Temporary Boiler

We at Flexiheat UK can supply a compact and versatile range of high efficiency gas or oil  fired temporary boilers or mobile boiler houses with outputs from 12kW to 900kW. Each temporary boiler is capable of providing high flow rates of hot water via an integral and highly flexible dual flow system suitable for heating and /or for domestic hot water use.We make these units dependant on our customer requirements, and can provide a full range of options –

We can produce various Portable boilers , which can either be containerised or mobile boilers –  mounted on a trailer

Trailer Mounted Boilers

The major benefit of a trailer mounted mobile boiler room , is that it eliminates the need to have vechicles with cranes or large hiabs to off load or collect the temporary boiler.This will save valauble expense and time, as the units can easily be moved between sites or projects , resulting in lower downtime and resuting in minimal installation to getting your heating system back on line.All of our temporary boiler plants are built on road legal trailers, which are customised to your requirements, with expansion vessels , and quick release flow and return connections being popular requests.

Temporary Boiler

Temporary hot water solutions – Mobile Boiler

By utilisizing plate heat exchangers within our mobile boiler units , we can provide temporary domestic hot water, wether it be for a hotels, either when thier domsetic hot water services have failed or when reovation works such as boiler repalcement or clyinder replacement is being carried out, sports events – such as marathon’s, music festivals, or for fairs or exhibitions , basically any situation where you require a constant , reliable scource of hot domestic water.

Permanently Condensing Mobile Boiler- Output range 120kW Oil or Gas

Permanently Condensing Boiler – Mobile hot water generation with permanently condensing technology – a  highlight for every rental company in the building sector or the event hire business !

Which customer does not want to cover his temporary demand for heat in an environmentally friendly and cost-saving way. The BKM120 is the ideal solution also in cases where there is not much space (e.g. no heating room), as it is designed for outdoor operation at temperatures down to -20°C.

Condensing Mobile Boiler – Oil or Gas Fired

Used as temporary or additional hot water generator for sites, large events (sports events, exhibitions etc.) or as additional or replacement heating system during renovation works or when an existing boiler is being replaced.

The BKM120 permanently condenses , to provide a constant supply of warm water for heating and /or domestic hot water production,which makes it ideal temporary boiler house, when replacing the boiler plant in schools,hospitals,factories or any commercial application.It is also well suited to the events industry , either for large amounts of domestic hot water or to provide the heating hot water for use with warm air unit heaters or fan coils for marquees, temporary buildings,sports events ,music festivals etc.

Characteristics of the  BKM120 Condensing Mobile Boiler

  • Degree of efficiency >99%
  • Permanently condensing boiler – independent of flow and return temperature
  • Stackable
  • Liftable by crane
  • Especially compact construction
  • Secondary water side via a stainless steel heat exchanger

The  BKM120 Condensing Mobile Boiler has been designed for use on construction sites, as well as for outside events, such as  sports events and festivals.

  • Can operate in temperatures as low as -20°C
  • outlet temperature adjustable to 80°C
  • as additional or temporary heating device during renovation works or when an existing central heating is changed
  • as energy-efficient heat generator in combination with a ventilation device
  • for process heat for defrosting or drying (e.g. floor screed drying)
  • production of heating water and DHW for large events
  • sports events (e.g. marathon)
  • music festivals
  • fairs/exhibitions


  • degree of efficiency >99%
  • permanently condensing boiler
  • stackable
  • liftable by crane
  • compact construction

Technical Information

Model Fuel Heat
Nominal heat output120kW
Temperature rise20K
Oil consumption9.6kg/h
Electrical connection230/50 V/HZ/A