suitable for comfort heating in industrial plants, hospitals, dry-cleaning , laundries, and commercial buildings

6.It is also suited as the preferred heating source when the heating medium must travel great distances, such as in sites with several scattered building locations.

Steam Unit Heater – Accessories

Our Steam Space Heaters, can be fitted with either a standard louvered distribution grid/ grill or can also be fitted with a cone / nozzle diffuser, which extends the effective air throw / distribution of the warm air , as detailed on the below chart

steam space heaters,steam unit heater air throw chart,steam fan heaters

Effective air throw with standard Grille and with optional Nozzle

Ducting can also be connected to the rear of the unit to draw fresh air from outside the building or to the front of the unit heater for distribution through a ceiling void or partition to the area requiring heat.

Automatic Controls –

The purpose of automatic control is to minimise direct human intervention in the system and to reduce theoperator’s tasks only to the pre-selection of the required parameters.
The rest of the functions should be performed by the automatic control system .We offer the following automatic control solutions for our unit heaters –

  1. Power Supply /Control Box – These are designed to supply and control the operation of the single speed, two speed and explosion-proof unit heaters.The box incorporates:
    ›main switch
    ›over-current breakers
    ›contactors and relays
    ›signal lamps (operation, alarms)
    All switch gear components manufactured by leading suppliers of electrical equipment provide the highest reliability. They are incorporated in the box enclosures equipped with a front cover. The actuating levers, adjustment knobs and signaling elements are adjusted from the outside. Internal connections are completely covered and protected to guarantee safe maintenance and normal operation.Other benefits of the Power Supply/Control Box include: large space to accommodate cable and terminals, high safety level, easy operation,servicing and maintenance and operator-friendly design. The size of the box depends on the number of connected fans; up to four devices can be connected to a single box.
  2. Transformer Speed Controllers – five-speed transformer speed controllers are intended for air flow and heat output control. Fan speeds are selected manually.
  3. Additional Automatic Steam Heater Controls-  The operation of individual components is constantly monitored to take immediate action if any malfunction occurs. The monitored parameters may be adjusted by the controller that is continuously updated with the value of critical parameters to adjust it when necessary. Therefore, the control processes is based on the operation of all necessary measuring,actuating and signalling devices that directly affect the quality of the control process, its accuracy, reliability, cost efficiency and energy consumption.To provide the highest quality and long term ,failure free operation of the heating and ventilating units, the control and actuating systems are equipped with Siemens components – These being – Freezing protection thermostats, Overheating protection thermostat,Temperature controller,Indoor thermostat,Indoor thermostat with timer,Valves and Valve actuators, Air damper actuator and Air damper position presetting unit.

Steam Unit Heater – FHTERM Model “0” Performance Data –  
Steam Unit Heater Performance Data,steam heaters industrial,steam air heaters

Steam Unit Heater –  FHTERM  Model “1” Performance Data –

Steam Unit Heater Technical Performance Data,steam heaters industrial

Steam Unit Heater –  FHTERM  Model “2” Performance Data –

steam space heaters industrial, steam heaters performance chart

Steam Unit Heater –  FHTERM  Model “3” Performance Data –

steam fan heaters,steam heater technical data, steam heating units

Steam Unit Heater –  FHTERM  Model “4” Performance Data –

steam air heaters,steam warm air heaters,steam space heaters,steam heating

Download Steam Unit / Steam Heater Brochure

And for more technical information please download the following

Technical manual for steam unit heaters

Manual for controls for steam unit heaters

Steam Heater Installation Tips

General Piping Guidelines for steam space heaters industrial –

  • Provide adequate support from the building structure to eliminate piping stresses.
  • Adequately support all piping. Do not use the steam unit heater for this purpose.
  • Allow movement of the piping to provide for expansion and contraction.
  • All steam and condensate lines must be of the proper size to carry the calculated loads
  • Slope steam piping under 3 mtrs long toward the steam main. If steam pipe is longer than 3 mtrs, slope toward the unit heater and install a drip trap before the unit
  • Only continuously draining traps such as inverted bucket or float and thermostatic types should be used.If an inverted bucket trap is used, an air vent should be
    installed downstream of the unit and before the trap.
  • If condensate is to be lifted or if the return system is pressurized, use a check valve after the steam trap and provide a gate valve on the strainer to drain the steam unit heater in the off season.
  • Maintain the steam unit heater’s outlet size to the trap takeoff.

steam unit heaters piping diagram

Steam Unit Heaters – Safety,Standards and Approvals 

All of our Steam Unit Heaters / Steam Space Heaters are CE Marked and conform to the following directives – Machinery Safety Directive – 2006/42/WE , Pressure Equipment Directive – 97/23/WE , with sub assemblies meeting the requirements of the following directives: Low Voltage Directive – 2006/95/WE , Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive – 2004/108/WE , as well as the following standards – EN ISO 12100 , EN ISO 14121-1 and EN ISO 13857.

Steam Space Heaters Industrial for Sale

As steam unit heaters suppliers , we think our steam air heaters or steam fan heaters are the best industrial steam space heaters on the market.Should you require anymore assistance or information on our Steam Unit Heaters / Steam Space Heaters , please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 01202 822221 or click here for our email contact form