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Temporary Boiler Rooms

portable boiler for sale; temporary boiler plant; portable boiler room; mobile boiler room

Temporary boiler or mobile boilers from Flexiheat UK

We at Flexiheat UK can supply a compact and versatile range of high efficiency gas or oil-fired temporary boilers or mobile boiler houses with outputs from 18 kW to 1,500 kW. Each temporary boiler is capable of providing high flow rates of hot water via an integral and highly flexible dual flow system suitable for heating and hot water use.

Designed to provide a constant supply of warm water for heating and hot water production, which makes it an ideal temporary boiler house, when replacing the boiler plant in schools, hospitals, factories or any commercial application. It is also well suited to the events industry , either for large amounts of domestic hot water or to provide the heating hot water for use with warm air unit heaters or fan coils for marquees, temporary buildings, sports events ,music festivals etc. We make these units dependent on our customer requirements, and can provide a full range of options –

We can produce various portable boilers /temporary boiler plant, which can either be containerised or mobile boilers – to be mounted on a trailer of your choice. that can do heating and hot water.

Predominately used when replacing the hot water boilers in schools, hospitals, factories or any commercial application, or in emergency cases when boilers in the heating systems have failed and need to be repaired. They are used by the temporary boiler hire industry as boiler hire solutions.

Please note – we do not rent boilers or do temporary boiler hire we only supply / manufacture them.

Temporary boiler plant – Can be trailer mounted

The major benefit of a trailer mounted mobile boiler room, is that it eliminates the need to have vehicles with cranes or large Hiab’s to off load or collect the temporary boiler. This will save valuable expense and time, as the units can easily be moved between sites or projects, resulting in lower downtime and resulting in minimal installation to getting your heating system back on line. All of our temporary boiler rooms can be mounted on road legal trailers, for our RT range of gas fired (natural gas or LPG gas) temporary mobile boiler rooms, ideal for boiler hire service companies.

Also, these boilers can be removed from your trailer, should the requirement be for an extended period, this can aid in the site security of your temporary boiler. As it would be much more difficult to remove from site, compared to a trailer mounted unit, another benefit for temporary boiler hire providers.

This range of gas only powered hot water boilers has 10 different output options between 65 kW-300 kW in the RT hot water boilers range – which can come with either one or two boilers installed into the fully weatherproofed casing – see picture below

temporary gas boiler; portable gas boiler; portable boiler room; mobile gas boiler;

Temporary boilers in either natural gas or lpg from Flexiheat UK.

All boilers come with eye bolts for easy transport of these packaged boilers- Should you wish to remove the boiler from your trailer, and leave floor mounted for an extended period.

These hot water boilers are suitable for radiators or underfloor heating and other heating equipment emitters such as fan coil heaters or air handling units.

Mobile boiler safety for the RT mobile plant rooms

The RT water boilers range is built as standard with the following safety or protection features –

When outdoor temperature goes below +4 °C, the water boilers automatically protects itself and prevents it freezing.

All these mobile boiler plant rooms are fitted with a gas leak detection system for any gas leaks. Vital for site safety for heating and hot water systems.

As standard fitted with a low loss header – but also available with heat exchangers

This range goes from a mobile plant room fitted with one 65 kW boiler (which can modulate down as low as 19.7 kW at 80/60 C flow and return temperatures) all the way up to 300 kW – which has 2 x 150 kW boilers fitted (294 kW at 80/60 C or 316.4 kW at 50/30 C).

RT range of mobile boiler rooms

ModelTotal Capacity kWNumber of BoilersMaximum Operating Pressure -Bar
RT – 65 One6516
RT – 80 One8016
RT – 100 One10016
RT – 125 One12516
RT – 150 One15016
RT – 65 Twin13026
RT – 80 Twin16026
RT – 100 Twin20026
RT – 125 Twin25026
RT – 150 Twin30026

So, you buy the boiler off us, and mount to whatever trailer suits your requirement (supplied by yourself).

Below is a representation of a mobile boiler, being used on site, to provide hot water for the heating scheme on a temporary basis.

mobile boiler; portable boiler room; mobile boiler room; temporary boiler plant; mobile boilers;

Mobile / portable or temporary boiler plant from Flexiheat UK

Temporary hot water solutions – Mobile Boiler

By utilising plate heat exchangers within our mobile boiler units , we can provide temporary domestic hot water, whether it be for a hotels, either when their domestic hot water services have failed or when renovation works such as boiler replacement or cylinder replacement is being carried out, sports events – such as marathon’s, music festivals, or for fairs or exhibitions , basically any situation where you require a constant , reliable source of hot domestic water from a hire solution company.

Containerised boiler rooms

portable boiler for sale; temporary boiler plant; portable boiler room; mobile boiler room

Temporary containerised boiler or mobile boilers from Flexiheat UK

While many facilities or works managers still consider boiler plant in containers to be a temporary heating solution, many companies are choosing containerized boilers as a viable option for a permanent boiler plant solution. There are some obvious benefits to this approach for heating and hot water system installation:

  • Where space is at a premium, the containerised boiler rooms can be located wherever you require them – within reason
  • The boiler rooms are manufactured off-site, and thus reduce disruption to everyday operations of the building they are designed to serve
  • Containers can be easily located on site with only pipework installation to be carried out to link up with the heating and hot water systems.
  • Containerised boiler rooms can also have a great resale potential, should future requirements change

Temporary boiler options:

• Standard containers – 20 ft or 40 ft or custom made to your requirements
• Nominal heat outputs from 18 kW to 1,500 kW
• The boiler can be fitted with an oil or gas burner – or even a dual fuel burner
• Oil tank or gas connection
• All necessary safety components
• Control options – A basic boiler controller or a digital controller that compensates to the external temperature
• Installed hydraulic separator i.e., a low loss header and/or a DHW water cylinder
• Insulated piping, preparation of the boiler water, and further options according to your mobile / temporary boiler needs

containerised temporary or mobile boilers from Flexiheat UK

Internal view of a containerised temporary or mobile boilers from Flexiheat UK

Dual Fuel Mobile Boiler – Oil and Gas Fired

We can fit a dual fuel burner to our containerised boiler house, giving you the customer the option to use either natural gas or oil (gas oil / red diesel). This is great option for the boiler rental industry as the units can be used in more locations, as you can use the boiler in either the gas burning mode or in the oil burning mode. The choice is yours – a  highlight for every rental company in the building sector or the event hire business ! we go into more depth here on our dual fuel boilers options.

Temporary mobile boiler house from Flexiheat UK - The burner can either be gas, oil or even dual fuel

Temporary mobile boiler house from Flexiheat UK – The burner can either be gas, oil or even dual fuel

Applications for temporary boilers

Used as temporary or additional hot water generator for sites, large events (sports events, exhibitions etc.) or as additional or replacement heating system during renovation works or when an existing boiler is being replaced.

These mobile boilers  have been designed for use on construction sites, as well as for outside events, such as  sports events and festivals, etc

  • for processing heat for defrosting or drying (e.g. floor screed drying)
  • production of heating water and DHW for large events
  • sports events (e.g. marathons)
  • music festivals
  • fairs/exhibitions

Mobile or Temporary boilers for sale

Should you require anymore assistance or information on our Mobile boilers / Temporary boilers / Containerised boilers, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service sales team on 01202 822221 or click here for our email contact form.