Waste Oil Boilers

Burning waste oil in order to generate heat is a relatively new way to provide warmth and hot water to households that is becoming increasingly popular among industrial or domestic users. Although, installing a waste oil boiler within one’s home would not be possible, due to its design specifics, it still can be mounted in a garage, shed, workshop or a greenhouse. It is one of the most cost-efficient stand-alone boilers currently available on the market, given that it is using a by-product as a heating source. The price of a waste oil boiler is roughly the same as that of a conventional or gas boiler, but the operational costs are much lower.

A waste oil boiler delivers an efficient way to recycle waste oils as a free fuel source to generate heat and hot water, which can be easily accommodated for a broad range of applications

Waste Oil Boiler

So, what makes a waste oil boiler such a worthwhile investment?

There are a number of advantages to consider

  1. The waste oil boiler can run on any kind of synthetic or mineral oil, being one of the cheapest liquid fuels available on the market at the moment. Listed below are just some of oils you would be able to utilise;-
  • 35 second Heating Oil/Diesel
  • Processed Fuel Oil ( PFO )
  • Rapeseed Oil
  • Linseed Oil
  • Certain Vegetable Oils
  • Used Engine Oil (subject to licensing control)
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Bio Diesel
  1. A waste oil boiler represents a profitable investment, since all the costs associated with buying and installing the boiler will pay themselves off in a short period, due to considerable savings coming from using the waste oil to run the boiler, which is a very cheap heat source.
  2. An environmentally friendly installation, whereas the boiler does not burn the oil itself but its vapours, which burn without leaving any substantial residual products
  3. A high efficiency rate, which in the case of forced convection can quickly generate a considerable amount of heat that would be enough to warm an area.

Kroll waste oil boilers from Flexiheat UK are your best choice for economical and plentiful hot water and are ideal for so many applications from garages and vehicle workshops to warehouses and distributions centres.

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